11 Entry-Level MBA Jobs With Salary Information and Related Job Titles

Updated October 23, 2023

Earning an MBA is an important career step for business professionals. MBA graduates can choose from plenty of career options based on their background and expertise. Certain specializations guide graduates toward MBA jobs in different administrative sectors as diverse as healthcare and software development. In this article, we list examples of jobs you can get after graduating with your MBA degree and tips for getting hired.

11 entry-level MBA jobs

Here are some entry-level jobs you can get with an MBA:

1. Public relations manager

National average salary: $61,359 per year

Primary duties: An MBA graduate with a skill set in written and verbal communications can work in a position managing the public image of a company. Public relations managers oversee the publication of press materials, social media interactions and other company communications. Professionals in this position often collaborate with advertising and marketing teams to ensure the delivery of a cohesive public relations strategy for a business.

More jobs for MBA graduates pursuing public relations management include:

  • Marketing communications manager

  • Social media director

  • Communications director

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2. Marketing manager

National average salary: $73,701 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers work with established customers to ensure retention and quality service. They oversee marketing decisions and analyze trends to drive new and existing campaigns.

MBA graduates with a specialty in marketing and sales can often step into marketing management positions using their educational expertise.

Other marketing positions for MBA graduates include:

  • Marketing analyst

  • Marketing director

  • Marketing communications manager

  • Director of user experience

  • Brand manager

  • Social media manager

  • Digital marketing manager

3. Business development representative

National average salary: $71,039 per year

Primary duties: Business development representatives bring in new business acquisitions and are also in charge of finding strategic opportunities for a company. They act as a liaison between sales representatives and clients, networking to connect to potential leads.

This position is a good fit for MBA graduates with a sales and marketing background and excellent interpersonal communication skills.

Some other positions relevant to business development include:

  • Business development manager

  • Business development healthcare

  • Account manager

  • Inside sales manager

4. Financial analyst

National average salary: $71,702 per year

Primary duties: MBA graduates specializing in finance can find open positions as a financial analyst with prior experience through internships and pre-MBA jobs.

Financial analysts help guide financial strategies for companies based on market trends and a business's financial status. They also offer risk analysis and advice regarding investment opportunities.

The financial sector holds plenty of opportunities for MBA grads including the following:

  • Finance manager

  • Finance officer

  • Investment analyst

  • Investment consultant

  • Investment banker

  • Pricing analyst

  • Financial advisor

  • Risk analyst

  • Portfolio manager

5. Human resources manager

National average salary: $72,262 per year

Primary duties: An MBA graduate with a concentration in HR may be able to start a career in human resources at the management level. Human resources covers a broad range of positions essential to business operations that require the learned expertise of MBA graduates.

A human resources manager oversees the functions of the HR team including compensation and benefits, recruitment of staff members, employee training and compliance with all HR laws and regulations.

Other MBA positions related to human resources include:

  • Human resources assistant

  • Recruitment manager

  • Staffing manager

  • Corporate trainer

6. Business operations manager

National average salary: $79,056 per year

Primary duties: A business operations manager oversees the operational functions of a business including allocating resources, managing company policies and supervising staff functions.

Other possible jobs related to business operations management include:

  • Logistics manager

  • Logistic analyst

  • Purchasing manager

  • Business systems analyst

  • Procurement specialist

7. Accounting manager

National average salary: $80,904 per year

Primary duties: MBA students who graduate with an accounting specialization can find work managing accounting operations in human resources. Some MBA graduates take this career path to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which can open a wide range of positions.

Accounting managers act as administrators for the financial resources of a business. They prepare budgets, complete financial reports, balance company accounts and prepare tax documents.

Accounting jobs for MBA graduates and CPAs include:

  • Auditor

  • Accounting consultant

  • Tax consultant

  • Business adviser

  • Accounting supervisor

  • Treasury analyst

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8. Compliance officer

National average salary: $83,397 per year

Primary duties: This is a necessary position across multiple industries as intricate and extensive regulations govern most sectors of business from marketing to accounting. MBA graduates seeking a compliance job need to understand international banking laws as well as certain regulatory legislation that affects business operations.

Other jobs relevant to compliance include:

  • Program analyst

  • Program officer

  • Compliance analyst

  • Compliance manager

9. Healthcare manager

National average salary: $92,352 per year

Primary duties: MBA graduates who want to find a position in a growing field can look for work within the healthcare sector. Healthcare managers work as administrators who ensure medical businesses operate efficiently. They oversee communication between healthcare professionals and clients, ensure resources are adequately managed and guarantee all regulations are followed.

Other positions within healthcare management include:

  • Hospital manager

  • Patient experience manager

  • Nursing administrator

  • Healthcare operations manager

  • Billing manager

10. Database analyst

National average salary: $97,191 per year

Primary duties: A database analyst controls all databases within an organization, making sure they are both secure and operative. MBA graduates who pursue this position also need to be able to create new databases based on methodical analysis of current databases. They take information gleaned from analysis and make it meaningful for company stakeholders in the form of reports and data collections.

More career options for database analysts include:

  • Database manager

  • Database administrator

11. User experience designer (UX)

National average salary: $102,207 per year

Primary duties: UX combines the disciplines of graphic design, marketing and human psychology along with other business practices. MBA graduates with a background in design can combine their business savvy with artistic capabilities to lead companies in their user experience strategies.

UX designers plan the visual layout of websites, apps and other digital media. They are responsible for creating and executing a strategy that determines how users interact with a software program on a digital interface. User experience professionals oversee all aspects of design from the font colors of digital text to the arrangement of graphics and interactive buttons on a website.

Other positions related to user experience include:

  • User experience researcher

  • User experience architect

  • User interface designer

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Tips for finding an entry-level MBA job

Here are some ideas to help you find a job after you graduate with an MBA degree:

Accept an internship

Consider taking an internship position while you earn your MBA. As an intern, you can build important job experience and make connections in your industry. Many MBA internships also offer comparable pay.

Gain technical expertise

Employers look for versatile skills MBA graduates can apply across industries. Technological expertise like project management software and digital marketing tools for search engine optimization are ideal skills to learn.

Demonstrate teamwork

Collaboration is an essential skill for MBA jobs from consulting to management. Employers may give you practical exercises to examine how you use teamwork skills in a real-world situation. If you encounter an interview like this, ask questions and be authentic. Share honest opinions and listen to others on the team.

Emphasize soft skills on a resume

Your MBA proves business expertise and specialized knowledge, but soft skills like communication and organization are still important to companies. It's a good idea to include soft skills throughout your resume both in a summary statement and through examples in your experience section.


Networking is an effective tool for finding job opportunities. Consider joining an organization for business professionals where you can interact with colleagues who possess varying levels of experience. Conferences, professional development seminars and online discussion groups are all ways to connect to MBA graduates already working in fields of interest.


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