10 Nonprofit Management Careers (With Salaries and Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

November 18, 2021

Working at a nonprofit organization can be a rewarding experience for professionals in many career fields. If you have experience working in management positions or at nonprofits, there are many management positions you can consider. Learning about these roles can help you find one that suits your interests, talents and career goals. In this article, we explore 10 nonprofit management careers, including the national average salary and primary duties for each job.

10 nonprofit management careers

If you're interested in finding a leadership position at a nonprofit organization, here are 10 nonprofit management careers for you to consider. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Fundraising manager

National average salary: $49,715 per year

Primary duties: A fundraising manager oversees all the fundraising efforts of an organization. They create strategies for encouraging people to make donations, organize fundraising events and develop training programs to teach paid staff members and volunteers how to collect and manage funds. Fundraising managers also work with other teams at the organization to determine their financial needs, which can help them create fundraising goals.

2. Advocacy manager

National average salary: $53,444 per year

Primary duties: An advocacy manager is a management professional who oversees an organization's advocacy strategies and plans. They identify areas in which they can help improve inclusivity for stakeholders, including employees or volunteers, by implementing programs and providing resources. Advocacy managers often work with other department leaders to gather information about their advocacy concerns and use them to create strategies that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

3. Philanthropy manager

National average salary: $59,163 per year

Primary duties: A philanthropy manager is similar to a fundraising manager, but they focus on getting larger contributions, such as commercial donations. Their primary duties may include strategizing plans for establishing recurring donations, influencing marketing efforts that lead to financial gifts, overseeing grant activities and reporting on fundraising activity to stakeholders and executives. Philanthropy managers may also help fundraising teams implement their strategies.

4. Program director

National average salary: $60,287 per year

Primary duties: A program director is a management professional who specializes in the development and implementation of outreach programs for an organization. They may manage multiple programs or focus on a particular area. A program director's primary duties may include researching and planning outreach services, establishing budgets for each program, measuring their performance and leading teams involved with the programs they develop. They also ensure each program meets legal requirements and obtain necessary certifications for each one.

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5. Director of communications

National average salary: $71,058 per year

Primary duties: A director of communications is a professional who combines public relations (PR) and marketing skills to manage communication at all organizational levels. They're responsible for developing and promoting the organization's messages on many platforms, such as marketing efforts, press releases and public speeches. They may lead PR and marketing teams in developing campaigns and materials that align with the organization's goal, measure their performance and report on their efforts to executives.

6. Development director

National average salary: $78,491 per year

Primary duties: A development director is a nonprofit manager who works with financial officers to develop goals for annual fundraising efforts. Their strategies focus on the long-term goals of the organization and how they can help the nonprofit thrive over a consistent period. Some primary duties of a development director may include creating and fostering relationships with donors, writing proposals and applying for grants, helping the fundraising team plan events and working with marketing teams to promote awareness of the organization and encourage people to donate.

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7. Director of human resources

National average salary: $91,500 per year

Primary duties: A director of human resources (HR) is a business development professional who manages who oversees recruitment and employment policies for an organization. They create and implement strategies for recruiters to find new employees and volunteers, manage employee concerns such as payroll and benefits, ensure safe work environments and lead HR teams in completing daily tasks. A director of HR may also review employment policies periodically and revise them as needed to align with organizational goals.

8. Chief executive officer

National average salary: $115,984 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer (CEO) is an executive who manages an organization's policies, mission, vision and goals. They handle concerns that impact the long-term success of the company and guide department managers in working toward objectives that benefit the organization. CEOs also communicate with boards of directors, donors and other high-level stakeholders to report the status of the organization, its areas of growth and where it could use improvement or additional funding.

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9. Chief operating officer

National average salary: $121,281 per year

Primary duties: A chief operating officer (COO) is an executive who works alongside a CEO to oversee the processes of the entire organization. The COO focuses on the management of the organization's operations, such as marketing, outreach and finance, and assists department managers by providing them with resources and relaying feedback to the CEO. Some other primary COO duties may include helping financial teams establish budgets, delegating tasks to team leaders, developing strategies to improve operations and measuring organizational and employee performance.

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10. Chief financial officer

National average salary: $131,007 per year

Primary duties: A chief financial officer (CFO) is an executive who manages the financial objectives of an organization. They work with each team within the organization to establish budgets, distribute resources and analyze the financial efficiency of their processes. CFOs often work with other executives and team leaders to develop strategies for decreasing costs, increasing growth and working toward the long-term financial goals of the organization. They also manage important fiscal operations, such as financial statements and tax filings.

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