10 Jobs with On-Call Hours

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Updated February 22, 2021

Published November 5, 2020

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During your job search, you may see many jobs you're qualified for and interested in. Some of these may have on-call hours, which can work well for many people, including yourself. If an on-call schedule is something you're interested in, then your job search could focus on this aspect of a position. In this article, we share what being on call means for work, discuss the on-call work you may find in the job market and provide a list of on-call jobs you may be interested in.

What is an on call job?

An on call job is one that is typically much less predictable than a more traditional full-time or part-time job. With most full-time and part-time jobs, you adhere to a schedule that your employer sets, but with an on-call job, you may need to arrive at your workplace and perform your normal job duties at an undetermined time. While you may have an on-call job that allows for some planned scheduling, you also have a schedule where your employer will expect you to work when they need you during a certain period of time.

An on-call job may require that the employee perform normal job duties or cover emergencies in the workplace.

Types of on call jobs

There are many types of on-call jobs, but the ones that most people associate with such a schedule are in the medical profession. You may find doctors, nurses, veterinarians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals working an on-call schedule. However, these types of careers are not the only ones that require on-call work. Other types of on-call jobs include those in:

  • Retail

  • Customer support and service

  • Information technology

  • Freelance or contract

  • Trade industries, like electricians and plumbers

List of on call jobs

If an on-call job is something you'd be open to, here is a list of on-call positions you may consider, organized in order from lowest to highest national average salary and with details on the primary duties for the role. This isn't necessarily an exhaustive list of all the on-call jobs you may see. Any employer in any industry, based on the needs of the business, may implement on-call scheduling.

1. Mental health case manager

National Average Salary: $40,994 per year

Primary Duties: A mental health case manager is responsible for creating plans for the care of patients who may reside in a mental health facility or otherwise have mental health issues that need to be managed by a professional. They coordinate with other medical professionals and the patient's family to form a plan that takes medication, therapy and other factors into account. A mental health case manager may need to step in should a crisis situation occur that involves the patient.

2. Repair technician

National Average Salary: $43,569 per year

Primary Duties: A repair technician is responsible for fixing systems in a home or at a business so they can continue to operate the way they should. A repair technician may have the skills to repair HVAC, electrical or plumbing systems, or may even have experience in repairing electronics like laptops, satellites and printers.

3. Disaster recovery manager

National Average Salary: $56,396 per year

Primary Duties: A disaster recovery manager is responsible for overseeing the implementation of recovery plans following a disaster. The disaster may be natural, as with earthquakes and hurricanes, or a system failure of another sort, like if an entire database crashes. A disaster recovery manager works with a team to form the crisis plan and maintain communication during the recovery process.

4. Registered nurse

National Average Salary: $64,232 per year

Primary Duties: A registered nurse is responsible for taking care of patients in a medical setting, whether that's a hospital, in a patient's home or in another medical facility. They may perform assessments, draw labs, administer medications and work closely with other nursing staff and doctors to give the best treatment possible to patients who need it. A registered nurse can work in different departments and may either work a normal schedule or have some on-call shifts, depending on their specific role.

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5. Emergency roadside specialist

National Average Salary: $69,369 per year

Primary Duties: An emergency roadside specialist is responsible for providing help to commuters who may be stuck on the side of the road for various reasons, including an accident, running out of gas or a blown tire. They respond to a dispatcher and go out to the location of the emergency.

6. IT technician

National Average Salary: $73,929 per year

Primary Duties: An IT technician is responsible for providing assistance to users of computers and other electronics so they can continue using the device. They may install software or hardware, troubleshoot issues, answer phone calls and guide customers through a fix. IT technicians may also work closely with the information security department to make sure that all computer hardware and associated programs are maintained and working correctly.

7. Director of security

National Average Salary: $98,997 per year

Primary Duties: A director of security is responsible for managing other security officers that an organization may employ, and make sure that everything the company owns is physically secure and safe. They develop security plans and may need to respond to emergencies, like if a business experiences a break-in that threatens the security of their assets. A director of security may need to review security tapes for details on threats.

8. Engineer

National Average Salary: $102,595 per year

Primary Duties: An engineer is responsible for designing and implementing systems that improve a process or fixes a problem. They frequently use a combination of mathematics and science to complete their job. An engineer can have a number of titles, including mechanical and electrical engineer. You can also be a software engineer.

9. Veterinarian

National Average Salary: $102,872 per year

Primary Duties: A veterinarian is responsible for caring for animals. They may specialize in certain breeds of animals, but it is common for veterinarians to care for all kinds of animals. Veterinarians can diagnose animal diseases and form treatment plans for the sick and injured. They can work a normal schedule at a veterinary clinic, but may need to be available for animal emergencies.

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10. Physician

National Average Salary: $222,937 per year

Primary Duties: A physician is responsible for diagnosing patient injuries and illnesses and forming treatment plans based on their findings. They may perform exams on patients, learn more about a patient's medical history and prescribe medications. Depending on their specialty and where they work, physicians may also do several other tasks. They often counsel their patients on preventing disease and ways the patient can improve their health.

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