12 Online Jobs for Work Flexibility (With Salaries)

Updated March 13, 2023

With flexibility and various career options, internet jobs can increase a company's production and morale, leading to more opportunities for online work-from-home positions. If you're seeking a secondary income source or you're desiring a better work-life balance, consider pursuing jobs you can do online. Understanding the various jobs you can do online and remotely may help you find the right role for your passions and schedules.

In this article, we explore 12 online jobs you can do in various industries based on your interests and credentials with salary and job task information.

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12 online jobs

Here are some online jobs candidates can pursue for supplemental income or to enjoy a more flexible schedule. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

1. Medical transcriptionist

National average salary: $30,863 per year

Primary duties: A medical transcriptionist, or a health care documentation specialist, transcribes and translates medical dictation and jargon into words the average person can understand. Often, those in this role are self-employed and work flexible schedules. They use their strong typing skills, attention to detail with their writing and copyediting skills to convert voice recordings and formal reports and submit the translation for review and approval. Generally, this role uses their understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and current health care regulations to ensure accuracy and coherency within their work.

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2. Blogger

National average salary: $37,756 per year

Primary duties: Bloggers generate ideas and write blog posts for online publications. These creative individuals can work for themselves by creating their own blogs or as freelance bloggers. It can take time to build an audience, but bloggers enjoy turning their passion into a career. By choosing a topic they love, designing a website and crafting well-written content, they can increase traffic to a site. Once there's traffic, they can earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing. Freelance bloggers can pitch their ideas to companies, and the company may accept them and pay by the word count.

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3. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $38,147 per year

Primary duties: Data entry clerks maintain databases by adding and updating new and existing customer account information. They use their attention to detail paired with a high proficiency with numbers and spreadsheets to compile, sort and organize data. Often, companies seek individuals to input data for organizational purposes or to find new sales leads. The job tasks may have to meet deadlines, but these jobs are often flexible with work hours, allowing individuals to set their schedules.

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4. Personal trainer

National average salary: $40,757 per year

Primary duties: An online personal trainer can work with clients on their health and fitness goals through virtual meetings. They can teach fitness classes to groups or individuals with their fitness degrees or certifications. These individuals can create the lessons and exercises based on the client's needs and abilities.

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5. Freelance writer

National average salary: $49,534 per year

Primary duties: Freelance writers work for themselves and pitch their ideas to online publications. They use their strong writing, copyediting and organizational skill to compose engaging pieces, like articles and blog posts, that meet a company's requirements and deadlines. These creative individuals can market themselves as desirable writers by advertising their stock photographer and web designer skills to enhance their writing. Often, these writers have a specific interest area and write for various online outlets. Additionally, a freelance writer may create press releases, internal communication for organizations, proposals and newsletters.

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6. Court reporter

National average salary: $50,671 per year

Primary duties: An online court reporter can work remotely and ensure they capture all spoken words from a court hearing. They use their strong typing skills, attention to detail, listening and editing skills to transcribe spoken words verbatim. These individuals may pursue various certifications from the National Court Reporters Association. Additionally, these individuals may work in depositions, close captioning industries and civil or criminal court cases. 

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7. Tutor

National average salary: $51,744 per year

Primary duties: Typically, tutors are teachers and educators helping students with supplemental learning and education materials. A tutor may have a degree in teaching to work with students in various subjects, from music to math to history. They may work during after-school hours, winter and summer breaks or on the weekends to help students, which means tutors may have more job flexibility than in a traditional classroom setting. Their job responsibilities can include making mini-lesson plans based on the student's needs, assessing their progress and developing practice tests.

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8. English teacher

National average salary: $52,620 per year

Primary duties: An online English teacher is a native speaker and works for online companies to teach the language to non-native speakers through the internet and a webcam. These teachers may not have formal teaching experiences but may have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate to make their job search easier. Other duties for this role include developing effective lesson plans, understanding the student's learning needs and facilitating supplemental learning activities.

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9. Travel agent

National average salary: $54,224 per year

Primary duties: An online travel agent works with travelers to help research their travel plans. These travel specialists can use their personal touch to connect with clients and suggest where to stay, what to do and what the best deals are for them. They may also network with other agents or industry specialists to find better deals and insights. Additionally, travel agents can use their organization and interpersonal skills to plan trips for clients.

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10. Social media manager

National average salary: $56,861 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers organize, plan and monitor social media accounts for businesses. They collaborate with other company departments and help develop campaigns for marketing, advertising and promoting the company's products or services using their knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) and writing engaging short-form content. Often, social media managers can work remotely to manage the company's online presence. Other job duties include scheduling posts, curating content, engaging with followers and managing all platform accounts.

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11. Customer service specialist

National average salary: $56,893 per year

Primary duties: A customer service specialist online responds to customers via chat functions, phone calls or emails. This role provides flexible job opportunities to perform at home. These specialists have strong verbal and written communication skills to help customers accomplish their goals, answer their questions or help solve their challenges.

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12. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $71,798 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants work in remote locations and complete administrative tasks for their clients. The tasks can vary based on clients' schedules and workload, but the general duties include using organizational and time management skills to schedule appointments, send emails, manage social media accounts and book travel accommodations. Additionally, virtual assistance can organize and manage contact lists for a company and arrange various schedules.

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