10 Overseas Jobs That Require No Experience

Updated March 10, 2023

Working abroad is a great way to explore new cultures while also gaining work experience. There are a variety of overseas jobs you can pursue with no experience that allow you to travel to new places and enhance your professionalism. By reviewing the types of overseas jobs you can apply to without experience, you can narrow your job search and take the next step to work abroad.

In this article, we define what we mean by overseas jobs that require no experience and provide a list of potential job options with salary expectations and job responsibilities.

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What are overseas jobs that require no experience?

Overseas jobs that require no experience refer to any job that a person can apply to without having a college degree, or while currently enrolled in a college degree program. Sometimes overseas jobs allow applicants without a high school diploma. These jobs may require new employees to complete onsite job training in order to succeed in their roles. International corporations and working abroad programs typically provide work opportunities for Americans who want to travel overseas while gaining valuable work experience.

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10 overseas jobs that require no experience

Review these types of jobs you can get overseas that require no prior experience with salary expectations and job details. It's important to note that the salary expectations listed reflect U.S. salary estimates and may differ from another country's average salary expectations for the same occupations.

1. Hotel breakfast attendant

National average salary: $24,477 per year

Primary duties: Hotel breakfast attendants work for hotels and resorts as part of the food services team. They set up buffet tables in the hotel dining area and make trips from the kitchen to the dining room with breakfast buffet items. Breakfast attendants also layout buffet trays with baked goods, fresh-made eggs, fruit and other popular breakfast dishes for hotel guests to self-serve. Throughout the breakfast service, breakfast attendants monitor buffet stations, answer guest questions and restock buffet tables with fresh food before they run out.

Typically, breakfast attendants need a high school diploma to qualify, but this may differ depending on the employer.

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2. Tour guide

National average salary: $28,873 per year

Primary duties: Tour guide jobs are a great way for individuals to travel and work abroad. Typically, those wanting to pursue tour guide positions in another country should look for opportunities through English-speaking tour companies. Once there, prospective tour guides need to learn about the area they plan to work in before being able to lead tour groups.

3. Event planning intern

National average salary: $33,121 per year

Primary duties: There are a variety of different festivals and cultural events that take place in foreign countries and tourism hotspots. Event planning companies may need to hire interns or volunteers to assist with clerical work, marketing initiatives, event bookings and set-up or clean-up efforts. There typically aren't requirements for event planning interns, however some employers may prefer candidates with a high school diploma or candidates currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program.

4. Landscape laborer

National average salary: $33,979 per year

Primary duties: Landscape laborers work for landscaping companies or as a part of a landscaping team for private properties. They prune trees and shrubs, mulch garden beds, mow lawns, dig holes and assist with laying pathways and making repairs as needed. To work as a landscape laborer, candidates typically have a high school diploma.

5. Hotel housekeeper

National average salary: $34,594 per year

Primary duties: Hotel housekeepers have a responsibility to carryout cleaning activities like vacuuming and mopping floors, changing bed linens, sanitizing restrooms and dusting surfaces. They may also assist guests by taking room services trays back to the kitchen after meals. When working as a hotel housekeeper abroad, individuals may have the opportunity to work for cruise liners, hotels in major tourist cities or smaller Inns in remote areas. Some hotel housekeepers have high school diplomas, but it's not a requirement.

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6. Server

National average salary: $35,037 per year

Primary duties: For those looking to work abroad without needing experience, they can pursue work as a server for a restaurant. In foreign countries, hotels and independent restaurant establishments may hire English-speaking servers to appeal to English-speaking tourists. Servers greet restaurant patrons, take food orders and bring patrons their food orders from the kitchen. They also refill drinks and answer questions about menu items. Depending on employer preferences, servers may or may not need a high school diploma.

7. Hotel front desk clerk

National average salary: $35,100 per year

Primary duties: Hotel front desk clerks assist guests with checking in and out of their rooms. They also provide them with room keys and tell them about hotel amenities. Hotel chains with locations in foreign countries may hire English-speaking desk clerks to communicate effectively with English-speaking guests. Hotel front desk clerks usually only need a high school diploma to qualify for their roles.

8. Nanny

National average salary: $42,486 per year

Primary duties: Nanny positions in different countries give individuals the chance to travel and experience a different culture while also helping parents take care of their children. For those who want to pursue nanny jobs abroad, they should look for opportunities through international nanny services and other credible sources.

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9. Farmhand

National average salary: $47,174 per year

Primary duties: Farmhands assist with a range of farm jobs to support farmers on a daily basis. Farmers in foreign countries may offer work opportunities to those looking to work abroad with little to no experience. Typical job duties for farmhands include feeding livestock, spraying pesticides, spreading fertilizer or operating farm equipment to plant and harvest crops.

10. Cafe assistant

National average salary: $58,456 per year

Primary duties: Cafe assistants support the daily activities of cafes by cleaning surfaces, taking coffee orders, preparing bakery items and overseeing customer transactions. Cafe chains in tourist hotspots can offer work abroad opportunities for individuals who want to travel and work at the same time.

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