14 Real Jobs You Can Do Working From Home

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated February 22, 2021

Published March 12, 2020

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Working from home offers many benefits, including no need to commute, privacy, lack of office politics, schedule flexibility and a more comfortable workspace. Telecommuting or working remotely is also now a real possibility with advances in technology that only require a computer for a worker to access company programs.

In the past, work-from-home opportunities were not considered to be as legitimate as on-site jobs. However, this has dramatically changed and many real remote opportunities are now available. Regardless of your career path, experience level or industry, you can find a real job that lets you work from home. In this article, we review a variety of remote jobs, including their primary duties and national average salary.

Legitimate remote jobs

Here are a variety of opportunities that allow you to work from home, with part-time, full-time and contract options:

1. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $2,200 per month

Primary duties: A data entry clerk enters information into a company's system. They organize data and information, add it to a company database, then update it as needed. These professionals also need to verify data for accuracy and ensure they enter the information in the right place. Data entry clerks can work in nearly any industry.

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2. Customer service representative

National average salary: $13.31 per hour

Primary duties: A customer service representative assists customers with questions and issues about a product or service. They answer calls, emails and messages from customers and help them with any challenges they experience. In some cases, a customer service representative can help clients with refunds or replacements.

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3. Reservation agent

National average salary: $13.99 per hour

Primary duties: Reservation agents help customers book appointments and reservations for various services, typically in the travel or hospitality industry. They make reservations for hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises or events. They also make suggestions for reservations based on budget and time of year, and make changes to reservations when needed. Reservation agents typically work for a specific hotel, car rental company, bus service, cruise line or airline.

4. Social media specialist

National average salary: $14.08 per hour

Primary duties: Social media specialists help companies increase their brand awareness online. They collect and analyze data to determine the effectiveness of different social media campaigns, then present new strategies to target certain KPIs. They also monitor SEO and user engagement to find ways to optimize online presence.

5. Blogger

National average salary: $14.10 per hour

Primary duties: Bloggers create stories designed to inform and engage users. They can write on a variety of topics, from media to travel. They perform research and use SEO practices to design articles that get more views. Bloggers can write for their own website or create content for the blog section of a company's website.

6. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $16.38 per hour

Primary duties: Virtual assistants provide administrative support to an individual or company. They complete tasks such as answering phone calls and emails, responding to customer requests, arranging travel and scheduling appointments. Some virtual assistants have specialty services, such as marketing or editing, that they provide for an additional charge. Virtual assistants may need to work normal business hours, though some can complete their duties at any time.

7. Graphic designer

National average salary: $3,453 per month

Primary duties: A graphic designer creates visual elements in products for companies or individuals. They work with the customer to learn more about their preferences and requirements, then design logos, banners, flyers and other graphics. They use design software to create most of the content, and they make changes based on the client's request. Graphic designers can work for one company or freelance.

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8. Freelance writer

National average salary: $22.14 per hour

Primary duties: A freelance writer creates content for different individuals and companies. They review style requirements and write engaging content, such as blogs, articles, short stories, marketing content or product descriptions. They can also write about a variety of topics, such as finance, technology and healthcare. Some freelance writers also work as editors and proofreaders.

9. Travel agent

National average salary: $42,976 per year

Primary duties: Travel agents help customers arrange trips for business or vacations. Since travel agents plan entire travel itineraries, the work they do is more all-inclusive than what a reservation agent does. Travel agents suggest different attractions and events in the area, which requires extensive research. Travel agents book all aspects of a trip based on dates and budgets. They may book for individuals, families or large groups of people, and they also make modifications to reservations as needed.

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10. Translator

National average salary: $46,558 per year

Primary duties: A translator converts one language into another, in writing. They translate the transcripts of live conversations, meetings or speeches into one or more languages. Translators need a strong grasp of both languages in order to accurately convert all of the necessary details. Translators often work for international organizations where more than one language is used.

11. Paralegal

National average salary: $51,181 per year

Primary duties: Paralegals assist with paperwork and research for legal cases. They prepare cases, send correspondence, coordinate with clients and attorneys and organize information for trials. They also create and update client files, and sometimes keep track of an attorney's billable hours. Paralegals can specialize in different types of law, such as family or tax law.

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12. Recruiter

National average salary: $55,807 per year

Primary duties: Recruiters help companies find qualified candidates for different jobs. They review the employer's needs, create a job posting, screen and interview candidates, and make recommendations based on qualifications. In some cases, recruiters negotiate job offers. Recruiters can work for recruiting agencies or for a specific company. They also may work on a contractual basis or full-time.

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13. Web developer

National average salary: $75,480 per year

Primary duties: Web developers create functional websites for different clients. They learn about client requirements and use programming languages to build the front-end and back-end of user-friendly websites. Web developers also build corresponding phone applications and maintain sites and apps by issuing updates when new technology is available. Web developers can work for one company or freelance for many clients at the same time.

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14. Medical writer

National average salary: $102,305 per year

Primary duties: Medical writers create content for pharmaceutical companies, medical research facilities and medical journals. They may write descriptions for different types of medical treatments or write articles about the latest trends in medicine. Medical writers need to have a strong background in journalism or English, a solid understanding of medical topics and knowledge of medical style guidelines.

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