20 Remote Careers That Allow You To Grow

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated February 22, 2021 | Published January 5, 2021

Updated February 22, 2021

Published January 5, 2021

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Remote careers offer outstanding advantages, including flexibility, increased productivity and better work-life balance. Nowadays, remote working opportunities are more accessible thanks to technology and the fact that companies are opting to outsource talent or services rather than hire someone to work in-house. Exploring remote career opportunities early on is an excellent way to find an optimal career path. In this article, we explore 20 remote careers where you can grow in your area of expertise.

Remote careers with growth opportunities

Working remotely means that you do not commute to a central workplace like an office building each day. Instead, your location is flexible—you might work from home or travel from place to place, for example.

When it comes to remote careers, it's important to look for opportunities that can help you grow as a professional. Here are 20 remote positions that can lead to career growth or opportunities for specialization:

1. Chef

National average salary: $15.01 per hour

Primary duties: A chef's role is to liaise with clients and create dishes they ask for. A chef can prepare food at home or cook at the client's home, depending on the occasion. The role also entails delivering quality dishes that are fresh, delicious and respectful of the client's wishes and allergy requirements.

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2. Photographer

National average salary: $16.66 per hour

Primary duties: The role of a photographer is to take photos of special occasions, photograph products or create content for media. A photographer must create content that reflects the client's requests, and that can mean going to weddings, parties or studios to take photos. They may handle other responsibilities from home, such as scouting for locations, researching and hiring models.

3. Graphic designer

National average salary: $18.14 per hour

Primary duties: A graphic designer's primary duty is to create aesthetically pleasing layouts for clients, whether by hand or using software. This remote career requires you to come up with creative, conceptualized visuals based on what the client has asked for and test the graphic designs across various media. A graphic designer typically creates graphics for logos, photos, illustrations, websites, product packaging, magazines and books.

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4. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $18.21 per hour

Primary duties: The bookkeeper's role is to manage a company's financial data and compliance by ensuring the account books are accurate. Their daily responsibilities include making entries in the general ledger, recording transactions and producing financial statements and reports.

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5. Grant writer

National average salary: $42,416 per year

Primary duties: A grant writer composes grants that adhere to an organization's guidelines. The role involves preparing a budget for grant applications, writing grant submissions that are error-free and monitoring submitted proposals. A grant writer often works with a team to tackle issues, changes and recommendations. This individual may also write newsletters and brochures related to the grant.

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6. Computer programmer

National average salary: $47,799 per year

Primary duties: A computer programmer writes and tests programs using coding languages. Some of the most common languages include Java, SQL, Python, C++, PHP and Ruby. Computer programmers are responsible for integrating systems and software, analyzing algorithms, managing operating systems, debugging code, changing source code and writing system instructions. Working remotely, the programmer must have superior problem-solving skills to assist clients promptly.

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7. Translator

National average salary: $48,175 per year

Primary duties: A translator's role is to convert text or audio recordings into the client's preferred language. In this role, it is essential to know multiple languages and be able to research and analyze industry-related terminology. The translator must leave the original text's meaning intact and deliver content that is accurate and error-free.

8. Tutor

National average salary: $53,717 per year

Primary duties: A tutor's primary responsibility is to help students or clients with specific subjects or skills. A tutor can help others online through video chat or meet with individuals in person. The role may include assigning and grading assignments, discussing content, helping students with homework and monitoring improvement over time.

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9. Market research analyst

National average salary**:** $56,600 per year

Primary duties: A market research analyst is responsible for collecting data on the marketplace, consumers or competitors and using that information to come up with actionable steps. They must produce surveys to gather data and create presentations and reports to showcase this information.

10. Writer

National average salary: $60,108 per year

Primary duties: A freelance writer's role is to write engaging copy for a specific audience. The position comes in many forms—you can work as a copywriter, ghostwriter, blogger, scriptwriter, news writer and more. Some of a freelance writer's main duties include writing clear and concise copy and collaborating with editors, photographers, designers and marketers. Research skills are essential for this role, and the writer may need to interview people as well.

11. Clinical research coordinator

National average salary: $68,473 per year

Primary duties: A clinical research coordinator is a research professional in the medical field who coordinates daily clinical trials to ensure everything runs smoothly. The position involves working under the principal investigator, who manages every aspect of the clinical study. A clinical research coordinator is responsible for planning medical studies and maintaining compliance with institutional, federal and state regulations.

12. Realtor

National average salary: $78,533 per year

Primary duties: Realtors can do their job virtually or in person. A realtor's role is to assist clients when buying or selling a property. A realtor must understand their clients' financial requirements and provide solutions when necessary. Other duties include making a comparative market analysis report to estimate a property, showing houses, negotiating prices and managing property auctions.

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13. Affiliate marketing manager

National average salary: $80,143 per year

Primary duties: Affiliate marketing managers are responsible for recruiting affiliates for their company in order to gain more traffic on their website. This role involves significant planning because the manager must be able to come up with affiliate marketing initiatives and maintain customer relationships effectively.

14. Telephonic nurse

National average salary: $81,760 per year

Primary duties: A telephonic nurse's role is to help patients via video chat or over the phone. They are responsible for asking patients about their health and accessing their information online in order to assess their cases so that they can get them the help they need. Telephonic nurses may educate their patients about at-home treatment or tell them to go to a doctor or hospital, depending on the severity of their problems.

15. Virtual recruiter

National average salary: $97,315 per year

Primary duties: A virtual recruiter must source, evaluate and interview people to fill open positions for companies. Knowledge of technology is essential for this virtual role, as is having excellent verbal and written communication skills. Virtual recruiters must update their clients regularly and complete extensive research to verify the authenticity of candidates' resumes.

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16. Database administrator

National average salary: $97,663 per year

Primary duties: A database administrator's role is to ensure that data is there when the client needs it while protecting it from getting lost or corrupted. Their responsibilities include installing and maintaining software, extracting data and backing up and recovering data as needed. A database administrator also handles the data's security and monitors the system's performance issues.

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17. Intellectual property attorney

National average salary: $99,463 per year

Primary duties: Intellectual property attorneys work on legal issues related to ownership of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and service marks. The role requires the individual to act as a legal advisor for clients, but they can also represent clients in court.

18. Statistician

National average salary: $102,569 per year

Primary duties: A statistician's role is to gather numerical data to help companies understand it, delineate trends and predict outcomes. The job involves analyzing results and trends, using statistical methodologies and designing data acquisition trails. A statistician can also act as a consultant for a variety of clients. Although their job is remote, the statistician may need to attend meetings with clients or stakeholders to discuss their findings and strategies.

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19. Actuary

National average salary: $115,798 per year

Primary duties: An actuary analyzes the financial costs of risk to help clients create policies that minimize risk and uncertainty. The role involves compiling data for analysis, designing charts and reports, creating proposals and presenting findings to clients. An actuary must estimate the risk's economic cost and design effective insurance policies to minimize risk costs.

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20. Product designer

National average salary: $120,437 per year

Primary duties: A product designer is responsible for listening to a client's idea and turning it into a product. The role involves being creative and well-versed in UI and UX design in order to design and develop products that appeal to a target audience. Product designers can do most of their work remotely, though they may need to meet their clients for meetings and presentations.

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