14 Interesting Jobs for Firefighters After Retirement

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Updated October 17, 2022

Published June 15, 2021

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After retirement, many firefighters may want to pursue another job or career. Former firefighters may want to earn extra money or use their advanced skill set in a new environment. Depending on the type of jobs you're interested in, there are several part-time or full-time job options that can use your firefighting qualifications. In this article, we share some of the job options where firefighters can apply their skills after retirement

14 jobs for retired firefighters

Here are 14 jobs to consider after retiring from a firefighting career:

1. Lifeguard

National average salary: $28,817 per year

Primary duties: A lifeguard is in charge of supervising swimmers in bodies of water like swimming pools, beaches and water parks. They survey the swimming area for potential hazards, maintain pool inspection logs, explain safety rules to swimmers, guard restricted swimming areas and look for signs of danger or distress in the water. Lifeguards help swimmers having trouble in the water, perform water rescues and administer first aid. Retired firefighters may make ideal lifeguards because of their experience in emergency response and rescue.

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2. Camp counselor

National average salary: $31,139 per year

Primary duties: Camp counselors guide campers through educational and recreational activities. They teach campers new skills and supervise them during programs and training. Camp counselors encourage and support campers, create activity schedules, mediate conflicts, report accidents and uphold camp policies. As a camp counselor, you can apply firefighting skills like first aid and communication to a fun environment with children.

3. Security guard

National average salary: $31,479 per year

Primary duties: Security guards are responsible for protecting the premises of a facility by patrolling the grounds, screening visitors and monitoring surveillance footage. They guard access points to buildings and grounds, check identification, authorize access to verified individuals and apprehend trespassers. Security guards lock all exits and entrances before leaving the grounds, set alarms with security codes and record and suspicious behavior. Former firefighters can use their emergency response and decision-making skills to handle security issues as a security guard.

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4. Correctional officer

National average salary: $33,447 per year

Primary duties: A correctional officer enforces rules and upholds order in a correctional facility like a prison, jail or juvenile detention hall. They patrol shared spaces, escort inmates to activities and appointments, inspect bunks, confiscate contraband, resolve conflicts between inmates and record information about inmate behavior or infractions. Having experience as a firefighter can prepare you to be a correctional officer because of your work making decisions under pressure and following strict procedures.

5. First aid instructor

National average salary: $35,784 per year

Primary duties: A first aid instructor teaches others how to respond in an emergency and provide urgent medical care to people with injuries. First aid instructors may teach skills like identifying people in distress, administering CPR, removing airway instructions, splitting limbs or dressing wounds. They demonstrate proper first air methods, guide students through the process and share feedback on how to improve their techniques. Because retired firefighters have medical skills as first responders, they can make great first aid instructors and share their knowledge with others.

6. Personal trainer

National average salary: $36,302 per year

Primary duties: Personal trainers guide clients through exercises to achieve their health and fitness goals. A personal trainer provides initial consultations with clients to determine their fitness level and set goals for strength, flexibility, endurance and athleticism. They create workout regimens, coach clients during exercises and measure progress as clients achieve goals. Firefighters typically have a high level of physical fitness, which they can use to succeed as a personal trainer.

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7. EMT

National average salary: $43,885 per year

Primary duties: An emergency medical technician (EMT) is a first responder who provides medical attention to patients before and during transport to the hospital. EMTs drive ambulances, collect patient vital signs, perform triage to determine the level of care patients need, secure patients in the ambulance and provide emergency life support with medical equipment. They use boards and charts to record patient information and communicate with doctors and nurses. Firefighters often work as paramedics during their careers and can use their skills to work as an EMT after retirement.

8. Home inspector

National average salary: $53,812 per year

Primary duties: A home inspector is in charge of surveying a property to determine if it meets safety and structural code requirements. Home inspectors review code and zoning requirements then inspect the home's interior and exterior. They take measurements, test plumbing, HVAC and electrical functions, determine structural integrity and identify potential hazards. Retired firefighters can use their knowledge of fire hazards to identify potential risks during inspections.

9. Dispatcher

National average salary: $55,293 per year

Primary duties: A dispatcher responds to emergency calls, gathers information and sends first responders to assist the caller when necessary. Dispatchers accept calls, identify the caller's name and location, determine the cause of their emergency and decide what types of emergency services to send. They communicate with police, fire and medical professionals about what to expect when they arrive on the scene. Former firefighters can make great dispatchers because they know what kinds of details are most useful in an emergency.

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10. Dog trainer

National average salary: $57,435 per year

Primary duties: Dog trainers work with dog owners and their pets to improve the animal's behavior. They meet with the dog and owner to identify problem behaviors or set goals like learning tricks or completing agility courses. Dog trainers use positive reinforcement and behavioral training to adjust the dog's behaviors and responses, then teach clients how to support their dog's progress. Many firefighters work with dogs during their careers as therapy companions or alert dogs on the scene of accidents, making them ideal candidates for dog training positions.

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11. Safety trainer

National average salary: $59,366 per year

Primary duties: Safety trainers educate a company's staff about workplace risks and how to avoid them. A safety trainer assesses common hazards at a company, prepares a plan to address issues and teaches staff about safety topics through lectures, drills and workshops. Safety trainers may also help update company policies and handbooks to reflect safe business practices. Retired firefighters can use their experience with risks and hazards to provide expert insight on workplace safety.

12. Fire investigator

National average salary: $61,139 per year

Primary duties: Fire investigators inspect the scene of a fire to identify the cause of the fire. They walk through the scene and look for patterns in burn markers, the source of the ignition or materials that accelerated the flames. They help determine if a fire was an accident or arson. Fire inspectors record evidence, interview witnesses and prepare reports summarizing the impact of a fire. Former firefighters can use their hands-on firefighting experience to identify different types of fires and their causes as an investigator.

13. Delivery driver

National average salary: $61,204 per year

Primary duties: Delivery drivers bring packages, food and other deliveries from one location to another. They accept deliveries, load packages into their car, review order details, plan routes, update customers about the status of their order and place packages in safe locations. Delivery drivers obey all traffic laws on the road, drive carefully to protect their cargo and maintain their vehicles. Retired firefighters can apply their experience driving fire trucks in high-pressure situations to the relaxed environment of delivery driving.

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14. Handyman

National average salary: $61,667 per year

Primary duties: A handyman is responsible for a range of basic maintenance, repair and installation duties. They can complete cleaning tasks, electrical work, carpentry, basic plumbing, house painting, appliance repair and other jobs for home and business owners. A handyman communicates with clients about their needs, prepares a timeline for project completion and hires any necessary sub-contractors to assist with large repairs. Former firefighters can use their physical strength, stamina and problem-solving skills to succeed as a handyman.

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