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21 Science Work-From-Home Jobs

April 8, 2021

While many science jobs require in-person work, there are also opportunities to pursue a scientific career remotely. Understanding the best virtual science position for you can help you make an informed decision on the next job you pursue. While working from home, people who love science can establish their careers, expand their skill sets and enhance their scheduling and location flexibility. In this article, we explore 21 of the best science work-from-home jobs, along with their average salaries and typical responsibilities.

What are science work-from-home jobs?

Science jobs are positions that use logic, reasoning and the scientific method to solve problems, conduct research and improve people's lives. Working from home can allow science specialists to set a desirable schedule, avoid a commute and spend more time with family members. Remote science jobs are available in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, sales, information technology, content creation and education.

Virtual healthcare jobs

Remote healthcare professionals strive to help patients improve their well-being by focusing on psychological wellness, providing advice and making referrals. If you are interested in reaching patients in a variety of locations, working flexible hours or being available for emergency telemedicine support, you might consider the following virtual healthcare jobs:

National average salary: $41,949 per year

Primary duties: Nutritionists are responsible for providing dietary advice, developing personalized diet plans and setting health and wellness goals for patients. They often help their patients achieve a healthy weight or manage short-term health conditions. Some nutritionists specialize in treating chronic conditions such as diabetes, Crohn's disease or heart disease, while others may work with universities or research hospitals to collect data on nutrition-related illnesses.

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National average salary**:** $64,390 per year

Primary duties: Nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other medical care facilities. Telephone triage nurses often support emergency departments and doctor's offices by receiving calls from outpatients experiencing basic health problems. Over the phone, they may evaluate a patient's health, refer them to the right specialist for their needs or confer with a doctor about what type of treatment to use. Triage nurses may also follow up with patients after treatment to assess whether their health has improved.

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National average salary: $104,902 per year

Primary duties: Psychologists are responsible for diagnosing, preventing and treating mental health matters. Their duties include evaluating the mental health needs of their patients, creating therapeutic treatment plans and offering consultation for individuals and groups. Telehealth psychologists typically accomplish this over the phone or via a video chat. They may specialize in providing care for conditions such as depression, anxiety or grief.

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National average salary: $173,984 per year

Primary duties: A physician is responsible for reviewing medical histories, diagnosing patients and creating treatment plans. The duties of physicians include addressing patient concerns, providing medical advice and administering treatment. Telemedicine physicians often administer care over a video chat or on a phone call. They typically collaborate with telephone triage nurses and other remote health professionals to determine the right type of treatment for each patient.

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Remote information technology jobs with a science focus

Scientific professionals who specialize in information technology (IT) typically organize and assess data for their clients. Hospitals, healthcare companies and social work firms use this simplified data to manage payments, check insurance claims and improve efficiency. Since IT specialists often manage information digitally, working remotely can be a simple transition that may allow them to change locations, work their preferred hours and avoid commutes.

You can work the following IT jobs from your home:

National average salary: $30,345 per year

Primary duties: Medical billers work for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and primary care centers. They typically oversee patients' payments on health-related balances and manage a health care provider's insurance claims. They may work for a medical billing firm, a department of a medical practice or a healthcare information management organization.

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National average salary: $47,639 per year

Primary duties: Medical coders inspect and process medical claims to ensure insurance companies fully reimburse healthcare facilities for patient services. They often check claims information to ensure it's correct and complete and then input specific codes used in insurance billing through medical categorization software.

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National average salary: $96,756 per year

Primary duties: Program analysts, also known as research analysts or program evaluators, review programs for healthcare, social work and IT companies, as well as government agencies. They use research to make recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of programs, equipment, employees and company procedures. Program analysts who work from home typically discuss research with coworkers and clients over the phone or through video chat software.

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National average salary: $121,340 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists review, analyze and summarize complex data sets for their clients. Their typical duties include programming, applying statistics and business logic and developing conclusions on raw data to help people make informed decisions. Remote data scientists work with a variety of clients, including politicians, government agencies, social media companies, universities and software publishers.

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Virtual science education jobs

Since many science education jobs are theoretical, related to decision-making or focused on data, transitioning to a remote environment can be fairly simple. Working from home can help science education professionals reach more students, conduct research more efficiently or deliver advice on emergency bases.

Online education jobs focusing on science include:

National average salary: $26,109 per year

Primary duties: Teaching assistants help teachers deliver lessons effectively and comprehensively. They may answer student questions, work with students individually to enhance their understanding or help teachers communicate with their students. Teaching assistants who focus on science education may specialize in early childhood development, supporting students with special needs or delivering lectures to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in science.

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National average salary: $38,703 per year

Primary duties: Research assistants support research teams by performing experiments, tracking and analyzing data and developing theories. Research assistants may use charts, tables and graphs to record data and then summarize the information for supervisors or other professionals in the field. They often work with colleges, universities and research centers.

National average salary: $40,425 per year

Primary duties: Also called academic advisers, college advisers typically work in universities, colleges or other postsecondary institutions. They offer students guidance on choosing majors, enrolling in the right classes for their major, assisting them when transferring from another college, providing career guidance and connecting them with internships and jobs. College advisers for science majors often specialize in fields such as biology, chemistry or physics.

National average salary: $56,633 per year

Primary duties: Curriculum managers, also referred to as instructional coordinators, create, introduce and oversee curricula. They are often former teachers who use their experience to measure the effectiveness of curricula. Instructional coordinators focusing on science education may specialize in curriculum planning and educational leadership.

National average salary: $62,120 per year

Primary duties: Tutors work outside of traditional academic institutions. They provide remedial or accelerated instruction to students individually or in small groups, typically focusing on a particular subject on which the tutor has extensive knowledge. They also help students prepare for science-focused tests, such as college entrance exams.

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National average salary: $63,422 per year

Primary duties: Science teachers work in high schools, universities and other academic institutions. When working remotely, they often use video chat software and technology to connect with students. They guide, instruct and evaluate students in subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics.

Creative science jobs that allow you to work online

For those who love to create science-related content, you may consider a technical writing or editing position focusing on your area of expertise. Since most technical creative jobs are computer-based, adapting to working from home is a straightforward process.

These remote science jobs have a creative focus:

National average salary: $56,938 per year

Primary duties: Technical editors help technical science writers and academics enhance their work. They often focus on improving the quality of journals, books, academic papers and other written material through planning, fact-checking and revising. Technical science editors typically have a background in a specific scientific field.

National average salary: $58,328 per year

Primary duties: Technical writers are responsible for transferring high-level information into technical documents that are easy for non-experts to understand. They typically create how-to guides, instruction manuals, journal articles and other types of informative texts. Technical writers often specialize in a particular scientific field.

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National average salary: $72,344 per year

Primary duties: Medical writers focus on crafting articles, papers, books and research related to the medical profession. They often use intricate data collected by researchers, academics or practicing clinicians, which they explain and simplify for readers. Medical writers frequently specialize in a distinct medical field.

Online sales jobs for scientific professionals

People with a science background who excel in communication may pursue home-based jobs in sales. Scientific sales representatives may specialize in a particular product or service, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals or business development. If you're interested in building relationships with customers, you may consider the following online sales jobs with a science focus:

National average salary: $45,694 per year

Primary duties: Sales representatives sell goods and services for organizations. Medical sales representatives routinely use customer service and communication skills to showcase products, such as plastics for reconstructive surgery, surgical equipment, lab supplies and other medical devices. Medical sales representatives may specialize in biology or chemistry to provide knowledgeable sales information for pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology firms.

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National average salary: $64,947 per year

Primary duties: Account executives are sales, marketing and advertising professionals responsible for acquiring and developing relationships with telemedicine firms. Their main duties include providing high-level customer service, conducting market research and developing business strategies, such as how to scale a telemedicine business.

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National average salary: $68,558 per year

Primary duties: Medical science liaisons are medical professionals who represent a company that provides specialized products, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals or other treatments. They deliver product information to medical community leaders, government regulatory bodies and investors. Medical science liaisons often work for biotechnology or cosmetic companies, medical device firms or pharmaceutical corporations.

National average: $70,328 per year

Primary duties: Sales consultants are responsible for helping organizations such as pharmaceutical companies maximize sales. They may also provide recommendations to make business operations more efficient. Pharmaceutical sales consultants often represent consulting companies or work with clients directly on a self-employed basis.

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