11 Side Hustle Jobs You Can Do From Home (With Tips)

Updated March 16, 2023

Professionals in various fields often look for side jobs that they can do from the comfort of their homes. These positions may allow you to set your own schedule, earn extra income and do something you enjoy with your skills. These side jobs can also lead to other opportunities, such as a full-time job at a company you admire.

In this article, we explain what it means to have a side hustle job from home, list 11 side hustle job ideas, show how to choose your ideal gig and offer some tips to help you find one.

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What are side hustle jobs from home?

Side hustle jobs from home are those opportunities that allow you to perform tasks and complete projects without going into an office and during a flexible time that works well with your schedule. A side job may appeal to you if you are trying to grow your skills in a particular area beyond your full-time job, if you want to feel fulfilled in your work, or if you're looking for more money to supplement your normal earnings.

You may also consider a side hustle even if you don't work a typical job with regular hours or if you aren't ready for something full-time or permanent. A side hustle job can help you enter into the world of freelance work or entrepreneurship over time once you have gained experience and made contacts through your work.

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11 examples of remote side hustle jobs

Consider these side jobs if you want to have flexibility in your work and earn extra income:

1. Virtual assistant

Average salary: $24.75 per hour

Job duties: A virtual assistant helps another professional by performing administrative tasks. Common duties include scheduling appointments, answering phones, creating presentations, completing the budget and assisting with travel arrangements. Duties can vary between professionals, businesses and industries.

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2. Travel agent

Average salary: $17.05 per hour

Job duties: A travel agent assists their clients with finding the perfect vacation, booking travel, scheduling excursions and purchasing travel insurance. They may also make travel arrangements for business clients. Agents might also provide travel recommendations based on clients' preferences to enhance their travel experiences further.

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3. Copy editor

Average salary: $36.23 per hour

Job duties: A copy editor proofreads documents to ensure accuracy and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. They also make sure the content in the document flows well, is easy to read for the intended audience and conveys what the creator of the document intended. You may be responsible for copy editing a presentation, advertisement, report, blog post or website landing page.

4. Social media specialist

Average salary: $18.80 per hour

Job duties: As businesses are online more than ever before, there is a demand for social media specialists who can grow a company's digital presence, build an online community and sell products and services through enticing copy and imagery. A social media specialist may also be responsible for creating analytics reports to show how much engagement their posts receive and develop campaigns to promote some part of the business. Some specialists might also create written content to help increase consumer interest and engagement.

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5. Blogger

Average salary: $21.14 per hour

Job duties: You can also make extra income as a blogger or influencer. Bloggers create valuable content for their audience and engage with them on their social media channels. A blogger may also partner with brands to create specific content. They make their money through affiliate partnerships, advertisements on their website and sponsored posts.

6. Personal trainer

Average salary: $25.50 per hour

Job duties: If you're passionate about fitness, you could become a certified personal trainer by taking a course and passing an exam. From there, you can develop a fitness routine based on your client's goals, including cardio fitness and weights. You may also recommend certain exercise classes. Personal trainers can open their homes or garages with the right equipment to train clients.

7. Copywriter

Average salary: $24.60 per hour

Job duties: A copywriter creates content for clients, any medium or intended audience. A copywriter's goal is to create compelling content that promotes a product or service or educates the audience about something valuable. A copywriter may write articles, blog posts, emails, advertising copy, white papers or social media posts.

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8. Caregiver

Average salary: $15.33 per hour

Job duties: You may be able to find a side hustle job as a caregiver for young children. Some parents may need your assistance during work hours or after hours when they're required to attend a business dinner. They may drop off their child at your home or you might travel to their home. You may be responsible for feeding the child, playing with them, putting them down for naps or doing schoolwork.

9. Transcriptionist

Average salary: $19.77 per hour

Job duties: Transcriptionists transform audio files into written scripts for various clients. This might also involve listening to audio details from video recordings. As a transcriptionist, you might also be responsible for creating high-quality subtitles for video content.

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10. English as a second language (ESL) teacher

Average salary: $24.40 per hour

Job duties: As an ESL teacher, you can virtually teach students the English language through videoconferencing or other teaching platforms. This can include students of various ages, educational backgrounds and language skills. Since students are often located worldwide, you can customize your schedule to optimize your availability to meet your needs.

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11. Search engine optimization specialist

Average salary: $25.31 per hour

Job duties: Search engine optimization specialists help improve search engine performance by rating the accuracy of different types of search results. Specialists often review search engine guidelines, goals and user search intent to provide accurate ratings of various search engine keywords. While you might have a certain number of hours to complete each week, you can meet those hours on a schedule that works best for you.

How to choose side hustle jobs from home

If you are ready to take on a side hustle from home, you can follow these steps to find one that's right for you:

1. Evaluate your skills

Through your education and experience, you've probably built up some marketable skills that certain employers are looking for or that can assist you with securing a position on the side. To choose a side hustle job, consider your skills and evaluate which are strongest. These skills can help you feel more confident in approaching a company or small business owner who may have the opportunity you're looking for.

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2. Decide what you enjoy doing

As you evaluate your skills, think about the activities you enjoy. Consider if you can turn an interest or hobby into something more to earn money. A side job can provide you with income and allow you to do work you enjoy. Being happy with what you do can make a big difference when you work more than the standard 40-hour workweek.

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3. Reflect on your available free time

Understanding your available free time and the time commitments for different side hustles can help you choose which job allows you to optimize your work and life balance. Establishing the amount of free time you want each week can help you narrow your search for a side hustle. This can also ensure that you don't over-allocate your free time, affecting your stress levels and job satisfaction.

4. Research companies and positions

Researching different companies and positions can also inspire a side hustle. This can help you learn about unique part-time opportunities that align with your schedule and goals. Finding a side hustle with a company you admire can also lead to other fulfilling full-time positions with the company.

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Tips for working a side job

When you're ready to take on a side job, follow these tips to maximize your opportunity:

Set boundaries

If you're working for a company or small business owner, make it clear that this is a side job for you and there may be certain times of the day when you are unavailable. This is useful if a company needs a certain availability to fill business needs.

Prioritize your day

Whether you have another job or other responsibilities, you'll need to fit your side job in where you can. It's important to prioritize your day, working on those tasks that are more important first and can help you set aside specific times to complete your work.

Eliminate distractions

If you're taking on a side job, you're likely subjecting yourself to even less time in your day. While the benefits of having a side hustle job probably outweigh your lost time, it's crucial that you focus on your tasks so you aren't spending more time than necessary to complete your work.

Stay organized

To take on both a full-time job and something on the side, consider incorporating systems that can help you stay organized. You can use a calendar, a reminder list, color-coding or anything else that might keep you on track.

Start small

If working a side job is new to you, start small. While much thought may go into getting a side hustle and finding the time to do the work, it can also get overwhelming if the work interferes with your full-time job or other responsibilities.

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