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7 Stay-at-Home Dad Jobs

February 25, 2021

Working from home is easier than ever thanks to the development of technology and the flexibility of remote positions. In this article, we'll explain the necessity and benefits of working from home as a stay-at-home dad, and explore seven job ideas that are perfect for dads that could benefit from working remotely.

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Why is working from home important for a stay-at-home dad?

For many, the days of a family surviving off of one income are gone. Meanwhile, you have kids at home that need your attention, love and care. As a dad (or a mom), you can now balance work and life responsibilities and still receive a salary by working from home. Until fairly recently, however, finding decent work-from-home positions was almost impossible to attain.

Today, thanks to technology and the internet, there are more options than ever for stay-at-home dads. Here's a list of seven work-from-home ideas for dads:

National average salary: $13.10 per hour

Primary duties: The days of customer service representatives working from massive call centers are almost gone. Though many companies still outsource this position overseas, more organizations are hiring people to do this job remotely. Most customer service representative positions are entry-level, with training provided upon being hired. These positions typically have set schedules and require outstanding communication and troubleshooting skills.

Customer service representatives are typically responsible for:

  • Handling customer complaints
  • Processing orders
  • Providing product information

National average salary: $13.71 per hour

Primary duties: Technology will eventually eliminate the need for this type of work, but for now, the need for transcriptionists is still in high demand among doctors, lawyers and journalists. To do this job well, you need an internet connection, a firm grasp of grammar and spelling and strong typing skills. Employers may send a few tests to ensure that you are an efficient typist, but otherwise, the position is usually entry-level.

Transcriptionist positions are typically very flexible, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime.

The primary responsibilities of a transcriptionist are to:

  • Listen to voice recordings
  • Accurately transcribe what is being said

National average salary: $15.48 per hour

Primary duties: Blogging is increasingly becoming a source of income for many writers. As a stay-at-home dad, with a unique perspective, you have an abundance of topics that you could write about. Choose a topic or audience, and write specifically to them, offering help, anecdotes and advice.

Though writing engaging content lays the foundation for monetizing a blog, you'll only begin making money once you join forces with one or several brands as an affiliate marketer. Essentially, you'll use your platform to promote products that you enjoy using. From there, you'll earn money for clicks through from your blog to the company's site, and you'll get a commission from any items that are sold.

In order to be a successful blogger you need:

  • A unique voice
  • Strong grasp of spelling and grammar
  • Engaging content

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National average salary: $15.79 per hour

Primary duties: As a virtual assistant, or VA, you will assist professionals and business owners by taking care of several tasks on their behalf, such as bookkeeping and email correspondence. This position allows flexibility as well as a steady income and is perfect for individuals that have a passion for helping others succeed. Virtual assistants need to be naturally organized and personable individuals to be successful.

Virtual assistants are typically in charge of helping employers:

  • Create content
  • Market themselves and/or their business on social media
  • Get and stay organized
  • Maintain books and records
  • Make travel plans
  • Host online conferences
  • Regularly manage their email
  • Get any necessary software connected and running

National average salary: $19.15 per hour

Primary duties: Now, thanks to the internet, you can be a teacher from home. Kids and adults alike are taking online courses to learn English. Though some companies will require that you have teaching experience or a TOESL (Teaching of English as a Second Language) certification, it is often unnecessary for the position.

Classes typically only last an hour, and many of the positions are part-time with flexible hours, depending on the time zone of the students. Additionally, many of the companies allow you to take on as much or as little work as you'd like.

Online ESL teachers share many responsibilities with a typical teacher. These include:

  • Designing lesson plans
  • Creating assignments
  • Making sure that students are engaging with the material
  • Providing feedback
  • Assessing student performance
  • Answering questions
  • Tracking attendance

National average Salary: $24.67 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance writing is extremely flexible work. Some companies will hire freelance writers to do work for them on a regular basis, while others will do so project-by-project. Though being a wonderful writer certainly helps, it's not necessary for the job. You'll just need to understand grammar and spelling rules, and enjoy writing.

Most employers will ask for examples of your work, so it's a good idea to begin compiling samples. You can do this by executing sample projects, or you could also consider asking blogs that you follow if you can make a guest post.

Successful freelance writers will need:

  • Good communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong command of the written language

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National average salary: $48,051 per year

Primary duties: Social media has quickly become an important platform in the world of marketing and advertising. Though some companies still run their own social media accounts, many organizations are outsourcing the responsibility to social media managers. Social media managers are responsible for managing a company's online presence, a job that can be accomplished from anywhere.

The role of a social media manager is to:

  • Create content
  • Schedule posts across social media platforms
  • Write captions
  • Engage with other accounts
  • Ensure search engine optimization (SEO)


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