12 Common Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

By Jamie Birt

Updated July 1, 2022 | Published February 4, 2020

Updated July 1, 2022

Published February 4, 2020

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As a stay-at-home mom or dad, you may be busy handling important jobs like childcare and housework. However, you may also desire to earn an income from home. Whether you have a background in sales, marketing or customer service, you may be able to find a rewarding position that allows you to work from home.

In this article, we discuss some potential jobs for stay-at-home parents, including average salaries and primary responsibilities for each.

What are jobs for stay-at-home parents?

Jobs for stay-at-home parents allow you to work from home while earning a paycheck that helps you to support your family. Most of these remote jobs include the following characteristics:

  • Flexible schedule: Rather than demanding a standard nine-to-five schedule, these jobs often allow employees to set their own schedules. You may be able to work while your children nap, after bedtime or while your children are at daycare.

  • Remote work: Instead of requiring employees to work in an office, these jobs allow you to work from anywhere. You may be able to work at home, from a playground or from your office of choice.

  • Reasonable compensation: These jobs provide paychecks that can help you support your family while staying home with your children.

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12 jobs for stay-at-home parents

When you work as a stay-at-home parent, you can pursue jobs in a variety of industries, from sales and marketing to finance and the arts. Here are 12 flexible jobs to consider:

1. Freelance photographer

National average salary: $21,446 per year

Primary duties: Freelance photographers stage photo shoots, take photos and edit digital files for customers. Before taking photos, they may meet with customers to determine their needs and preferred styles. After a photo shoot, they may provide customers with digital files, or they may print photos. Many specialize in certain styles or types of people, such as maternity, newborn, wedding or family photography.

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2. Call center representative

National average salary: $34,024 per year

Primary duties: Call center representatives provide customer service over the phone, via email or through video chat. They answer questions, describe products, process payments and provide refunds. They typically follow scripts to ensure they provide consistent, accurate information. Many call center representatives also resolve customer complaints, which may require involving supervisors. These professionals need excellent customer service skills, and they must be good listeners.

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3. Blogger

National average salary: $39,186 per year

Primary duties: Bloggers create and publish content for websites, which typically have a focus on a certain topic such as design, cooking or homeschooling. They develop content plans and editorial calendars, write and proofread articles, and take and edit photographs. Many bloggers design and update their own websites. Some also develop social media profiles, where they share their content and build online communities.

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4. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $41,059 per year

Primary duties: Bookkeepers document financial transactions for clients, recording costs and income in the correct accounts. They may also process and record checks and cash. Bookkeepers use software to produce reports and statements, and they reconcile each to confirm accuracy. They use bookkeeping software, databases and customized spreadsheets to do their jobs, and they must have excellent math skills and attention to detail.

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5. Transcriptionist

National average salary: $42,667 per year

Primary duties: Transcriptionists transform audio files into written documents. They listen carefully to dictation while ensuring that they accurately transcribe the words and convey the meaning. Transcriptionists must be able to concentrate for long periods and pay close attention to detail to produce accurate work. Many specialize in certain industries, such as health care.

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6. Brand ambassador

National average salary: $45,471 per year

Primary duties: Brand ambassadors are marketers who represent products, services and companies. They sell products on behalf of other companies and may receive commissions or standard fees for their work. Many brand ambassadors work online. There, they create communities on social media or via email, and they share information and images of themselves using the products or services they represent.

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7. Social media specialist

National average salary: $46,287 per year

Primary duties: Social media specialists create, schedule and publish content on social media platforms. Some of these professionals specialize in specific roles, such as writing captions, creating graphics or scheduling content. Many social media specialists also handle social media engagement, which may include responding to comments, answering questions and monitoring the audience's feelings about a brand or marketing campaign.

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8. Web designer

National average salary: $51,331 per year

Primary duties: Web designers create websites for a wide range of industries. They talk with clients, assess requirements and develop wireframes that show how the final product will look and function. They use digital content management systems and computer coding languages to create website elements. These professionals also implement design components, such as typography, color schemes and graphics to create an effective appearance.

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9. Tutor

National average salary: $53,638 per year

Primary duties: Tutors help students learn concepts outside of a standard classroom setting. Some tutors specialize in certain subjects, such as math or language. Others teach students how to take standardized tests more effectively. Most work with individual students or small groups. Many work online, where they explain ideas and test students' knowledge.

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10. Freelance writer

National average salary: $53,697 per year

Primary duties: Freelance writers create fictional and nonfictional content for websites, magazines, books, television, movies and other outlets. They perform research, develop drafts and work with editors to improve the final product. Many freelance writers accept assignments and develop content based on the creative briefs they receive. Most freelance writers specialize in certain topics, such as finance and economics, food and cooking or technology developments.

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11. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $66,512 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants handle administrative tasks, such as answering emails and phone calls, creating and scheduling social media posts, writing content, creating graphics and managing filing systems. They may also schedule appointments for their employers or make travel arrangements. Some may specialize in certain tasks, such as bookkeeping or digital design. Virtual assistants do all of their work online, and they may have multiple clients at once.

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12. Freelance designer

National average salary: $71,351 per year

Primary duties: Freelance designers create visual elements that serve as branding, convey ideas or capture customers' attention. They make logos, illustrations, typefaces and animations. Freelance designers generally talk with clients to determine the project requirements, and then they develop graphics manually or digitally. They may collaborate with other colleagues, especially if their graphics are part of larger campaigns.

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