10 Summer Jobs for Teachers

Many teachers seek jobs during their summer months off. Whether you want to develop certain skills, continue building your resume or simply earn additional income, there are several summer jobs options available for teachers.

These jobs usually offer hourly wages and flexibility to meet your schedule and financial needs. Whether you're searching for summer tutoring jobs, online jobs for teachers or another position, here are 10 popular summer jobs for teachers.



1. Server

Average Salary: $10.92 per hour

Job Duties: Another one of the most common summer jobs for teachers is a restaurant server. The food and beverage industry typically has high turnover rates, which means there are almost always job openings available. While some restaurants require little to no experience, fine-dining establishments may require a rich background in the service industry. Initial pay can be low, but jobs at high-volume restaurants can have high earning potential with tips.

Requirements: Organization and communication skills are important in server roles.


2. Barista

Average Salary: $11.35 per hour

Job Duties:  Many local coffee shops and chains have openings for individuals to serve a variety of teas, espresso drinks, baked goods and other food and beverage items. Restaurant or other service-industry experience is preferred but not required.

Requirements: On-site training is provided by most companies.


3. Camp counselor

Average Salary: $11.53 per hour

Job Duties: Summer camps are an excellent place for teachers to find summer jobs. Camp counselors engage with children of all ages in a series of fun activities and events. Work is seasonal, making it an attractive option for teachers. In addition, many camps like to retain staff, giving you the opportunity to stay in the position for several seasons.

Responsibilities: To succeed as a camp counselor, you'll need patience, organization skills and experience caring for children.


4. Youth sports coach

Average Salary: $12.64 per hour

Job Duties: As a teacher, you have many transferable skills that are valuable for coaching roles. Local youth teams are often looking for coaches with some experience, but others do not require coaching experience at all. It is a rewarding way to earn summer income and continue developing teaching skills at the same time.

Requirements: No experience is necessary for this position. Background check may be required.


5. Resume editor

Average Salary: $13.43 per hour

Job Duties: Millions of people regularly update their resume to attract the attention of employers for new job opportunities. Resume writing is difficult and many people need help crafting a document that will stand out in a stack of applications. Resume editors are in demand, and the role is often fulfilling as you help others get the jobs they want.

Requirements: No prior experience is required, but online resources may improve your resume-writing skills.


6. Data entry clerk

Average Salary: $13.85 per hour

Job Duties: Data entry clerks are some of the most popular summer jobs for teachers. Many companies are in constant need of individuals who can enter information into spreadsheets for organizational, informational and research purposes.

Requirements: While some data entry positions are complex, many are also entry-level, making it easier to find a job with little to no experience. Data entry jobs are available in-person and online for maximum flexibility.


7. Nanny

Average Salary: $15.29 per hour

Job Duties: Provide consistent childcare by feeding, bathing and putting children down for naps. Nannies are also responsible for organizing activities, helping with homework, overseeing indoor and outdoor activities and may be tasked with driving children to and from extracurricular activities.

Requirements: Reliable form of transportation, experience caring for children.


8. English language teacher

Average Salary: $19.75 per hour

Job Duties: This rewarding summer teaching job allows you to conduct one-on-one or group lessons with students either in-person or online. It also provides the option of working individually as a tutor or with a third-party company. You also have the option of working with a variety of demographics such as children, teens or adults. This is also a great opportunity to learn a second language or build on the languages you already know.

Requirements: Many positions in the industry require a one-time Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification that takes around three months to complete.


9. Tutor

Average Salary: $22.32 per hour

Job Duties: Summer tutoring jobs are another great option for teachers. Offering flexibility and a variety of teaching subjects, you can refine your skills as an educator or broaden the scope of your subject matter expertise. Tutoring jobs are available at all levels of education from phonics and reading to advanced math and Advanced Placement classes. There are also a number of tutoring options for SAT and ACT prep classes. If you want to travel while you teach, there also are many online tutoring jobs to choose from.

Requirements: A teaching degree or prior experience is usually required for a role as a tutor.


10. Freelance writer

Average Salary: $29.09 per hour

Job Duties: If you're passionate about a subject and have writing and storytelling skills, freelance writing is a great part-time summer job for teachers. English and writing teachers can make the transition with ease, but others can also translate their subject matter expertise into a freelance job with writing practice. Writing jobs are available for publications, local news outlets, advertising agencies and marketing firms.

Requirements: You are often required to pass an aptitude test or submit a writing portfolio to secure freelance writing jobs.

If you need additional income and are spending the summer months away from the classroom, you might consider taking up a short-term . A little extra money and varied work experience can go a long way.

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