What Is Technology Sales? (With Pros and Cons)

Updated September 25, 2023

Technology sales is an impressive industry that helps solve unique challenges for consumers. Some technology companies might even sell their products and services to help improve the efficiency of other businesses. If you're hoping to work in technology sales, it's important to understand the major responsibilities of the job and the advantages of the career. In this article, we discuss what technology sales is, what a technology salesperson does and the pros and cons of working in the industry.

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What is technology sales?

Technology sales is the act of connecting customers with technology that can provide a solution to a specific problem or challenge. Different technology companies and organizations might sell varying products depending on the type of sales they work with, such as unique technological hardware and specialized computer software. For example, a computer company might sell different types of computer hardware, such as laptops and desktops, while another company may focus on computer software, such as operating systems and business tools.

Types of sales technology

Some sales departments in companies and businesses might use impressive technology and software to help improve their efficiency and reach their sales goals. Here is a list of different types of technology businesses might use to plan their selling tactics and increase revenue:

Lead enrichment tools

Lead enrichment tools provide a company with helpful information about businesses and other sales leads with no need for manual research. Often, this information provides the company with details about a business's demographic information, social media accounts, revenue and more. Using lead enrichment tools can help companies save time and provide them with influential data on businesses to help them sell their products more efficiently. For example, if a company noticed that a business's revenue for the year was lower than last year, they might see how their services could benefit the business's sales and revenue numbers.

Internal communication tools

Internal communication tools provide employees with the ability to relay information to one another without being in the same physical location. Using tools and software that provide individuals with the ability to communicate with one another easily can help them quickly share information, review contracts and clarify current promotions and deals. These tools are helpful for companies and organizations that conduct a lot of their business remotely because it allows coworkers to chat with one another as if they were all in the same office.

Sales engagement tools

Sales engagement tools provide salespeople with powerful data and analytics to help them determine when and how to contact leads and potential customers. The software gathers information from past sales and customer interactions, then gives the sales team suggestions on the best way to contact certain customers and when they should reach out to close the deal. Sales engagement tools can improve the effectiveness of a company's sales team by providing them with beneficial insight into the preferences of other companies and businesses.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a tool that sales teams can use to save and manage all of their leads and customer information. The program organizes all the customer's contact information, logs all communication with customers, such as phone calls and email, and notifies the company when individuals interact with the company website. It gives companies and businesses the opportunity to plan their sales tactics more effectively, helping them reach their goals and objectives.

Some companies and organizations also pair their CRM software with other types of sales technology, such as lead enrichment tools and sales engagement tools, to help them perform their duties more efficiently.

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Sales scheduling tools

Sales scheduling tools give companies an easy and efficient way to schedule meetings with prospective clients and customers. Whenever a customer requests a meeting through the company's website, the scheduling software examines every salespersons' schedule and finds an available time for the meeting, then notifies every party involved. If the company has salespeople and departments stationed in multiple locations, the software can also find a salesperson near the customer to schedule an in-person meeting, if possible.

What does a technology salesperson do?

Technology salespeople fulfill several responsibilities throughout their workday to help consumers find the technology that can benefit them the most. To help them fulfill these responsibilities, salespeople must understand the major benefits and functions of the technology that the company sells. Other job duties they perform can include:

  • Talking with clients to discover their needs

  • Putting together technology packages

  • Creating deals or promotions for consumers

  • Finding technology that offers clients helpful solutions or benefits

  • Answering questions about technology products and company services

  • Preparing sales invoices and contracts

  • Informing customers about hardware and software features

  • Reporting to managers about sales numbers

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Advantages of working in technology sales

Here are some of the major advantages of working in technology sales:

  • Networking: Working as a salesperson for a technology company can allow individuals to meet a variety of people from different industries and companies. Building professional relationships with other technology experts can help salespeople find other job and advancement opportunities.

  • Learning new technology: Technology salespeople have the opportunity to learn the major features of modern technology and how to operate it. Developing this technical understanding and skill set can allow them to find new sales opportunities or become supervising experts on their team.

  • Little experience required: Even though technology salespeople work with high-end computer hardware and software, many employers look for individuals with strong communication skills instead of technological knowledge. Many technology sales teams and departments have entry-level positions that candidates can apply for, with little to no experience.

  • Versatile skills: While working as a salesperson, individuals can develop versatile soft skills they can use in other occupations or sales positions. These skills can include communication, negotiation, problem-solving and more.

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Disadvantages of working in technology sales

Here are a few of the disadvantages of working in technology sales:

  • Technology updates: When working in technology, the hardware and software products can go through a lot of updates and changes, which can often require salespeople to constantly learn new information.

  • Finding new consumers: Companies and businesses often ask salespeople to search for new consumers to help increase sales and revenue. If an individual is inexperienced with cold calling customers or tracking down sales leads, it can be an intimidating challenge.

  • Solving customer challenges: Sometimes, customers might have challenges or issues that aren't being solved by the company's technological products. During these situations, salespeople often need strong problem-solving capabilities to help find impressive solutions.

Though salespeople can find these disadvantages working in technology sales, they can overcome these challenges with the help of powerful communication skills and a sound sales team. Working for a company that provides impressive customer service resources to their employees, such as troubleshooting tips for different hardware and software, can help technology salespeople conduct their duties more efficiently and effectively.

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Salary for a technology salesperson

The national average salary of a general salesperson is $60,421 per year in the United States. However, this salary may vary depending on their level of experience, place of employment and the specific types of technical products they sell. They can also receive commissions for the sales they complete, sometimes making an extra $12,000 a year. Some companies and businesses also provide salespeople with helpful benefits, such as health insurance, 401(k) matching and employee discounts.

Frequently asked questions

What are some skills I can use as a tech salesperson?

These are some skills you can use as a tech salesperson:

  • Storytelling

  • Negotiation

  • Active listening

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Business acumen

What's the job outlook like for tech salespeople?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all sales occupations may expect to remain consistent from 2021 to 2031. The BLS projects that all occupations may grow by an average rate of 5%, which means the sales field isn't growing as fast as the average role.

How can I earn more as a tech salesperson?

To earn more as a tech salesperson, consider these options:

  • Exceed your sales quota

  • Gain more experience

  • Study sales techniques

  • Ask for a salary review

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