5 Top Online Jobs for Teens

By Indeed Editorial Team

December 8, 2021

Finding well-paying work as a teenager is a lot easier today than it was in the past. In addition to traditional teen jobs such as working in a grocery store or restaurant, teens also have the option of applying for jobs they can perform online from their own homes. There are several online jobs available for teens to earn extra money, and many of them can pay just as well as in-person jobs. In this article, we will discuss different part-time jobs teens can do online with information about salary, primary job duties, job requirements and more.

List of online jobs for teens

Here is a list of five top online jobs for teens looking to earn some extra money during their free time:

  1. Online surveys and reviews

  2. Other online tasks

  3. Online merchandiser

  4. Creative freelance jobs

  5. Online tutor

1. Online surveys and reviews

National average salary: Varies based on number and type of surveys or reviews completed

Primary duties: One of the easiest ways to earn money online is by completing online surveys or reviews. Large companies are regularly searching for opinions from various age groups, including teenagers, and there are several online survey companies where you can sign up and earn money for giving your opinion. In general, surveys take just a few minutes to complete. The more surveys you do, the more money you can earn. Teens interested in earning money by completing surveys online should make sure they are signing up with a legitimate platform.

Online reviews involve assessing content that is about to go live on a website or another platform, such as a song, a commercial or a television program. Once you have reviewed the content, you can provide feedback that helps companies, artists and other entities adjust their material so it will garner as much attention as possible.

Job requirements: Teens should always read the Terms of Service (ToS) before registering with an online survey platform. For example, some platforms will require users to complete a large number of surveys before any money will be earned, while other platforms require you to register with a second company before you earn any credit for completed surveys. Researching how payment will occur is also important, as some websites offer monetary payments and others reward completed surveys with gift cards.

2. Other online tasks

National average salary: Varies based on number and type of tasks completed

Primary duties: If you have good organizational and time-management skills, you may be able to find several online tasks you can complete to earn extra money. There are a variety of online platforms that pay users to complete certain online tasks for a small amount of money. Because each task generally doesn’t take long to complete, teens who are skilled at managing their time can complete several tasks to maximize their earnings.

Examples of such tasks include being paid to watch online videos to increase the view count, playing games and reporting any errors found in the game and completing simple online searches.

Job requirements: These jobs require you to have excellent time-management skills and a dedicated work ethic so that you can complete several tasks in a short period of time to maximize your earnings.

3. Online merchandiser

National average salary:  $12.78 per hour

Primary duties: Becoming an online merchandiser may also be a good way for you to make money online. More people are beginning to shop online, so teens with the ability to create and market a product may find working as an online retailer to be a rewarding job. There are several platforms available online where users can make and sell homemade goods. For example, if you are a skilled knitter, you may be able to sell the items you knit on one of these sites.

It is also possible for teens to make money online selling items they already own. Online marketplaces allow users to post their used items for sale. It’s possible to earn good money on these sites depending on the quality and rarity of the items you are selling. If you have a lot of clothing, electronics, jewelry or other items you no longer need or want, you can try to sell them on one of these sites to earn extra money.

Job requirements: To be an online merchandiser, you must have a product you can sell and be a registered user or member on an online selling platform. Each platform usually has its own terms you must agree to to use their site.

4. Creative freelance jobs

National average salary: $796 per week

Primary duties: If you have a creative spirit, there are several opportunities for teens to complete creative freelancing jobs online, such as content writing, voice-overs and graphic design. Instead of hiring traditional employees, many businesses are now using freelance creative workers to complete these important tasks and projects.

Content writers create online blog articles and other webpage content for businesses to use on their websites. Content writers are usually paid per word or per piece. If you have strong writing and grammar skills, you may be able to find work as a freelance content writer.

Voice-over work involves recording yourself reading a script that is provided by a business. Your recording is then later used by the business for a commercial, radio ad or online video. Before receiving any voice-over jobs, you usually need to record a voice sample so businesses can listen to it and determine whether you’re a good fit for their brand and product.

Graphic designers are similar to content writers, as they create unique images and graphics for businesses to use on their websites. Like content writers, graphic designers are usually paid per project. If you have strong graphic design skills, you may be able to find work as a freelance graphic designer online.

Job requirements: These jobs usually require you to have strong creative skills related to the work you are doing. Communication and time management skills are also very important for freelancers to have to maximize their profits.

5. Online tutor

National average salary: $21.43 per hour

Primary duties: One of the best-paying jobs a teen can do online is to become an online tutor. While online tutoring is usually reserved for older students, there are certain platforms where teens can tutor their peers for a worthwhile fee. You may be able to provide online peer tutoring for a subject or course you have mastered or for teaching language skills to foreign, non-native speakers. Each online tutoring session usually lasts about half an hour.

Job requirements: Online tutoring jobs often require teens to prove their mastery of the subject or course by passing a test. Certain platforms may also require the tutor to be at least 18 years old and/or complete several training sessions before they can begin working with other students. Most platforms require tutors to have a web camera, as sessions are usually conducted via video conferencing.

Teen job search tips

Here are a few suggestions to help you in your online job search:

Have the right equipment

If you want to earn money by working online, you need to make sure you have the right tools to complete your job duties. At a minimum, you will need a computer and a reliable internet connection, though certain jobs may also have their own requirements. For example, some online jobs might require you to have your own phone number where you can be reached by clients, while others may require you to have the right specifications and software.

Know how you will be paid

It is important to know how you will be paid before accepting any online work. Some online jobs only reimburse services with gift cards. Other online jobs will only pay you through online payment accounts and not directly to a bank account.

Such online payment accounts usually need to be connected to a bank account, which you may need your parent’s help with to sign up if you are under the age of 18. Making sure you know how you will be paid before you begin working online is imperative to receiving the pay you have earned.

Keep your parents informed

If you are interested in earning money online, you should be sure to keep your parents informed and involved in the process to protect your safety and make sure the job is legitimate and worthwhile.

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