15 Top Political Science Degree Jobs

By Hanne Keiling

Updated May 4, 2022 | Published February 7, 2019

Updated May 4, 2022

Published February 7, 2019

Hanne Keiling is a senior digital communications expert with over eight years of experience ideating, executing and launching user-first experiences to achieve business goals. She is a former Indeed editorial team member who helped job seekers be successful on Indeed throughout their job search and into their careers.

Political science jobs are available at a variety of experience levels and allow you to specialize in sectors that interest you. While some positions might require additional education or training, others are entry-level, available to new college graduates or individuals with little professional experience.

Best jobs for political science majors

To prepare for a political science job, take time to consider the soft skills and technical skills you earned with your degree. It can be helpful to identify a mentor who has a job you’d like to do one day to provide help along the way as you begin applying and interviewing for jobs.

Here are 15 of the top political science jobs displayed in order of national average salary from lowest to highest. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link by each job title below:

1. Political consultant

National average salary: $41,586 per year

Primary duties: Political consultants work with political candidates to run successful campaigns for offices at all levels. They might help develop public messaging, public relations strategies, write speeches and more.

2. Legislative aide or assistant

National average salary: $44,878 per year

Primary duties: Legislative assistants and aides help lawmakers pass legislation and achieve their political goals. They provide administrative, communications and research support to lawmakers at the state and federal levels. 

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3. Political campaign staff

National average salary: Ranging from $46,316 per year for campaign field organizers to $59,757 per year for campaign managers

Primary duties: Political campaign staffers are responsible for developing and executing various tactics to get a political candidate elected. This might include things like formulating a social media plan, scheduling speeches, recruiting and training volunteers and more.

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4. Intelligence analyst

National average salary: $49,5812 + $5,000 cash bonus per year

Primary duties: Intelligence analysts are responsible for identifying and monitoring potential threats to prevent and protect from internal or external attacks. They work with a variety of organizations like the FBI to aggregate and study information from many sources.

5. Public relations manager

National average salary: $55,280 per year

Primary duties: Public relations managers are responsible for owning, adjusting and maintaining the reputation of a company, department or organization. To do this, they might complete tasks like communicating with major news sources, writing blog posts, managing social media and developing press releases.

6. Research analyst

National average salary: $58,544 per year

Primary duties: Research analysts study market trends and provide crucial financial information for the companies and clients they work for. Their research might help inform economic policy, develop new products for organizations or adjust advertising and social media messaging for audiences.

7. Mediator

National average salary: $62,368 per year

Primary duties: Mediators, also known as arbitrators, are neutral legal professionals who resolve legal matters for parties who do not want to go to court. They work to ensure both parties sign and agree to a legally binding resolution.

8. Urban planner

National average salary: $64,365 per year

Primary duties: Urban planners develop strategic plans to accommodate populations, revitalize communities, and make existing urban areas more efficient. They might also review and approve development proposals from more junior planners. City governments often hire for this position.

9. Policy analyst

National average salary: $76,424 per year

Primary duties: Policy analysts research national trends as it pertains to social, economic, international and other political issues. Some of their main duties include updating current policy, advising on policies addressing specific issues, and working with stakeholders and organizations on policy development.

10. Business analyst

National average salary: $81,871 per year 

Primary duties: Business analysts are responsible for studying and assessing the needs of various organizations to develop business system solutions. They aggregate data from various sources and use statistical and mathematical methods to answer complex business questions. 

11. Management analyst

National average salary: $81,871 per year

Primary duties: Management analysts are responsible for assessing organizations and identifying areas for improvement and increased efficiency. Some goals for management analysts might include increasing profits, improving morale or making processes more effective.

12. Economist

National average salary: $97,285 per year

Primary duties: Economists research financial trends and provide recommendations and forecasts based on their studies. They might advise legislators when developing new financial laws, corporations when planning future revenue, and more.

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13. Director of regulatory affairs

National average salary: $99,452 per year

Primary duties: Directors of regulatory affairs are often members of an organization’s public relations team. They are responsible for maintaining and managing a relationship with members of appropriate government bodies. They work for corporations, nonprofits, health care operations and more.

14. Political scientist

National median salary: $122,510  per year

Primary duties: Political scientists study the development, structures, and operations of political trends and governments. Their research is used to develop strategies and operational plans for various government departments and policies. Political scientists can often find jobs as professors at universities and colleges. 

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15. Lawyer

National median salary: $127,990 per year

Primary duties: Lawyers, or attorneys, are responsible for counseling and supporting their clients in all legal matters. They should explain legal options and advise their clients on the best course of action. Many attorneys go on to become politicians as they are experienced in matters of law.

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