15 Top Psychology Degree Jobs

By Hanne Keiling

Updated October 11, 2021 | Published January 25, 2019

Updated October 11, 2021

Published January 25, 2019

There are several career paths you can choose after earning a psychology degree. Whether you are looking for a certain salary level, flexibility or other benefits you can find jobs that fit with your goals and lifestyle.

If earning a certain salary is a top priority for you, there are many jobs related to psychology that earn high wages. While some might require a master’s or doctorate or certification, others are available to those with only a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Because there are many different types of psychology-related jobs, salary data can vary as the positions get more specific. For this reason, we’ve included some salary ranges where it is appropriate. For more salary information on job titles and companies, visit Indeed Salaries.

15 High-paying jobs in psychology

Here are 15 top-earning jobs you can get with a psychology degree.

1. Therapist

National average salary: $28.12 per hour

Primary duties: A therapist helps clients process thoughts, emotions and decisions. They assist in improving overall mental health and happiness. While each therapist has their own process, typically they assess clients and have evolving conversations as they learn more. Therapists can work in a variety of specialties such as social work or marriage and family therapy.

Companies with this position: Centerstone , Center for Discovery , Omni Visions

2. Psychology program director

National average salary: $61,632 per year

Primary duties: There are behavioral and mental health programs across a variety of private and public establishments. Program directors lead and manage such programs. They are often responsible for making high-level decisions, hiring and designing the structure of the program.

Companies with this position: YMCA , The Mentor Network , Restorix Health

3. Behavior analyst

National average salary: $72,056 per year

Primary duties: Behavior analysts study and develop plans to improve or change certain aspects of human behavior. They might work in hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, government departments and more. There are a variety of patients or clients they might see including brain injury patients, psychiatry patients, children and veterans.

Companies with this position: Aveanna Healthcare , Teamwork Specialties , The MENTOR Network

4. Researcher

National average salary: $72,505 per year

Primary duties: Develop and test scientific theories to further our understanding of mental health, behavior and other psychology-related subjects. Researchers can work for private companies, in labs or for government bodies. Entry-level candidates might become a researcher by first gaining experience as a lab or research assistant.

Companies with this position: Corizon Health , Harbor Behavioral Health , Lifespan

5. Psychology professor

National average salary: $51,316–$75,555 per year

Primary duties: Psychology professors work in higher-level and graduate education institutions teaching students about psychology terms, methods, theories and more. They develop curriculum and hold classes on a regular basis. They are also responsible for distributing assignments and projects, assessing dissertations, grading papers and creating exams.

Companies with this position: University of Colorado , Michigan State University , California State University

6. Industrial psychologist

National average salary: $52,006–$92,458 per year

Primary duties: Industrial or organizational psychologists use their knowledge about behavior within groups or organizations to develop trainings, make processes more efficient and improve other aspects of work within a business.

Companies with this position: MHM Services , Liberty Healthcare Corp , PsychPros

7. Military psychologist

National average salary: $31,348–$95,635 per year

Primary duties: Military psychologists work with veterans and active military personnel to help treat mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and more. They might also work with military families to assess and treat mental and behavioral health.

Companies with this position: U.S. Army , State of Washington , Geisinger

8. Counseling psychologist

National average salary: $50,178–$95,635 per year

Primary duties: A counseling psychologist holds appointments with patients or clients that seek psychological advisement. People can seek out counselors on their own or by a doctor’s recommendation. While some counseling psychologists might run their own practice and set their own schedules, others might work as part of another practice or at a hospital.

Companies with this position: Kaiser Permanente , Deloitte , Mayo Clinic

9. Correctional psychologist

National average salary: $64,947–$95,635 per year

Primary duties: A correctional psychologist works exclusively with people who have been convicted of a crime and their families. While they mainly work in correctional facilities like jails and prisons, and they might also work with people who have been released and are adjusting to regular life.

Companies with this position: UWorld , State of Arizona , Correct Care Solutions

10. Sports psychologist

National average salary: $64,947–$95,635 per year

Primary duties: Sports psychologists work with athletes to address mental and behavioral issues so they can perform at their best. While they might develop plants for simple roadblocks like confidence levels or leadership abilities, they might also address more serious psychological issues.

Companies with this position: University of North Carolina at Charlotte , Henry M. Jackson Foundation , Carilion Clinic

11. Clinical psychologist

National average salary: $95,635 per year

Primary duties: Clinical psychologists study, diagnose and design treatment plans for patients with mental health challenges. They typically work in a hospital setting, but some might work directly with families in their home or at private facilities like nursing homes.

Companies with this position: MedOptions , Thriveworks , LifeStance Health

12. Experimental psychologist

National average salary: $64,947–$97,011 per year

Primary duties: Experimental psychologists work with researchers to devise and execute experiments to learn more about human behavior and mental health. They spend time both experimenting and learning about psychological functions.

Companies with this position: Cengage , Brown University , U.S. Navy

13. Forensic psychologist

National average salary: $50,178–$210,798 per year

Primary duties: Forensic psychologists study the behaviors of people who commit crimes to answer questions about cases and document findings for future cases with similar details. They often work with local and federal law enforcement and are sometimes employed by police force programs.

Companies with this position: Correct Care Solutions , Matrix Providers , CoreCivic

14. Neuropsychiatrist

National average salary: $210,798 per year

Primary duties: Neuropsychiatrists are doctors who observe, diagnose and treat abnormalities related to functions of the brain and nervous system. While they typically work in hospitals, others might work with mental health organizations or in assisted living establishments.

Companies with this position: UMass Memorial Medical Center , ERT , Solvista Health

15. Child or School psychiatrist

National average salary: $57,309–$210,798 per year

Primary duties: Child psychiatrists work exclusively with children to address mental health and behavior. As doctors, they typically work in schools or hospitals observing, diagnosing and treating children for a variety of symptoms.

Companies with this position: St. Elizabeth Physicians , River Park Hospital , Boys Town

These are just a few of many jobs available related to your psychology degree. Whether you want to work directly with clients or patients or help organizations to develop better ways of working, you can find a position that fits your goals and interests. While many of these roles require extensive experience and education, you can begin your career in psychology by finding entry-level or assistant jobs.

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