16 Transportation Jobs to Consider

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated February 22, 2021 | Published October 9, 2020

Updated February 22, 2021

Published October 9, 2020

Every day, business rely on transportation to operate. They may deliver goods to customers or need to transport cargo from one manufacturing plant to another. It's possible to find a lot of success in transportation because of the high demand companies have for their transportation needs. In this article, we share what a transportation job is and several jobs you can have if you want to work in transportation.

What is a transportation job?

A transportation job is one where you are involved in procurement and delivery of goods and materials in some way or are directly responsible for the safety of yourself and others while on the road. Transportation jobs are available in both private and public sectors.

If you are looking to work in transportation, these jobs may be what you're looking for. Here are some transportation jobs to consider:

1. Traffic controller

National Average Salary: $25,251 per year

Primary Duties: A traffic controller is responsible for ensuring the safety of those who are working on or around roads. They make sure that the worksite is clear and ready for work to begin, plan on how they'll direct traffic around the worksite, control traffic through and beyond the construction area, communicate with all the workers on the road and make sure the worksite is cleaned up before properly opening the roads back up to normal traffic.

2. Expeditor

National Average Salary: $32,281 per year

Primary Duties: A logistics expeditor is responsible for facilitating the delivery of necessary equipment and materials to an end user, both within the company and to outside companies or individuals. They will also oversee shipments, make sure orders are correct, and assist a project manager to make sure production and shipping dates are accurate and that the workforce completes their deliverables according to the timeline. Expeditors may also establish relationships with vendors and report job costs to management.

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3. Shipping and receiving clerk

National Average Salary: $33,598 per year

Primary Duties: A shipping and receiving clerk usually works in a warehouse and has a primary role in the shipment of goods from a business. They may be responsible for working individually or with a team to package products, check inventory, load boxes into trucks and make sure that the order is complete before allowing the package to leave the warehouse. A shipping and receiving clerk may also need to deliver packages themselves.

It's also common for a shipping and receiving clerk to receive new packages from vendors and other businesses and update inventory to reflect the delivery.

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4. Forklift operator

National Average Salary: $34,061 per year

Primary Duties: A forklift operator is responsible for driving a forklift to move heavy objects around warehouses. They may also work in factories and construction sites. Forklift operators may prepare shipments, stock merchandise and other products, work closely with others in a warehouse including those responsible for shipping and receiving, be involved with inventory and perform maintenance on their equipment.

Forklift operators must adhere to the safety standards of their workplace and frequently have a certification and official training to operate the forklift.

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5. Bus driver

National Average Salary: $35,985 per year

Primary Duties: A bus driver is responsible for transporting individuals and groups from one location to another. A bus driver may work for a school, a city, a county or a chartering company. They are responsible for observing the rules of the road so their passengers remain safe and comfortable while in their care. Bus drivers can transport people to work, school, field trip locations, shopping centers and throughout a city on tours. They have to adhere to a schedule so that passengers are picked up and dropped off at established times.

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6. Chauffeur

National Average Salary: $37,044 per year

Primary Duties: A chauffeur is responsible for transporting others in a passenger vehicle, most typically a more luxurious sedan or a limo. Clients hire chauffeurs privately or through a company. Chauffeurs are very customer-focused, professional and knowledgeable about the area they serve so they can navigate correctly and without delay.

7. Courier

National Average Salary: $37,778 per year

Primary Duties: A courier is responsible for transporting documents. They typically use their own car or bike to make these deliveries from businesses to individuals or families, although in some areas of certain cities, couriers may operate by foot. Couriers must pick up documents and other packages from the business, customer or institution, and deliver them on time. They also make sure to handle the package correctly, so it gets delivered to the recipient in the condition it should be.

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8. Transportation coordinator

National Average Salary: $43,809 per year

Primary Duties: A transportation coordinator is responsible for making sure that all components of the delivery timeline goes according to plan. They pay close attention to delivery schedules and check in on the tracking details to make sure there aren't any holdups and that the recipient will get their package on time. They may work closely with customers to answer inquiries about their packages and let managers know if there is a delay.

9. Pilot

National Average Salary: $44,912 per year

Primary Duties: A pilot is responsible for transporting either cargo or people from one location to another. Pilots can work for commercial airlines, but a lot of them work privately to transport individuals and small families. A pilot can also transport an aerial photographer to help them capture the perfect shot, spray crops from the sky, perform rescue operations and provide air tours to groups.

A pilot must also be able to adhere to a schedule and both pick up and drop off their transportation on time, watch the weather, plan for any course changes and understand when they'll need more fuel.

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10. Dispatcher

National Average Salary: $52,782 per year

Primary Duties: A dispatcher is responsible for receiving packaging information and using routes to schedule the best driver for the job of delivering the package to the recipient. Dispatchers have experience with or learn specific mapping software on the job, so they are aware of the best route for a delivery to go and are able to provide updates to customers. They consider the customers' availability times, road closings and business hours to plan routes and inform customers.

Because delivery drivers can experience unforeseen circumstances that can delay delivery like harsh weather, construction and unusually heavy traffic, dispatchers communicate with drivers and customers to reroute them and ensure the delivery of the package as quickly as possible.

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11. Truck driver

National Average Salary: $61,709 per year

Primary Duties: A truck driver is responsible for transporting goods between two locations, typically by operating a heavy duty truck or trailer. Depending on where the truck driver is employed and where the company supplies products, the driver may drive within a certain area or need to deliver nationally. Their schedules may vary because of this, with some drivers working a typical business day schedule while other must be on the road for days, weeks or more at a time.

A truck driver usually helps load their truck before departing and unloads the truck upon arrival at their destination. They must also be sure to drive cautiously and adhere to all traffic laws so their cargo safely arrives at its destination.

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12. Logistics analyst

National Average Salary: $62,358 per year

Primary Duties: A logistics analyst is responsible for inspecting the product distribution life cycle to determine how the system can improve to save the company money without compromising customers' expectations. A logistics analyst may also oversee some element of purchasing, distributing and delivery. They identify any inefficiencies and work with stakeholders and employees to eliminate or improve them so that the company can continue to be profitable. A logistics analyst has some responsibility over inventory control too, as they are able to see when there is too much or not enough inventory of a product that may stall operations.

13. Supply chain specialist

National Average Salary: $65,111 per year

Primary Duties: A supply chain specialist is responsible for procuring materials and products for distribution and handling the delivery of these items to customers. They have knowledge about a company's inventory and associated trends so they can accurately predict needs based on prior customer orders. Supply chain specialists make sure that production needs are met and that every part of the process is operating as it should.

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14. Aircraft mechanic

National Average Salary: $69,102 per year

Primary Duties: An aircraft mechanic is responsible for ensuring that aircrafts are operating optimally for flight. They may perform normal maintenance to keep certain systems up to date, make repairs and do inspections on various aircraft. They must be very familiar with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, and follow the agency's guidelines for maintenance.

15. Distribution manager

National Average Salary: $69,610 per year

Primary Duties: A distribution manager is responsible for distributing goods, products, parts and other materials. They are very involved with inventory so they remain aware of how much they have in stock and if they are able to meet distribution needs. They work with the logistics department to reduce costs, enhance processes and improve customer satisfaction. A distribution manager is usually in charge of a team who work together to meet department goals.

16. Transportation engineer

National Average Salary: $70,710 per year

Primary Duties: A transportation engineer is responsible for designing transportation systems. Their plans may be for bridges, roads, highways, airports, trains and even supplemental items like lighting and drainage. To create plans for new infrastructures, they are knowledgeable about traffic patterns, an area's population and surrounding conditions. Transportation engineers also work with existing infrastructures to see if they can improve it based on increased traffic flow or other factors.

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