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14 Types of Business Consultant Careers

February 25, 2021

Choosing a career in the consulting industry can present a variety of unique opportunities pertaining to the industry and skill-related job positions. By identifying your areas of expertise, you can start exploring the options that are available to you. This article will define the job responsibilities of a business consultant, list fourteen types of business consultants, their job descriptions and national average salaries for each.

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What do business consultants do?

Business consultants offer industry-related expertise to corporate executives to improve an internal aspect of the company or weigh the impact of a company's external activities on its future success. This profession requires individuals to have extensive knowledge of workplace procedures or industries to provide knowledgeable solutions that will benefit the client and their corporation.

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Types of business consultants

There are multiple varieties of business consulting services pertaining to specific work processes and industry-related matters. The following list will guide you through different types of business consultants, titles and salary expectations.

National average salary: $41,152 per year

Primary duties: A career consultant, also called a "career coach or counselor," works with a client to identify their career goals and how they can go about achieving them. Normally a career consultant has expert knowledge in an industry that their client wants to get a job in. However, career consultants can also act as a helpful guide to clients by reviewing their resume and cover letter materials, common interview practices and identifying the industries where they could find success.

National average salary: $53,536 per year

Primary duties: A communications consultant shares their expertise on matters pertaining to public relations and content creation for internal and external channels. A company executive might need a communications consultant to help them manage positive or negative publicity, as well as internal communication practices within the company.

National average salary: $56,117 per year

Primary duties: A marketing consultant can be brought in to guide a company through a successful marketing campaign of a product or service that's being launched. They might be asked to work on the foundational planning of the campaign or can also be hired to oversee the campaign from the early stages through to completion. Marketing consultants review the company's target audience and past campaigns to improve brand awareness with the new campaign.

National average salary: $63,147 per year

Primary duties: An IT consultant uses their expertise in information technology systems to advise executives on a variety of IT-related matters. They oversee the implementation of a new-company system and help a company tailor that system to its business model. IT consultants might be asked to train the IT department when a new system is introduced and provide solutions on how to teach the system to other departments.

National average salary: $63,356 per year

Primary duties: A human resources consultant works with a company executive to determine how the HR department is implementing company procedures and what improvements can be made to the department. The goal of an HR consultant is to identify areas for improvement in HR practices to effectively increase and maintain company morale. An HR consultant might also be responsible for implementing new training programs for the company's HR team.

National average salary: $66,928 per year

Primary duties: A sales consultant instructs a company on the best sales practices to implement into their current strategy. The goal for this type of consultant is to help a company improve their sales tactics and in doing so increase company revenue. This is done through overseeing sales team training and advising executives on the best methods to manage the sales team.

National average salary: $67,263 per year

Primary duties: An environmental consultant analyzes the risk factors involved in a company's activities that could have a negative impact on the environment. They also advise company executives on how to comply with environment regulations to avoid breaking laws.

National average salary: $69,287 per year

Primary duties: An operations consultant is a part of a larger management strategy, but they use a more in-depth approach than management consultants in that they are usually involved in the implementation of a company's operating procedures. This type of consulting is also used after major company changes occur such as shifts in management, new additions to departments or updated work practices.

National average salary: $71,599 per year

Primary duties: A business consultant, sometimes called a business development or growth consultant, specializes in the functioning of a company as a whole. They advise company executives on matters from improvement strategies and the implementation of new practices to HR procedures and marketing techniques. A business consultant is responsible for helping each area of a company improve and evolve with industry trends. This role requires someone to have extensive knowledge within an industry that a company resides in.

National average salary: $71,988 per year

Primary duties: Similar to an IT consultant, a software consultant aids a company and its executives on the implementation of computer software programs. They might be asked to help choose a software suite that would best fit the company and its goals to optimize productivity.

National average salary: $77,155 per year

Primary duties: A legal consultant is responsible for advising a company in its legal affairs. This includes weighing how potential decisions could lead to negative legal action against the company, how to avoid such situations and how to proceed should there be legal action taken against the company. This type of consultant could be called upon to assess risks or participate in a company's legal proceedings.

National average salary: $83,431 per year

Primary duties: A management consultant is an umbrella term for strategy, HR and operations consulting, but it can be its own sector as well. Management consultants are hired by company executives to help them create and plan the best practices to run a business effectively. They might be asked to advise an executive on how to manage a particular department or the most efficient way to cope with firing procedures.

National average salary: $88,033 per year

Primary duties: A financial advisor consultant helps a company executive determine which business decisions will have a high probability of increasing cash-flow for the company, as well as which business decisions could hurt the company financially, and how to avoid risk factors. This type of consultant might be asked to analyze past data to determine the financial down faults to expanding a business or identify areas a business could be saving money.

National average salary: $116,821 per year

Primary duties: A strategy consultant works with corporate executives to strategize and weigh business decisions against a projected outcome. In this consulting sector, strategy consultants offer advice on anything from organizational strategies to economic policies and procedures. They help an executive identify their company's long-term goals and review company data to help in the decision-making process. A strategy consultant might also be involved in the implementation of these innovative business strategies.


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