6 Types of Programming Jobs

By Indeed Editorial Team

March 26, 2021

The computer programming industry creates and maintains computer programs and systems for clients. People use these programs in almost every industry for both professional and personal purposes. There are many specific job titles you can have as a computer programming professional. Positions are available at all levels of the computer programming industry and companies are hiring programmers around the world.

What is computer programming?

Computer programming is the process of writing code that contains instructions that computers can understand and follow. These instructions are called computer programs, and every function a computer performs is a result of accurately written code. Computer programmers write in unique languages that can only be read and understood if you have studied computer coding.

The field is constantly evolving as technology advances, so a career in computer programming is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in coding and using computer languages.

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6 top computer programming jobs

Here are some popular programming jobs you to consider pursuing:

  • Computer programmer

  • Web developer

  • Programmer analyst

  • Computer systems engineer

  • Software engineer

  • Mobile app developer

1. Computer programmer

National average salary: $57,484 per year

Primary duties: Computer programmers write and edit code for computer software programs and ensure the programs run with no errors. Computer programmers solve any issues or problems that arise during the coding process, and they make sure that the final product meets their clients’ standards. They might also be responsible for training others to use their programs once they are complete.

Those who are looking for entry-level jobs that involve coding may want to pursue a career in computer programming. Some requirements for becoming a computer programmer include earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Programming. Learning to read and write in a variety of coding languages is also recommended.

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2. Web developer

National average salary: $71,088 per year

Primary duties: Web developers design and create websites. They are responsible for both how the site looks and how it functions. They will test and evaluate a site to make sure it meets quality standards before it is released. After the site is published, they monitor the site’s continued performance and troubleshoot any technical problems that might arise. They ensure that their websites and programs meet current security standards.

On an average job, a web developer will first meet with a client to discuss their vision for a project. Then they will write code for the site and work with a team of other creators to produce content for the website. Most employers require their web developers to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field.

3. Programmer analyst

National average salary: $72,718 per year

Primary duties: Programming analysis can be a compelling career because a career as a programmer analyst combines the jobs of a systems analyst and a computer programmer. Like most programming professionals, programmer analysts design and create computer software and programs. Working with other computer programmers, a programmer analyst then oversees the writing of the code necessary to create and publish the programs.

Employers hire programmer analysts to create specific programs that fit the individual needs of the organization or company. Programmer analysts update existing programs and systems so they are compatible with the latest technologies. They may also write or edit user support documentation that advises their client or employer on how to use the programs. Common requirements for programming analysts are a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, proficiency in coding languages and several years of application development experience.

4. Computer systems engineer

National average salary: $83,961 per year

Primary duties: Computer systems engineers work to make sure their clients’ computer systems are all fully functional and efficient. They can work directly for an organization to maintain and improve their systems, or they can work for a third-party company that provides these services for several clients. Computer systems engineers are also responsible for the maintenance and security of a company’s systems, including protecting the company’s privacy and data.

Computer systems engineers also innovate ideas to improve the functionality of their employers’ systems. They advise and provide updated information to the company’s informational technology departments. They may also advise users directly to help them understand how to use systems efficiently. Computer systems engineers are expected to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or a similar field. Most employers prefer more than five years of system engineering or IT experience.

5. Software developer

National average salary: $104,731 per year

Primary duties: Software developers design and create software programs for a variety of computer systems. Different types of programs require unique programming languages, so many professionals in this career might specialize in a certain coding language. Software developers’ work varies depending on their employer. Some create individual applications and programs for specific purposes, while others create systems that manage devices or networks.

The field is rapidly evolving as technology advances, so software developers are constantly learning and adapting. Most software developers hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. A master’s degree is also valuable in this industry and allows candidates to apply for leadership positions soon after graduation.

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6. Mobile app developer

National average salary: $110,669 per year

Primary duties: Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world. Mobile app developers design and code software for mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. The programs they create are determined by the needs of their specific clients and are frequently available to the public. Mobile app developers also test and perform quality checks on applications before they are published.

Mobile app developers can find work around the world and for a wide variety of employers. Most mobile app developers are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Programming or a related major.

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