12 Types of Sales Management Jobs (With Salaries and Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 14, 2022

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Responsibilities in sales management jobs can vary greatly based on each company and job title. Some sales management jobs allow individuals to work independently, while others require these professionals to work in a team setting with other departments. Knowing the differences between sales management jobs is important when deciding which one to pursue because it can affect your overall job satisfaction. In this article, we explore what a sales management job is, 12 types of sales management jobs and tips to consider when searching for a job in this industry.

What is a sales management job?

A sales management job entails hiring, training and helping a sales team achieve goals within a company. These professionals motivate teams to keep them efficient and effective in their positions. Sales management also involves the creation and oversight of a sales department. Many sales managers also create and implement strategies to increase sales and the overall productivity of their teams.

There are several positions a sales manager can have. Although the job titles may differ, the roles are typically similar and focus on overseeing and supporting the sales force. Examples of duties include establishing goals for a sales team, assessing and reporting on the success of sales strategies and managing the sales force. Specific positions may include other duties and responsibilities based on the requirements for that job.

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12 types of sales management jobs

There are a variety of types of sales management jobs, and here's a list of 12 for you to consider. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

1. Account manager

National average salary: $58,662 per year

Primary duties: Account managers act as a liaison between organizations and consumers. Their primary duty is to work with clients to address their needs. They also work to establish and maintain relationships with clients and have smaller caseloads to ensure each client gets the attention and support they need. These professionals also often coordinate with sales teams to discover new business opportunities.

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2. Inside sales representative

National average salary: $59,075 per year

Primary duties: An inside sales representative is a professional who sells services and products to customers both over the phone, on video calls, via email or in person. Common duties include cold calling potential leads, talking with customers and helping potential customers determine whether the company's products or services are right for them. They also establish and maintain relationships with customers and ensure they're happy with their service or product.

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3. Sales manager

National average salary: $64,956 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers hire sales staff, help them learn how to generate leads and set goals for sales teams. They offer training and guidance to new sales members to ensure they understand their duties. Sales managers may also establish quotas and sales goals in addition to creating and implementing sales plans. These professionals also analyze customer satisfaction metrics and identify ways to improve them.

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4. Sales operations manager

National average salary: $65,699 per year

Primary duties: A sales operations manager works to assess data, processes and research related to the sales process within a company. Common duties include analyzing reports and data related to sales, developing and implementing incentive plans and handling marketing and customer information. Other duties include overseeing the compensation for sales teams and improving overall sales performance.

5. Business development manager

National average salary: $68,144 per year

Primary duties: Business development managers work to generate leads, establish client pricing and analyze sales revenue to support a company's sales force. They help businesses maximize their profits through the development of effective sales plans sales teams implement. They also oversee how successful these strategies are and make adjustments as needed. To help develop strategies, these professionals often are experts in their company's products, market position and competition.

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6. Account executive

National average salary: $68,221 per year

Primary duties: Account executives serve as a point of contact for potential customers and clients. Common duties include generating leads and sales opportunities, keeping the status of customer accounts up-to-date and coordinating customer account activity. They may also oversee the sales cycle from start to finish and look for new sales opportunities.

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7. Sales development representative

National average salary: $69,882 per year

Primary duties: A sales development representative works on creating more lead generations and keeping leads moving through the pipeline. Many sales development representatives focus on searching for leads, cold calling potential leads and working with leads to ensure the product meets their needs and budget. Product knowledge is key for this position because sales development managers often explain products in-depth to their leads.

8. Outside sales representative

National average salary: $82,208 per year

Primary duties: An outside sales representative is a sales professional who typically works outside the office. They meet with potential clients in person to discuss products and services and how they can benefit the customer. Duties include attending events and trade shows to speak with potential clients and maintaining relationships with leads and customers.

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9. Regional sales manager

National average salary: $84,753 per year

Primary duties: A regional sales manager is a professional who develops and implements marketing, sales and financial strategies for their company's stores within their designated territory. Common duties include regularly visiting stores to speak with sales teams, assessing research related to their target market and establishing sales goals. Other duties may include meeting with customers to determine their needs and budget and staying up-to-date on sales-related information.

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10. Director of sales

National average salary: $86,876 per year

Primary duties: A director of sales oversees all sales operations within a company or organization. Common duties include producing sales reports, analyzing and determining sales profits and ensuring teams meet sales targets. Other duties may include creating and executing sales strategies and building strong relationships with potential and current customers.

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11. Vice president of sales

National average salary: $143,645 per year

Primary duties: A vice president of sales, sometimes called a regional vice president, works with area managers to oversee operations in their specific region. They establish goals that align with the company's desired outcomes. They also create strategies that assist sales teams in meeting these goals.

12. Chief sales officer

National average salary: $145,818 per year

Primary duties: A chief sales officer leads an organization's sales teams. They help develop strategies to increase sales growth targets and revenue. Other duties of a chief sales officer include assessing market competitiveness, keeping current on pricing and distribution strategies and overseeing the daily operations of sales teams.

Tips for choosing a sales management position

The following are a few tips to keep in mind when determining which type of sales management position is right for you:

  • Determine which type of sales job interests you. There are a variety of sales management jobs, and each has a different role within a sales team. Understanding what skills and duties each role requires can help you make a more informed choice.

  • Understand the skills you may need to perform the job. Common skills sales managers often have include communication skills, time management skills, leadership skills and problem-solving skills.

  • Prepare for the transition from salesperson to sales manager. There are several differences between a salesperson and a sales manager, and it's important to know these differences before going into management. For example, rather than being part of the sales team, overseeing the team is your primary goal.

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