Indeed Resume Update, Urgently Hiring Employers and Unemployment Checklist: COVID Update Episode 4

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated May 14, 2021 | Published April 29, 2020

Updated May 14, 2021

Published April 29, 2020

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Abbey, Indeed's Director of Social Impact, provides information about how to handle unemployment related to the coronavirus.

We live stream bi-weekly COVID Updates on Indeed’s Facebook Page to provide resources and information on searching for a job during COVID-19.

This week, Abbey Carlton, Indeed's Director of Social Impact, explains how to search for a job in the current climate. She begins by sharing updates from Indeed that may make finding a job during COVID-19 faster and easier. This includes a recent update that allows you to signal to employers that you are ready to work immediately in any position by adding #readytowork on your Indeed Resume. This allows employers to find and contact you about job opportunities that require immediate work. Learn more about adding #readytowork to your Indeed Resume here.

Abbey then lists some urgently hiring employers. You can see the latest updates on urgently hiring employers by checking this article, which is updated weekly.

She also answers some frequently asked questions such as:

“What do I do if I think a job I found on Indeed isn’t real?”
It's unfortunately the case that now, as in many difficult times, bad actors can try to take advantage of the situation. Indeed works proactively to prevent fraudulent jobs from appearing, but it’s important to stay safe and to report any suspected false job to us. This article discusses what to look for and how to report fraudulent jobs.

Next, Abbey provides a checklist and advice on what to do if you are recently unemployed. Additional unemployment and job loss support can be found here.

Abbey concludes the episode by sharing a few inspirational stories from people who were hired within the last week and posted their experience to

If you have questions for next week’s episode, be sure to leave them on Indeed’s Facebook Page or YouTube channel.

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