21 Unique Psychology Jobs You Can Pursue

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 14, 2022

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Psychology is a field of study that focuses on human decisions and behavior. While there are many well-known roles for those with a psychology background, such as a clinical therapist, there are also some lesser-known psychology careers that you can pursue. Knowing more about some of the unique ways you can apply a psychology background to a career may give you more options when looking for jobs and may increase the chances of finding an ideal career for you. In this article, we explore 21 unique psychology jobs that you can pursue.

What are psychology jobs?

Psychology jobs are usually jobs that relate to understanding how an individual's mind functions. This can include therapist jobs or consultant careers that give organizations insight into what a customer may find appealing. Sometimes, a psychology job is any position that uses a college degree in psychology as a qualification.

21 unique psychology jobs

Here are a few unique jobs that you can perform with a degree in psychology. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

1. Law enforcement officer

National average salary: $43,259 per year

Primary duties: Law enforcement officers are responsible for enforcing the law in a particular area. They can work for the city or state as a police officer or at a private area, such as a campus or shopping mall law enforcement officer. Common duties include patrolling a specific area, giving out citations or arresting people who break the law and addressing unexpected challenges in their area.

2. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $45,258 per year

Primary duties: Human resource specialists perform a wide variety of human resource tasks. They can interview candidates for open positions, perform background checks, request and file necessary employee paperwork and hire qualified applicants. Some specialists perform additional duties, such as attending college campuses for recruitment faires or hosting orientation events.

3. Pastor

National average salary: $46,355 per year

Primary duties: Pastors are ordained leaders of a church who give sermons and lead religious ceremonies. They can also manage missionary assignments, conduct outreach and offer spiritual or emotional guidance to members of their church. Psychology graduates may find becoming a pastor an interesting career because they can use psychology principles to help members of their church who are in crisis.

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4. Market research analyst

National average salary: $50,875 per year

Primary duties: Market research analysts gather and assess market and consumer data to help organizations make informed sales decisions. Some duties include monitoring sales trends, conducting market research to determine a product's potential success, creating and analyzing surveys or polls and researching the effectiveness of a competitor's products. They can work exclusively for a particular company or as part of a contracting firm that provides market research services to clients.

5. Victim advocate

National average salary: $50,939 per year

Primary duties: Victim advocates assist victims of a crime in navigating the court system. They can counsel victims or witnesses, help them file protective orders or seek restitution, provide transportation for the victim to court and assist them during court proceedings. Advocates often use psychology principles to provide emotional support and guidance to their clients.

6. Legal research assistant

National average salary: $52,556 per year

Primary duties: Legal research assistants perform research on behalf of a lawyer to help them prepare for court cases. They often collect a client's information, assist the lawyer in obtaining legal documents for a particular case and help draft legal documents. Assistants may also meet with a lawyer's clients and help build a professional relationship.

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7. Sports consultant

National average salary: $56,409 per year

Primary duties: Sports consultants work on the behalf of a sports team or athlete to help improve their overall performance. Psychologists can work as sports consultants by helping athletes overcome performance anxiety, teaching them methods to improve focus and giving them personal psychological insights about how to increase the efficiency of their practice sessions. They can also help athletes recover emotionally from injury or a recent athletic challenge.

8. Digital marketing analyst

National average salary: $57,756 per year

Primary duties: Digital marketing analysts use statistics to help understand and make decisions about a digital marketing campaign. They can monitor marketing trends, track digital campaign information, develop marketing strategies and create visual representations of their analysis. Some employers look for candidates with a background in psychology for digital marketing analysts because they may use an understanding of human behavior to create effective campaign strategies.

9. Lawyer

National average salary: $58,174 per year

Primary duties: Lawyers advise clients about legal matters and potentially represent them in a courtroom. They can meet with clients, research their customer's specific legal problems, create case files and occasionally make legal arguments during a court case. Many psychologists study to become lawyers, possibly because they both relate to human behavior.

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10. Crime analyst

National average salary: $61,543 per year

Primary duties: Crime analysts use data to find patterns that can help law enforcement officers solve crimes. They can digitally map out crimes, research police reports, locate common times or areas for crime and advice law enforcement officers on specific problems. Some crime analysts may also work as law enforcement officers or forensic psychologists.

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11. Human resources manager

National average salary: $69,948 per year

Primary duties: Human resource managers oversee the administrative functions and employee details of an organization. They supervise human resource specialists, meet with company executives about hiring needs, resolve challenges relating to work complaints and manage performance reviews. This position is often a liaison between company leadership and members of other departments.

12. Disaster mental health consultants

National average salary: $70,151 per year

Primary duties: Disaster mental health consultants are part of a disaster recovery team that helps people recover after a natural disaster. These consultants can help provide counseling, obtain resources for victims of disasters and assist in relief efforts. They may also work as consultants for organizations to determine how long to enact specific policies, such as reduced hours or safety precautions.

13. Instructional designer

National average salary: $70,550 per year

Primary duties: Instructional designers create and develop courses and curriculums for educational institutions. They can consult subject experts, evaluate textbooks or learning materials and write training materials. Designers may also supervise or instruct teachers about how to properly implement their courses after designing a curriculum.

14. Diversity and inclusion manager

National average salary: $72,368 per year

Primary duties: Diversity and inclusion managers design company policies that help encourage diversity in the workplace. They can research various diversity and inclusion topics, review company procedures, coordinate with the organization's disability services and create training sessions to help educate about diversity and inclusion. Many diversity and inclusion managers also work with the human resource department to advise about hiring decisions.

15. Business consultant

National average salary: $75,304 per year

Primary duties: Business consultants work short-term for a company to help them achieve their business goals. Consultants can perform assessments of their clients, develop business plans, oversee the implementation of those plans and occasionally help to recruit new candidates for that company. They often use research to study market trends and understand human behavior.

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16. Policy analyst

National average salary: $77,949 per year

Primary duties: Policy analysts help research and develop policies for the government. They can research current policies, write policy proposals and present their findings to government employees or politicians. Analysts may work for government agencies, nonprofit organization, consulting firms or private organizations.

17. Forensic psychologist

National average salary: $82,989 per year

Primary duties: Forensic psychologists apply psychology concepts to the criminal justice system. They can provide therapy to victims, perform assessments of people involved in a criminal or civil case, create psychological profiles for criminals and provide expert witness testimony. There are multiple sub-types of forensic psychologists, such as criminal, juvenile or investigative forensic psychologists.

18. Research scientist

National average salary: $89,119 per year

Primary duties: Research scientists design, perform and analyze laboratory experiments and clinical trials. Common duties include planning experiments, recording the results, creating research papers about the experiments and continuing to research or create new experiments about your topic. Research scientist with experience in psychology often participate in experiments and trials that relate to human behavior or abnormal psychology.

19. Threat assessment manager

National average salary: $93,339 per year

Primary duties: Threat assessment managers oversee a group of threat assessment professionals to protect a company or organization from a variety of potential security risks. They can establish policies for discovering and managing threats, perform research to determine potential threat risks and create procedures that mitigate those risks. As a manager position, threat assessment managers may also need to perform supervisory tasks, such as instructing their team, delegating tasks and giving performance reviews.

20. User researcher

National average salary: $114,625 per year

Primary duties: User researchers, sometimes called UX researchers, determine a company's target users based on statistics and research data. They create research plans, gather information about a product's potential audience, analyze that information using statistics and analytics programs and present the target audience's profiles to their client. Many user researchers work as contractors that help multiple different businesses gain insights about their customers.

21. Pain psychologist

National average salary: $139,330 per year

Primary duties: Pain psychologists are a type of pain management physician that helps clients find strategies to mitigate and function through chronic pain. Some strategies a psychologist may suggest to help cope with pain include relaxation techniques, creating new coping mechanisms and addressing outside factors, such as depression or external stressors. Many pain psychologists also work with other health care practitioners to help create a comprehensive pain plan for their patients.


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