35 Virtual Assistant Companies and the Services They Provide

Updated June 24, 2022

Virtual assistants help small business owners and large companies complete routine tasks and also provide some technical services. It's a staffing solution that can save you time and money with access to highly skilled professionals. You can hire virtual assistants through companies that often handle the tasks of managing your assistant and can help you find the best assistant to fulfill your goals. In this article, we list 35 virtual assistant companies with the services they offer and information about which businesses the company best serves.

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What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who works remotely for a company and usually performs administrative tasks such as bookkeeping or customer support services. Some virtual assistants have technical skills such as design or marketing. These professionals most often work for staffing solutions companies or as independent contractors.

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35 virtual assistant companies

Here are 35 companies that offer virtual assistant services:

1. WoodBows

This virtual assistant company is best for entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate agents. WoodBows offers a variety of services including customer support, website maintenance, lead qualification, social media management and online marketing services.

2. Serve Team

The virtual assistants at Serve Team can optimize your marketing campaigns including lead generation and copywriting services. Serve Team's service package also includes customer support.

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3. Premium Help

This company trains each of its virtual assistants to have special skills so they can help with a variety of business tasks. They also offer data security by using encrypted technology to keep client data private.

4. MyOutDesk

This company serves mostly real estate agents and businesses. They offer a cost-effective solution for real estate tasks such as customer support and copywriting. MyOutDesk also offers security for client data and serves some of the largest businesses in the real estate industry.

5. TheTeamsHub

TheTeamsHub offers services from virtual assistants with many years of experience in the industry and is available whenever needed. Businesses can interview their virtual assistant before hiring. TheTeamsHub is especially skilled in web development.


BELAY matches a virtual assistant with the skills needed, offering services such as travel arrangements, calendar management, social media management, research and marketing support.

7. Prialto

Prialto services business executives by providing a team of professionals including project managers, team members and a primary assistant.

8. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant offers professional and personal services such as event planning or online shopping. They can help with various administrative tasks including photocopying, keeping records, scheduling appointments and filing paperwork. They can also help with basic marketing tasks such as building an email list and writing for email campaigns.

9. Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee offers services such as application development, online marketing, copywriting, website design, graphic design and multimedia animation.

10. Surplus Hands

Surplus Hands can help with a variety of business needs including web development, marketing and administrative services. Their employees can help businesses create web content and complete marketing tasks such as lead generation, customer service and copywriting.

11. Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent serves many businesses and professionals including small business owners, real estate agents and start-up companies. Their virtual assistants perform administrative duties including scheduling, customer service calls, accounting and record-keeping.

12. Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office offers phone services and can operate live chats for companies. Their team can adapt to each company's needs and they offer services at a varying scale.

13. Priority VA

Priority VA hires a team for you and offers virtual assistants training to better provide service to clients. Priority VA gets an assessment of business owners and hires virtual assistants who have the skills the client needs so they offer a wide variety of services such as marketing and web development.

14. Ossisto

Ossisto offers a unique service for problem-solving and can help manage business projects. Their assistants are available 24/7 and they provide service to start-up companies and large corporations.

15. Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker offers services of virtual assistants and has a team of experts. Some of their staff is bilingual, which is useful for companies who may do business internationally. Remote CoWorker also allows clients to interview virtual assistants before signing up for the service.

16. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a service that helps track virtual assistants with software that reports on the assistant's online activities. Time Doctor also includes a payroll application allowing you to pay your virtual assistant through this service.

17. Worldwide 101

Worldwide 101 offers services of marketing and administrative professionals and a second assistant so that you have access to a virtual assistant at all times and in many languages. They use software that allows clients to track the progress of their assistant which offers security and accountability.

18. Connect Center

Connect Center offers access to a virtual assistant 24/7. Connect Center also supervises virtual assistants closely to ensure quality work as well as providing daily progress reports to their clients.

19. My Tasker

My Tasker works with entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world to help expand their businesses. They offer services such as telemarketing, research, copywriting and transcription. My Tasker also offers services from web developers to build or maintain a company website.

20. Get Friday

Get Friday can help with personal tasks such as booking flights, making travel plans and managing your email correspondence. Get Friday also offers technical services such as web design, accounting and digital marketing.

21. Magic

Magic provides help instantly to a client with artificial intelligence and can assign up to 15 virtual assistants to join your team. The AI can perform routine tasks while a virtual assistant can perform technical tasks for your company.

22. Ardem Incorporated

Ardem Incorporated specializes in data entry. They train virtual assistants to have skills for speed typing, research and problem-solving. They also offer services such as taking inbound calls to aid customer support.

23. Elite Virtual Assistants

This company offers professional services such as virtual assistants, legal assistants, digital marketing specialists and web designers. They allow clients to interview and choose a virtual assistant or other professional to join their team. Their services range from bookkeeping to developing high-performing marketing campaigns.

24. Virtalent

Virtalent designs their services for small business owners and many of the virtual assistants who work for Virtalent have 15 years of experience or more and are highly skilled.

25. MYVA360

With MYVA360, you can outsource any task and it is likely they have a virtual assistant who can help. The virtual assistants available for hire through MYVA360 have a college education and the company can help match a virtual assistant with your company, which eliminates the need for interviews.

26. TaskBullet

TaskBullet provides service from virtual assistants who receive both technical training and training for soft skills such as time management and communication. Virtual assistants and project managers at TaskBullet adjust their schedules to work with the client in personalized service.

27. UAssist.Me

UAssist.Me offers help in administrative duties in many industries, which helps hire professionals who understand your business better. UAssist.Me ensures all its employees have a workstation to help limit technical difficulties. Their virtual assistants can also help with web design and social media management.

28. Premier Veba

Premier Veba offers services from three professional teams including an executive team, creatives and a technical team. This allows them to offer management, content development and administrative services. They offer free consultations before you sign up for the service and learn about your business so they can craft a personalized service for your company.

29. Duext

Duext specializes in recruiting and training talent for businesses. They offer a variety of services including design, copywriting and SEO optimization. Virtual assistants who perform administrative tasks such as data entry, customer support and bookkeeping are also available to hire through Duext.

30. Upwork

Upwork is a platform that helps businesses hire freelancers in various industries. Through Upwork, a business can find professionals for content creation, or web developers to create a website. Freelancers on Upwork set their own rates and Upwork offers secure payment options.

31. Work Better Now

At Work Better Now, virtual assistants have the training to use common office software applications and some of their employees specialize in design software or accounting software. This company helps businesses hire full-time virtual assistants to perform tasks such as accounting, data entry, scheduling and customer support services.

32. Hello Rache

Hello Rache operates in the medical industry and helps professionals such as doctors and hospital executives find virtual assistants. The employees at Hello Rache receive training for medical terminology and keeping records for medical files. Their virtual assistants can perform medical coding, manage email, schedule appointments and file patient records.

33. Virtual Latinos

Virtual Latinos hires bilingual assistants to help businesses improve their customer service. Their virtual assistants speak both English and Spanish fluently. Their services include administrative tasks and marketing expertise, such as content creation and lead generation.

34. Time Etc

Time Etc helps entrepreneurs find professionals to handle administrative tasks. Their platform gives businesses access to U.S. workers who verify their skills with tests to prove proficiency.

35. Arup Virtual Assistant

Arup Virtual Assistant employees receive specialized training to perform market research, design content and handle administrative support tasks including social media management, bookkeeping and customer support services.

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