19 Jobs in Communication Studies

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated May 6, 2021 | Published January 22, 2021

Updated May 6, 2021

Published January 22, 2021

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If you are interested in communication studies, it helps to know what kinds of jobs are available to you. Communications jobs range broadly over several sectors, so the possibilities are endless. In this article, we'll explore common job sectors for communication studies majors and jobs within them.

What are communications studies jobs?

Communication professionals ensure that an organization's message is communicated clearly to the right people. Great communication is needed across all industries to sell products to consumers; build relationships with customers, clients, employees and investors; and to ensure both stakeholders and the public hold a positive image of the organization.

Communications jobs in media

Working in media can be rewarding if one enjoys fast-paced environments or having the spotlight on them. Among the jobs for communication studies in media are:

1. Journalist

National Average Salary: $35,461 per year

Primary duties: Journalists research, extract and gather information about their subjects to develop compelling content for web, print and television. Fact-finding, writing and video production are a daily part of their jobs.

2. News anchor

National Average Salary: $38,979 per year

Primary Duties: A news anchor is responsible for daily newscasts and segments, both producing and reporting. They report live and breaking news stories on-air, online and on social media channels; participate in community functions; and make public appearances

3. Web content editor

National Average Salary: $56,328 per year

Primary duties: Web content editors plan, create, edit and publish a variety of web-based media for an organization. They work with internal and external stakeholders to produce interesting, click-attracting content.

4. Advertising sales representative

National average salary: $53,460 per year

Primary Duties: Advertising sales representative prospect clients, place cold calls and build client relationships to close advertising deals and generate ad revenue for a media outlet. They may also work with outside agencies to build marketing plans on behalf of their clientele. This can include messaging and creative executions for the client.

Communications jobs in marketing

Marketing jobs are rewarding for those who like to drive sales and other organizational goals with creative messaging and consumer insight.

1. Social media manager

National average salary: $44,288 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers handle the day-to-day and overarching social media concerns and promotions for an organization. Their duties may include daily content development and posting, campaign management, curation of collateral and web community development. Social media managers may also be responsible for paid campaigns, including buying ads and developing effective creative.

2. Copywriter

National average salary: $62,352 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters produce engaging, interesting content according to standards set forth by the organization. Their jobs include researching, writing, editing and posting content while adhering to a brand's style and voice.

3. Brand manager

National Average Salary: $70,464 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers are responsible for placing organizational messages in the public's mind. They oversee the development of campaigns, including advertising, promotion and public relations that rely on precise communication. They analyze data on both the public and competitors to determine things like product price, positioning and promotional strategies.

4. Sales representative

National Average Salary: $64,227 per year

Primary duties: Sales professionals use their enlightened communications skills to generate revenue for an organization. Their duties often include finding potential customers, cold calling, holding meetings, preparing presentations, creating proposals and closing deals. Communication is key to developing and maintaining personal relationships with customers, so sales can be a lucrative choice for communication studies.

Communications jobs in public relations

Public relations professionals act as the public face of a business to ensure a positive public image. Maintaining that image with the press and public is important when attracting customers, employees and investors.

1. Event planner

National average salary: $50,744 per year

Primary duties: Event planners conceive, plan, coordinate and execute live events for businesses. These can be internal events, such as conferences and retreats, or external events, such as parties or contests. Event planners work with venues, vendors and staff to ensure every detail of an event is flawless. They work with marketing teams and public relations to publicize events when appropriate and make sure all signage and messaging are on-brand.

2. Publicist

National average salary: $52,346 per year

Primary duties: Publicists actively pursue media placement for organizational messages. This can include connecting with reporters and producers, pursuing media placements and coordinating interviews. Publicists may also write press releases and content pieces for distribution.

3. Public relations manager

National Average Salary: $59,779 per year

Primary duties: Public Relations Managers oversee an organization's day-to-day and overarching PR strategies. This includes creating engaging content about the organization, creating and distributing press releases, building and updating media lists and databases and responding to media requests. It can also include preparing members of the organization to interact with the media and public.

4. Media relations manager

National average salary: $74,507 per year

Primary duties: Media relations managers work in high-profile organizations that are often in the news. They monitor press coverage about the business, build relationships with media outlets and coordinate responses and statements on behalf of the organization.

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Communications jobs in human resources

If you enjoy working with people, human resources may be a great option. Human resource professionals communicate within the organization and externally to drive goals related to the workforce.

1. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $47,417 per year

Primary duties: Human resource specialists oversee the communication-intensive functions within organizations from recruitment to employment and beyond. They ensure that company policies are communicated effectively and have face-to-face interactions with staff daily. They can deliver presentations, create employee manuals, compose content for social media and produce literature for recruitment.

2. Recruiting specialist

National average salary: $48,539 per year

Primary duties: Organizations look to recruiting specialists to attract potential talent. They do this by positioning the business as a great place to work. This can include drafting job descriptions, placing employment ads, creating social media content and maintaining the careers section on the company website. This position can also include attending job fairs and events.

3. Training specialist

National average salary: $64,517 per year

Primary duties: Training specialists communicate company-wide and one-on-one with staff to ensure they learn the skills and procedures needed to effectively do their jobs. Trainers prepare materials, give presentations, write manuals and design courses for new and existing employees. They may also record video training for onboarding new recruits and monitor new developments in procedures or practices that affect their materials.

4. Internal communications manager

National average salary: $71,745 per year

Primary duties: In large organizations, internal communications managers work to ensure that everyone within the company receives the right messages from leadership and other departments. They oversee company intranets, newsletters, handbooks and other communications that are internal-facing.

Other jobs in communication studies

If you are looking for something nontraditional that still utilizes communication studies, consider one of these three exciting careers.

1. Translator and Interpreter

National average salary: $43,037 per year

Primary duties: Translators and interpreters communicate person-to-person and en-masse messages that come to them in a foreign language. Their jobs can include handling special international projects and translating memos and letters. They may also use their knowledge of language and culture to suggest methods to update, simplify and enhance communications to better serve foreign language speaking clients and staff.

2. Language arts teacher

National average salary: $47,982 per year

Primary duties: Language arts teachers teach the English language to secondary or postsecondary students. They prepare lesson plans, teach virtual or in-person classes, evaluate assignments and work one-on-one with students and parents. Language arts teachers often plan creative projects and outings for their students and may be responsible for preparing them for standardized tests.

3. Real estate agent

National average salary: $82,495 per year

Primary duties: Real estate agents use communications skills to interact with home buyers, sellers and each other. They need an entrepreneurial mindset and an eye for market trends to secure clients, list homes, negotiate prices and close deals.

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