19 Jobs You Can Do With a Strategic MBA Degree

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 30, 2021

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An advanced business degree may offer opportunities for you to begin a fulfilling role within a company or organization. Pursing a master's of business administration (MBA) in strategy can help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the business world. Understanding potential career options for strategic MBA graduates can help you decide if this graduate degree matches your preferences and goals. In this article, we describe a strategic MBA degree and list 19 potential careers for degree holders to help you select an engaging and relevant career.

What is a strategic MBA degree?

A strategic MBA degree marks the completion of a master's degree program that focuses on business strategy. Unlike other master's of business administration programs, a strategy degree doesn't focus on one particular area of business, like human resources or finance. Instead, a strategic MBA degree focuses on strategic planning and implementation across specialties.

This instruction may require generalized education in many aspects of a business. It may also require more focused strategy education. Successfully completing this degree program may prepare students for careers in business management, operations, strategy or analysis. The degree's focus on general business practice may also give students the skills and training to pursue careers in other specialized areas like human resources.

What can you do with a strategic MBA degree?

Here are 19 jobs you can do with a strategic MBA degree. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $49,065 per year

Primary duties: A human resources specialist is responsible for hiring qualified candidates to fill a business' open roles and supporting current and new employees. They may do this by recruiting, screening and interviewing potential employees. They may also handle training and employee onboarding. To support employees, a human resources specialist may manage compensation, benefits and employee retention or answer any questions or concerns.

2. Advertising manager

National average salary: $51,942 per year

Primary duties: An advertising manager is responsible for overseeing the successful completion of advertising campaigns. Working with sales staff and content creators, an advertising manager may develop ad concepts to help clients reach sales or growth goals. They may delegate responsibilities, set projects goals and manage the work of team members. They may also maintain communication with clients to ensure satisfaction.

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3. General manager

National average salary: $54,465 per year

Primary duties: A general manager oversees the daily operation of a business, department or location. Working in various industries and fields, a general manager may complete any tasks necessary to ensure the success of the business. This can include developing strategic goals, creating policies, maintaining budgets and managing employees.

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4. Research analyst

National average salary: $58,837 per year

Primary duties: A research analyst is responsible for examining, analyzing and validating a business' data to draw meaningful conclusions. They may perform analytical or statistical models to find relevant patterns in financial data, customer experience ratings or other performance measures. These patterns can reveal opportunities for the business to improve performance or implement new goals and strategies.

5. Marketing manager

National average salary: $62,950 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing the promotion and positioning of a brand and its products. They may develop and direct the implementation of marketing campaigns intended to attract new customers, raise brand awareness or promote a new product or service. These campaigns can include social media, product promotions, advertising or other customer communications. Using business performance data and market analysis, a marketing manager may create strategic plans to help brands reach goals through effective targeting of the most beneficial audiences.

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6. Operations manager

National average salary: $63,538 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager is responsible for maintaining or increasing the efficiency of a business as it produces goods or services. They may do this by supervising, hiring or training employees, managing quality assurance and creating strategies to improve a business' processes. Understanding a business' operational processes can help an operations manager develop and implement strategies for business success.

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7. Business development analyst

National average salary: $69,104 per year

Primary duties: A business development analyst is responsible for optimizing business processes to increase revenue. They may evaluate business operations and financial performance, research sales opportunities and develop strategies to help a business grow. This position may involve a data-supported understanding of current business practices and an ability to develop effective, achievable improvement strategies.

8. Investment analyst

National average salary: $70,507 per year

Primary duties: An investment analyst collects and analyzes data surrounding stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, including performance and profit from each. This analysis can help them develop strategies or recommendations for a business' future investments and other financial decisions. Investment analysts often specialize in a particular field, industry, asset type or location to grow expertise.

9. Sales manager

National average salary: $71,987 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager is responsible for directing an organization's sales team. They may recruit, hire and train new sales staff to help an organization increase revenue. They may also analyze sales data to set sales goals, develop training programs and create policies for improved sales performance.

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10. Business analyst

National average salary: $73,967 per year

Primary duties: A business analyst is responsible for analyzing all aspects of a company's performance and developing strategies to help it reach its goals. They can do this by conducting research into customer experience, employee performance, profit, growth and other relevant metrics. The data gathered from this research can then influence solutions and improvement strategies. A business analyst may also help implement new policies or strategies.

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11. Management consultant

National average salary: $74,216 per year

Primary duties: A management consultant is responsible for helping an organization's leadership improve to help a business succeed. They may provide counsel, advice or expertise in areas like mergers, digital transformation, finance, or reorganization. A management consultant can provide expertise and resources to help an organization's leadership team make the most effective decisions and develop the most influential policies.

12. Director of human resources

National average salary: $91,480 per year

Primary duties: A director of human resources is responsible for leading an organization's human resources department. This may involve creating policies, overseeing employee performance and analyzing the effectiveness of current strategies. A human resources director may ensure that an organization meets legal compliance standards for things like employee vacations or pay. They may also analyze the ways that an organization is articulating its mission and offer strategies for improving the organization's internal culture.

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13. Strategy manager

National average salary: $92,856 per year

Primary duties: A strategy manager establishes strategies for business success. They may oversee the development of policies to help a business grow or increase stability while minimizing risk. This role may require a strong understanding of current policies and strategies and their effectiveness. It may also require an understanding of a business' desired trajectory.

14. Finance manager

National average salary: $95,681 per year

Primary duties: A finance manager is responsible for the financial performance of an organization. They may perform data analysis to advise a business' leadership on ways to maximize profit. This can involve creating financial reports, directing investments and developing long and short-term financial goals.

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15. Product manager

National average salary: $95,855 per year

Primary duties: A product manager is responsible for overseeing product planning and marketing. This may involve leading the product development and promotion process, including identifying customer needs, brainstorming features and benefits, defining a product vision and collaborating with development professionals to create a successful product. A project manager may also develop strategies to connect products with a business' visions and goals for the future.

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16. CEO (chief executive officer)

National average salary: $115,875 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for managing the operations of a company. They may develop goals for the company and create strategies to reach them. These goals can include short-term goals, like increasing profit, or long-term goals, like seeking acquisition. As a leader of a company's board of executives, a CEO may share their vision for the company and manage the performance of other executives.

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17. Corporate strategy manager

National average salary: $116,883 per year

Primary duties: A corporate strategy manager, or chief strategy manager, is responsible for leading the development of strategies to meet a company's goals. Similar to a strategy manager, this executive-level role requires analysis of current policies and the development of plans to improve them. The difference between the two roles is that as a member of the company's executive board, a corporate strategy manager may take on additional roles and responsibilities to make decisions about the company's future. For example, they may vote on new policies or initiatives.

18. COO (chief operating officer)

National average salary: $121,822 per year

Primary duties: A chief operating officer (COO) is a senior executive who is responsible for overseeing all administrative and operational functions of a business. They may create procedures, structures and policies to maximize the efficiency of operations. They may also develop quality controls or reporting practices for issues or concerns. Often working with the company's CEO, a COO may guide the performance of executives and other employees.

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19. CCO (chief compliance officer)

National average salary: $122,675 per year

Primary duties: A chief compliance officer, or CCO, is responsible for overseeing a company's compliance with laws and regulations. They may design processes and strategies to guarantee that a company meets all necessary laws. They may also monitor these strategies and update them to meet evolving regulations and standards. This position can require a strong understanding of legal requirements and an ability to meet standards while maintaining productivity. Additionally, as a member of a company's executive board, a CCO can work with other executives to guide a company's vision for the future.

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