What Does a Mobile Patrol Security Professional Do?

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 6, 2022

If you're interested in a security position, you may consider working as a mobile patrol security professional. This type of position involves working in the field and can be an exciting opportunity to gain security experience. Learning about this position may help you decide if it's a good fit for you.

In this article, we discuss what these professionals do daily, describe some of their key skills and give information about their average salaries.

What is a mobile patrol security professional?

A mobile patrol security professional is someone who provides security for businesses and individuals at their homes, businesses or other locations. The job requires high attention to detail and the ability to analyze and respond to security threats. Mobile patrol security professionals are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all people and property their employer assigns them to protect. They serve as a defense against all types of crime including theft, assault or other unlawful acts.

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What does mobile patrol security do?

Here is a detailed description of the types of daily responsibilities that mobile patrol security personnel perform:

Analyzing security threats

Mobile patrol security professionals may spend much of their time analyzing various security risks and determining the proper response actions. Here is a list of duties that involve analyzing security threats:

  • Monitoring security systems: These professionals may use live camera systems and motion detection systems to monitor the activity at the location they are protecting. They may sit in an office with camera displays or have access to the security systems on a mobile device as they work in other locations.

  • Patrolling: They may conduct security patrols to observe any suspicious activity. These patrols follow a specific path or may differ depending on where people are on the premises.

  • Communicating with people: To properly analyze specific security threats, these professionals may confer with other people about their observations, such as to get witness statements.

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Protecting property and people from crime or other threats

Mobile patrol security professionals may be responsible for protecting property and people from theft, assault or other dangers. Here is a list of daily tasks that involve guarding people and property against harm or destruction:

  • Responding to incidents: Mobile patrol analysts may respond to any acts that appear as a threat to their employers, employees or any third-party individual on the property.

  • Enforcing policies and procedures: These professionals may monitor adherence to all security policies and procedures at the companies they serve, such as access control procedures.

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Maintaining vehicles, equipment and facilities

Mobile patrol is often a 24-hour service, so these professionals plan to act quickly when problems or other incidents occur. They also make sure that their equipment is up to date on maintenance requirements. Some of these daily responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating effectiveness: Mobile patrol professionals may evaluate the effectiveness of security systems and their own performance.

  • Repairing equipment: Mobile patrol professionals must be able to work on their employer's equipment, such as vehicles and cameras. They also may have to repair broken or malfunctioning equipment themselves.

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Establishing security measures

Mobile security patrol professionals are responsible for establishing security measures to protect the property of their employers and the people on the property. They are often called on to install and repair various devices. Some of the daily duties they perform include:

  • Installing security systems: These professionals may be responsible for installing surveillance systems and other types of security devices at clients' locations.

  • Reporting conditions: Mobile patrol security professionals are also in charge of reporting any irregularities with the installed products to ensure that the systems are functioning properly at all times.

  • Purchasing equipment: To ensure there are adequate security measures, these professionals may purchase additional cameras, motion-detecting systems and other equipment. They may bill these items to their employer or client.

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Mobile patrol security skills

Here is a list of some skills that mobile patrol security professionals often possess:

  • Software and hardware use: Mobile patrol security professionals often use security systems, cameras and other types of technology to monitor their employers' property and the surrounding area. They may also program basic security systems, such as automatically timing camera movements.

  • Physical fitness: Mobile patrol professionals must be able to handle the physical demands of their jobs, so they work out regularly to stay fit physically. They may have to regularly walk different paths or travel between various locations while they work and use physical defense tactics to help diminish threats.

  • Critical thinking: These professionals think critically about their jobs and can quickly determine how to respond to an incident or situation. They are often able to quickly analyze possible outcomes and make efficient decisions that minimize safety threats.

  • First aid: First aid training is helpful for these professionals, especially in the event of an injured person at their employer's location. These professionals can often help to administer first aid while they wait for emergency medical services or until other security personnel arrive to provide additional support.

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Mobile patrol security salary and job outlook

Though there is no specific data on the salary of mobile patrol security professionals, the average salary of security guards is $34,944 per year. Your salary in this type of role may depend on your experience, skills and employer. For example, if you have police or military experience, this may help you negotiate a higher salary. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for security guards is likely to increase by 15% by 2030.

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