16 Work-From-Home Jobs for Beginners

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 17, 2021

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With the recent rise of remote work possibilities on the job market that's taken place over the past two decades, work-from-home jobs have become more accessible to a wide range of professionals. Even with limited experience, there are numerous remote work opportunities available to candidates across various industries, such as customer service, sales, education and more. If you're a novice professional seeking a work-from-home job, you may be able to find a compelling entry-level role that suits your needs. In this article, we outline what work-from-home jobs for beginners are and discuss 16 opportunities to consider as you conduct your search.

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What are work-from-home jobs for beginners?

Work-from-home jobs for beginners are remote roles that candidates can secure with limited professional experience. Most work-from-home jobs for beginners are entry-level career options in which candidates can build their professional experience and develop their skills within a particular industry. These jobs may be ideal for candidates making a shift in their career, entering a new industry for the first time or those who have little professional experience overall.

Typically, professionals perform work-from-home jobs using a computer or other device within their own residence. This type of work environment has become highly sought after as it allows for increased scheduling flexibility, decreased commute time and, for some, improved productivity due to fewer distractions. Even further, with all the advances the technology industry has made over the past two decades to introduce effective telecommuting and videoconferencing software, working from home has become more streamlined than ever before. Therefore, work-from-home jobs have become increasingly common across various sectors and experience levels.

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16 work-from-home jobs for beginners

There are work-from-home jobs for beginners within various industries, and many of these roles are similar to entry-level in-person positions. Here are 17 work-from-home jobs for beginners to consider as you conduct your search for your new career:

1. Call center representative

National average salary: $30,131 per year

Primary duties: Call center representatives manage inbound and outbound calls from customers who need assistance. They may mitigate concerns, research issues, identify customers' needs and provide assistance. In addition, they may be responsible for selling products or services. These professionals can work for a wide array of organizations and businesses.

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2. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $32,529 per year

Primary duties: Data entry clerks manage and update databases by entering new and updated figures. They may be responsible for compiling and sorting information, identifying data priorities, processing customer and account reports and performing data audits to ensure the accuracy of the systems they use.

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3. Photo editor

National average salary: $38,248 per year

Primary duties: Photo editors work alongside photographers and other content creators. They typically review photos, select the strongest ones, use editing software to make the photo visually appealing and publish the edited photos for promotional purposes. These professionals may work for digital content outlets or as a part of a social media team.

4. Transcriptionist

National average salary: $38,428 per year

Primary duties: Transcriptionists convert audio recordings into text descriptions that can be easily read. They may work with pure audio or video, depending on their specific role. Most transcriptionists convert recordings from meetings, conferences, conversations, interviews or online content that requires closed captioning.

5. Telemarketer

National average salary: $40,966 per year

Primary duties: Telemarketers are sales professionals who call potential customers using telephones and automatic dialing equipment. They typically employ a script to influence consumers to buy a brand's products or services. Telemarketers also answer consumer questions, provide information about products, discuss pricing and manage orders.

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6. Moderator

National average salary: $45,426 per year

Primary duties: Content moderators work for various social networking and user-focused websites. They are responsible for reviewing and maintaining user-generated content submitted to a specific platform to ensure that the content is relevant, safe and doesn't detail any illegal information. In most cases, content moderators must also verify users and analyze user reports when evaluating the success of their efforts.

7. Translator

National average salary: $45,865 per year

Primary duties: Translators convert written text from one language to another to ease communication activities. They may work specifically with books, magazines, newspapers, business documents, medical documents, legal documents, scientific materials and other texts that their clients need help understanding. A major part of a translator's role is to maintain the original meaning of a text and relay it in another language.

8. Travel consultant

National average salary: $46,205 per year

Primary duties: Travel consultants work with clients to book and confirm travel arrangements for work and leisure trips to domestic and international locations. They may coordinate hotel accommodations, plane tickets, rental cars, restaurant reservations, excursions and other arrangements as needed. Travel consultants typically present a variety of options to meet a client's needs, follow client decisions and handle the logistical elements of their travel.

9. Customer service representative

National average salary: $47,477 per year

Primary duties: Customer service representatives are responsible for handling the complaints, concerns and questions customers present about products and services. A major part of a customer service representative's role is to troubleshoot problems and identify creative solutions to help maintain customer satisfaction. They may also help customers place orders and process returns or exchanges for products.

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10. Game tester

National average salary: $54,130 per year

Primary duties: Game testers work within the video game industry. They are typically responsible for playing a game, finishing all stages and evaluating the game's features as they play. They may also test extensions, modifications and other additions as needed. Through these activities, game testers can detect glitches in the game and provide feedback to developers so that they can improve their product before releasing it.

11. Proofreader

National average salary: $54,225 per year

Primary duties: Proofreaders are responsible for reviewing written copy, identifying any errors and correcting them to maintain readability and accuracy. They may check for spelling, grammatical problems, syntax issues or other items to ensure that the copy is error-free. Proofreaders can work in a variety of industries, like marketing, journalism, education and more.

12. Tutor

National average salary: $54,752 per year

Primary duties: Tutors are educational professionals who consult with their clients one-on-one and advise them about specific academic needs. They may be responsible for helping clients reach particular goals in their academic performance, such as a high standardized test score or an improved grade in a course. Tutors can specialize in a single content area or work as generalists covering various subjects.

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13. ESL teacher

National average salary: $55,418 per year

Primary duties: English as a second language (ESL) teachers are educational professionals who work with non-native English speakers. The goal of their work is to teach their students how to speak, write and learn in the English language. ESL teachers may work with populations who speak a specific first language, such as Spanish, or those who speak various languages.

14. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $57,409 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants are administrative professionals who schedule appointments, coordinate travel arrangements, manage emails, take phone calls and more. These professionals typically have a deep understanding of technological tools, as they must use them to complete their day-to-day duties. They may work in a variety of industries and can work on a freelance basis for multiple employers at once.

15. Writer

National average salary: $61,707 per year

Primary duties: Writers are creative professionals who generate readable, error-free copy for various industries. They may work on a freelance basis or as standard employees. These professionals may specialize in writing content for a certain industry or work across various fields. Many writers are also responsible for researching content, understanding complex ideas and translating those ideas into intelligible formats.

16. Sales representative

National average salary: $65,294 per year

Primary duties: Sales representatives work for businesses and sell products or services by identifying prospective customers, educating them and providing support throughout the buying process. Many sales representatives perform cost-benefit analyses as a part of their strategic efforts, but others may focus on building relationships with their prospects to encourage purchases.

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