24 Companies That Hire for Remote Sales Positions

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated March 11, 2021 | Published January 13, 2021

Updated March 11, 2021

Published January 13, 2021

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Working from home in a sales position is ideal for people that are passionate, charismatic and goal-oriented. If you have the soft skills to sell products to customers and the discipline to manage your own schedule working from a home office, you can start building a satisfying career by searching for companies that employ remote salespeople. Once you find a position at a company that you believe in, you'll be able to enjoy the positive work-life balance of a remote job while channeling your ambition to increase your earning power through a competitive salary or sales commission.

In this article, we share a few of the top businesses that offer at-home sales positions that you can explore during your job search.

How can you find work from home sales jobs?

Many companies that make sales over the phone or online hire sales representatives to work from home researching leads and calling them. You can find companies that hire remote sales representatives and related positions by searching job boards or looking browsing the careers section on webpages of companies that interest you. Even positions that aren't actively advertised as remote may have the option for you to work from home if you're a strong candidate. Using keywords like "at home," "remote," "telework" and "telecommute" when searching for jobs online can help you find companies that actively recruit employees who work from home.

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24 companies with remote sales jobs

Here are some of the businesses that hire remote employees for sales roles:

1. Concentrix

Concentrix provides digital business and technology services that help companies improve their operations, and they regularly hire remote sales and service representatives to promote their services. Instead of using call centers, Concentrix routes calls from clients to remote salespeople at their home office. Sales and service reps for Concentrix use customer support to encourage clients to renew their contracts or try new services. They hire remote employees in 35 states and require a high school diploma or GED and at least a year of sales and customer service experience.

2. Cali Bamboo

Sales representatives at Cali Bamboo educate customers about their environmentally sustainable bamboo products and building materials. Cali Bamboo provides their at-home sales representatives with contact information for qualified leads that they can use to initiate a sale. They do require a bachelor's degree to be considered, but they provide on-the-job training for people with no sales experience. Cali Bamboo sales representatives have the opportunity to earn uncapped commissions on their sales and renewals.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce provides customer relationship management software tools to businesses to help them manage their own sales, but they also hire remote employees for internal sales positions to manage B2B accounts. Salesforce hires at-home sales professionals for a range of positions, from account executives that manage high-value contracts to administrators and sales consultants. If you're interested in a sales role at Salesforce, you should have some basic experience in software so you can educate customers, answer questions and upsell services.

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4. FlashBanc

FlashBanc is a financial services company that provides clients with features like POS systems and credit card processing interfaces. Sales partners are responsible for researching potential clients and contacting them about the benefits of updating their technology through FlashBanc. These remote roles are completely flexible, so you can create your own schedule and decide when you want to work. FlashBanc prioritizes applicants with experience in sales and customer service and a desire to learn about B2B sales. They also hire more experienced candidates as sales consultants and sales managers.

5. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a platform that connects independent work-from-home contractors with companies in need of sales and customer service representatives. When you sign up for the Working Solutions platform, you take multiple skill assessments to determine your qualifications. After approval, Working Solutions connects you with programs that match your experience and interest. Agents can work for multiple programs depending on the hours they want to work. To qualify, you need to have a workstation that meets Working Solutions' requirements for a home office.

6. The Hartford

The Hartford is an insurance provider that hires remote call center agents to educate customers about their insurance options. People with a background in sales and a high school diploma can qualify for their sales positions, which start you off with 12 weeks of paid training to secure your Property and Casualty Personal Lines certification. These positions involve accepting incoming calls from interested customers and reaching out to sales leads. They hire in 19 states and require all remote employees to have high-speed broadband internet.

7. HSN.com

The Home Shopping Network guides its customers through the ordering process by hiring work-from-home sales agents. They hire both part-time and full-time positions for remote candidates that live in Florida. As a customer order specialist at HSN.com, you'll help customers by confirming their order, talking to them about their shopping needs, suggesting related products they might enjoy and accepting their payment and delivery information.

8. NICE inContact

NICE inContact is a B2B technology company with a robust work-from-home sales force. They regularly hire sales professionals at all levels of experience, from beginner sales representatives to senior account managers and district sales managers. If you want a remote sales job with opportunities for growth and advancement, NICE inContact is a great company to consider. The NICE inContact sales team collaborates closely with technical support employees to renew contracts and identify which additional products could help clients.

9. Dell

Computer giant Dell is known for having a large at-home team to manage their business operations, including sales representatives and managers. Proven sales experience can qualify you for many remote positions at Dell that revolve around technology sales for both businesses and individuals.

10. GrubHub

The food delivery company GrubHub regularly hires sales representatives interested in working from home to call restaurants and sign them up for the GrubHub platform. As a remote inside sales representative, you'll discuss how GrubHub can bring increased businesses to affiliated restaurants and help other business owners sign up for an account.

11. QVC

QVC is an online shopping center where customers can buy a range of necessities and leisure items. They integrate sales and customer service into the customer service specialist role, where you can remotely help customers with their accounts, educate them about product features and sell items for a range of popular brands. QVC primarily hires full-time employees to work 40 hours per week, but there are some part-time sales roles available.

12. American Express

The credit card company American Express regularly hires employees who want to work from home providing customer support and signing up sales leads for new cards, accounts and financial services. As a home-based support and sales employee, you'll help customers with their accounts, document interactions and use relationship-building techniques to sell financial products to customers. They hire remote customer care employees across the United States and also have some managerial and executive-level sales positions where you can work from home.

13. Cruise.com

Working from home for Cruise.com involves selling travel insurance, cruises and vacation packages to people interested in traveling. Cruise sales agents must have at least two years of experience selling products for cruise lines, with special consideration given to clients that have worked in a call center. You'll be making sales over the phone and emails to earn base pay, commission and other tiered incentives based on performance.

14. Enterprise

Enterprise Holdings, known commonly as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, hires sales agents to work from home booking vehicle rental reservations. They can expect to handle between 80 to 100 incoming calls daily to answer questions about car rental and suggest the appropriate rental agreement and add-ons to meet a customer's needs. These jobs do not involve cold-calling, so you'll primarily interact with customers that already want to make a purchase.

15. Extended Presence

Extended Presence is a company made up of sales professionals who provide outsourced tech sales services to other companies. Inside sales associates at Extended Presence research prospects, set appointments for other sales representatives and communicate with clients on either a part-time or full-time basis. They hire nationwide for qualified applicants with a year or more of direct sales experience and offer hourly pay plus bonuses and commission for generating leads and meeting sales goals.

16. Sykes

Sykes is a large customer care provider that helps companies with digital marketing, direct sales, AI chat service and other tech tools. They hire a sales representative to provide on-demand sales support for a range of clients that need assistance with customer outreach. The roles ate entirely remote, but interested candidates should live within driving distance of one of their physical office locations to pick up their equipment for working virtually.

17. Nestle

Nestle is a large bottled water company in North America and they hire online sales representatives to remotely communicate with sales leads about making purchases. Sales reps at Nestle accept incoming calls from interested customers, communicate with them about their orders and arrange for home or office delivery. Most of these roles are full-time with a competitive base salary and generous bonus opportunities for representatives that meet their monthly sales goals.

18. Liberty Mutual

If you're interested in insurance sales as a career, Liberty Mutual offers competitive pay, uncapped commission and a generous signing bonus for many of their at-home sales jobs. They have remote jobs in 16 states where qualified candidates with at least a year of experience in customer service and sales can get started with 12 weeks of paid onboarding, sales training and insurance licensing.

19. PayJunction

PayJunction is an expanding company that provides contactless payment processing and other transaction support for merchants and retailers. They hire both inside and outside sales representatives to work from home advertising their services and providing basic customer support. If you live in California, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota or Colorado and have previous sales experience, you may qualify.

20. Aon

Remote representatives at Aon sell their suite of professional services including retirement, healthcare and insurance offerings. They communicate with brokers to manage customer accounts and connect customers with the products they need. You can apply for entry-level roles or sales manager positions that require several years of sales experience and a bachelor's degree.

21. LaunchBoom

If you're interested in crowdfunding, a career as a remote sales representative at LaunchBoom may be right for you. You'll search for leads, identify opportunities for deals and help LaunchBoom with the introduction of new digital products. They hire candidates with two years in a customer-facing role with extra consideration given to those with B2B sales experience.

22. Oracle

Oracle hires sales consultants in several departments to assist with software sales, customer support and more. They have multiple tiers of sales support to manage different-sized client accounts, ranging from basic inbound sales calls to complex sales strategy development.

23. Zocdoc

Zocdoc is a healthcare technology company and online marketplace that helps patients find affordable care providers in their area. Zocdoc hires sales development representatives to work remotely handling sales calls. They accept inbound calls from healthcare providers interested in registering with Zocdoc and explain the benefits of signing up. Sales development representatives also send outbound calls to qualified leads who are interested in setting up an appointment with a sales executive.

24. LiveOps

Companies interested in hiring independent sales contractors can reach out to LiveOps to connect with qualified professionals like you. If you have at least one year of customer service experience and the ability to manage incoming and outgoing calls, you can qualify for positions with LiveOps. Compensation varies based on the project, with some calls paying by the minute and others offering a commission for closing sales.

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