How To Use the Work Wellbeing Score on Indeed Company Pages

Updated May 1, 2023

The Indeed Work Wellbeing Score is designed to help people find better work that enables greater wellbeing and inspires companies to foster environments where people can thrive. With 15 million surveys completed, and counting, this data set is the world’s largest study of work wellbeing.¹ Indeed continuously collects and displays wellbeing data on employer profiles, providing transparency and insight around critical wellbeing outcomes: happiness, stress, satisfaction, and purpose.

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Work wellbeing
Results based on 1.9K responses to Indeed's work wellbeing survey. Learn more about work wellbeing.

72 — Above average

How enjoyable people find their day-to-day life at work
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What is the Indeed Work Wellbeing Score?

The Indeed Work Wellbeing Score is a new metric that helps people understand how people feel at work and why. It is a composite metric of four wellbeing outcomes: happiness, stress, satisfaction, and purpose. Additionally, Indeed measures 11 drivers that shape these outcomes such as belonging, inclusion, flexibility, appreciation and fair pay. The full data set is displayed on thousands of public employer profiles on Indeed, so you can find workplaces with high wellbeing that also prioritize what you value most.

To collect this data, Indeed partnered with leading happiness and wellbeing experts to develop survey questions that dig into the dimensions that help everyone understand why people feel the way they feel at work:

Wellbeing outcomes: 

  • Happiness: I feel happy at work most of the time.

  • Purpose: My work has a clear sense of purpose.

  • Satisfaction: Overall, I am completely satisfied with my job.

  • Stress: I feel stressed at work most of the time.

Wellbeing drivers: 

  • Achievement: I am achieving most of my goals at work.

  • Appreciation: There are people at work who appreciate me as a person.

  • Belonging: I feel a sense of belonging in my company.

  • Energy: In most of my work tasks, I feel energized.

  • Fair Pay: I am paid fairly for my work.

  • Flexibility: My work has the time and location flexibility I need.

  • Inclusion: My work environment feels inclusive and respectful of all people.

  • Learning: I often learn something at work.

  • Manager Support: My manager helps me succeed.

  • Support: There are people at work who give me support and encouragement.

  • Trust: I can trust people in my company.

Share how you’re feeling at work by taking the survey here.

Work Wellbeing Score
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Happiness, Purpose, Satisfaction, Stress

How do I use the Work Wellbeing Score?

The Work Wellbeing Score can equip you to make more informed decisions around your job search by helping you find and compare companies based on these important metrics. The score indicates the overall view of a company’s wellbeing, while the drivers get more specific about what that company prioritizes. After all, what drives your wellbeing at work might not be the same as someone else. Therefore it is important to understand what is shaping happiness, stress, satisfaction, and purpose at a company. For example, if professional growth is most important to you, you should find an organization where employees report a high learning score. Looking for a welcoming environment? Seek companies that rank high in inclusion.

Work wellbeing data is displayed on an organization's Company Page under the ‘snapshot’ section. Explore the company’s full report to discover their strengths, areas of opportunity, and how that compares to what you value most.

Company snapshot - Work Wellbeing

Why is this measurement important?

Many of us spend one-third of our lives at work. Our job is often our largest investment of time and emotional capital. It’s important that we find a position that represents much more than just a paycheck. That starts with working at a company that helps you thrive.

Learn more about wellbeing at work here

¹ 2022 Indeed Data based on the number of survey responses globally.

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