34 Agile Coach Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 6, 2022

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When you're applying to an agile coach position, you'll likely attend an interview with the hiring manager or employer. This interview is your opportunity to showcase your background, skills and abilities. It's also a great opportunity to show the hiring manager why you're a good fit for the job.

In this article, we explore 34 interview questions the hiring manager may ask during the interview process and provide some sample answers you can use as inspiration when preparing.

10 general questions

More general questions give the hiring manager the opportunity to understand more about you as a candidate. These questions often explore why you're a good fit for the role and how you'll fit in with the company culture. Here are a few potential interview questions to prepare for:

  1. Why do you want to work at this organization?

  2. Describe your biggest weaknesses.

  3. Describe your strengths in terms of agile coaching.

  4. What's a career lesson you've learned in previous positions?

  5. What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of this position?

  6. Do you prefer to work independently or as a team?

  7. What makes you qualified for this job?

  8. What's your greatest skill as an agile coach?

  9. What made you want to get into agile coaching?

  10. Do you have any agile coaching certifications or licenses?

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10 questions about experience and background

Interview questions related to your experience and background give the hiring manager the opportunity to determine if you're qualified to perform the job. They may ask you about your previous roles and background in agile coaching and how much experience you have in this type of position. Common questions may include:

  1. What agile processes are you familiar with?

  2. What's the difference between a scrum master and an agile coach?

  3. What is your approach to managing a team?

  4. What would you do if a team member wasn't following directions?

  5. How do you go about training new agile team members?

  6. What are the primary differences between agile coaching and mentoring?

  7. How do you create motivation for your team?

  8. How do you build trust with your team?

  9. How would you approach an environment that's resistant to agile techniques?

  10. How is agile different from other software development techniques?

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10 in-depth questions

In-depth questions allow hiring managers to delve further into your skills and abilities as an agile coach. These questions often pertain to the specific duties of the job and your ability to complete them. Some of these interview questions may include:

  1. How long have you been working in agile transformation?

  2. How do you handle changing requirements during the phases of development?

  3. What is a sprint?

  4. What are the different manifestations that are followed throughout the agile process?

  5. What are burn down charts?

  6. How do you handle any overlaps in iteration?

  7. What are the responsibilities of an agile team?

  8. Which agile techniques have you used in previous positions?

  9. Which agile techniques do you find the most productive?

  10. How do you choose the length of a sprint?

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4 interview questions with sample answers

The following are a few common interview questions that are asked during an agile coach interview with sample answers:

1. What does agile coaching mean to you?

This question gives hiring managers the chance to learn about why you chose this career and what it means to you. It also allows managers to better understand how you interpret the job. Use this interview question to explain what coaching means to you and why.

Example: "Agile coaching gives me the opportunity to find and foster potential in agile teams and team members. As a coach, I have the chance to come up with solutions to agile issues for my team. I also get to work in many roles, including as a mentor, a teacher, a facilitator and a problem solver."

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2. How do you motivate your agile team?

Hiring managers often ask this question to learn more about your techniques when it comes to managing and motivating teams. You can use this question to explain your motivational tactics for team members. You can also incorporate ways you've motivated team members in the past.

Example: "One way I go about motivating an agile team is to determine each member's strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks based on their abilities and skills. This ensures that team members receive tasks that are challenging yet doable and encourages them to come up with solutions to problems on their own. The more they can handle agile issues themselves, the more motivated they might be to do so in the future."

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3. What are challenges you've faced as an agile coach?

This type of question lets employers explore your previous challenges and see how you've handled them in the past. In most cases, how you've handled issues previously is how you'll handle them in future positions. Use this question to explain previous challenges and how you've overcome them.

Example: "A challenge I've faced as an agile coach in the past is managing a team of agile employees. Some employees don't want to use the agile techniques required to complete a task and may go about working on these tasks in their own way. One way that I've dealt with this issue is to work with the team member individually and ensure they understand what the comp**any expects and why it's important to use the proper techniques."

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4. What is your approach to managing agile teams?

Many employers want to know about your management style, especially when it comes to leading teams. A successful management style can help build the hiring manager's confidence in your ability to oversee an agile team. Use this answer to explain how you approach management and the techniques you use when overseeing agile employees.

Example: "I believe a strong manager is motivational and encourages their team to perform at their best. As an agile coach, I constantly work to learn more about this field, and I encourage my team members to do the same. Team members tend to be more capable than they think when it comes to handling issues, and providing them with proper guidance allows them to determine solutions and experience success. This can help team members become stronger in their positions and perform at a higher level."

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