Job Interview: "Are You Interviewing With Other Companies?"

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Updated July 21, 2022 | Published December 7, 2021

Updated July 21, 2022

Published December 7, 2021

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Interviewers ask a variety of questions to potential candidates to determine whether they're a good fit for a job. Asking whether you're interviewing with other companies allows an interviewer to learn whether you're a competitive candidate with other job options currently available. Understanding how to answer this kind of interview question can help you provide an honest and effective answer.

In this article, we explore why employers ask whether you're interviewing with other companies, explain how to answer this interview question in four steps and provide a few example answers to help you plan your own.

Why employers ask, "Are you interviewing with other companies?"

Employers may ask candidates whether they're interviewing with other companies to determine if they're a desirable job candidate. If you're interviewing with other companies, an employer may think you have the right skills or competitive qualifications for the position, and they might be more willing to move quicker with the hiring process.

Some employers are curious if candidates are interviewing with their competitors and whether they're hiring better talent. Employers might also ask this question to learn about the kinds of jobs you're seeking.

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How to answer "Are you interviewing with other companies?"

Here are some steps you can follow to answer a question about interviewing with other companies:

1. Be honest with your interviewer

One of the most important things to remember in an interview is being honest with an interviewer can help establish trust between you and a potential employer. Employers typically consider honesty as a desirable trait in a job candidate, so try to provide an honest answer when your interviewer asks about other interviews.

If you're not currently interviewing with other companies, you can explain past interviews with other companies during your job search or explain that the interviewer's company was your first choice. Building a relationship with your interviewer through honesty may help you get the position you're seeking and lead to success after you get hired.

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2. Explain your interest in the company

Explaining why you're interested in the company and why they're your primary choice may impress an interviewer and help them understand why you're not interviewing anywhere else. If you have other options, describing your interest in the interviewer's company might make them think you're a qualified candidate who other companies want to hire.

If qualified, desirable candidates show interest in the company, employers might be eager to hire them before their competitors. For example, try describing what you like about the company's specific culture or values and explain how your traits align with theirs.

3. Answer with general information

Employers typically don't expect candidates to reveal the names of the companies they're interviewing with, but if an interviewer asks about your other options, you can provide general information.

For example, if you have three interviews with the company's three major competitors, you can say something you're interviewing with similar businesses in the industry to avoid any specifics about each company. General information provides enough context for the interviewer without details that might compromise your other interviews.

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4. Talk about what you're seeking in your next role

After you discuss with your interviewer whether you're interviewing elsewhere, you can shift the conversation to focus more on what you're looking for in your next role. Explaining what you expect and hope to accomplish can help an employer determine whether you're a good match for their company and explore whether its competitors can meet your expectations.

Shifting the focus away from your interviews to what you expect in your next job can help highlight the role and your reasons for applying instead of where else you're pursuing work.

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Example answers

Here are some examples of ways to answer interview questions about other jobs or interviews for you to consider when planning your answer:

Example 1: Currently interviewing

"I have three other interviews scheduled with other companies in the industry. I chose this company as my primary choice because the business has an excellent record of customer service, low turnover and high employee satisfaction, according to online reviews. I also recognize the company has a supportive, diverse company culture, and I believe I'm a good match for it. The other companies I'm interviewing with lack the diverse company culture and benefits your company offers for this position."

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Example 2: Not currently interviewing

"I am not currently interviewing with any other companies because I wanted to focus on securing a position with your company. I believe this company offers the best benefits, wages and company culture in the industry, according to my research. I believe I'm a great match for this specific position because it's more niche than the others, requiring specialized education, and I have the credentials your position requires and think we can meet each other's expectations and create a strong employment relationship."

Example 3: Changing industries

"I'm not currently interviewing with any other companies in the industry because this is my first choice. I have little experience in the industry and hope to find an entry-level position with a strong, supportive company that's already established. I'm hoping my skills and experience meet the requirements for your position, so I didn't schedule additional interviews with unfamiliar companies. I have a friend who works in the accounting department, and they suggested this position based on my qualifications and the company's needs."

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Example 4: Interviewing with competitors

"I am currently interviewing with another company offering a similar role in the industry. The position I applied for there is my second choice because your company has a better reputation in the industry, and I'd be proud to work for the business. I don't expect to interview anywhere else because the previous interviewer offered me a position with their company. If your company doesn't offer a position, I may accept the alternative. I'm hoping to use my business skills to help the company grow, and your company's position seems to offer the best opportunity to meet my goals."

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