39 Customer Success Manager Interview Questions

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 6, 2022

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Customer success managers are essential to maintaining positive relationships with customers and ensuring customers use products and services to improve their business. When interviewing for these roles, hiring managers often look for a certain set of skills and experience that can show them how candidates might bring value to their organization. Learning about these needs and what to expect on these interviews can help you prepare for your next customer success interview.

In this article, we share 39 interview questions you might encounter, including ones about your background, experience and specific knowledge about the role.

Customer success manager general questions

Interviewers often ask general questions about you and your skills to learn how you might fit with their organization. Here are some general questions you might expect:

  1. Why do you think you're a good candidate for this position?

  2. What are your strongest skills and why?

  3. What do you enjoy about working with customers?

  4. Why do you want to work for our company?

  5. Do you think our products meet our customers' needs?

  6. What does customer success mean to you?

  7. Do you have leadership experience?

  8. How would you handle rejection from a customer?

  9. How do you set goals for yourself and measure your success?

  10. What do you hope to gain from this role?

  11. What might you change about our products?

  12. How do you improve customer loyalty?

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Questions about experience and background

Hiring managers use interviews to learn about your previous experience. This helps them understand how you've handled certain situations and how your previous roles prepared you for the current position. Here are some questions about your background you might expect:

  1. What's one time when you had to tell a customer bad news?

  2. What was a difficult case you handled and what did you do?

  3. What was your most effective way of communicating with customers in your previous role?

  4. What are you most proud of in your previous role?

  5. How often would you meet with your clients?

  6. How do you handle conflicts between coworkers?

  7. When you've had several deadlines, how have you learned where to focus?

  8. Can you describe a time where you didn't have the answer to a customer question?

  9. How did you develop in your previous role?

  10. Could you describe what a day was like in your previous role?

  11. How did you suggest feature changes or updates at your last job?

  12. Did you participate in any professional development in your last role?

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In-depth customer successs manager questions

Interviewers ask in-depth questions to learn how much you know about the specific role. This can include questions about common tasks you might handle, systems you might use or scenarios you might experience. Here are some in-depth questions for which you can prepare:

  1. What tools are most effective in measuring success in this role?

  2. Could you describe our product features and why they're effective?

  3. Could you create a pitch for our product to influence customers?

  4. How would you explain complex features to a customer?

  5. What strategies do you use to avoid customer churn?

  6. How might you address a customer that stops responding to your messages?

  7. What are high- and low-touch engagement models and when would you use each?

  8. Explain why customer lifetime value is important to understand for this role.

  9. How would you handle an ethics violation from a customer?

  10. If a co-worker provided a customer with misinformation about a product, how would you handle it?

  11. What are some cost-effective ways you can improve customer satisfaction?

  12. How might you upsell a product to a customer purchasing our service?

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Customer success manager interview questions with sample answers

Here are some interview questions you might experience with sample answers you can review:

1. How would you help us expand our business?

As one of the main responsibilities of a customer success manager is to ensure customers maintain satisfaction with their products and services, interviewers might want to know how you can help grow their business. Consider sharing what skills you might use or how your experience could contribute to retaining customers and increasing revenue.

Example answer: At my previous roles, I negotiated ongoing contracts with customers to minimize churn and maximize retention. This involved discussing what value or products bring and adding additional options, like training and resources to help the company succeed. With this experience, I'll ensure your customers remain satisfied and negotiate sales that can maximize customer satisfaction and ensure our customers refer us to new clients for growth.

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2. What are the important measurements for success in this role?

This question shows interviewers what metrics can measure success. Consider showing your familiarity with common metrics like customer satisfaction, onboarding metrics and customer retention and describing why they're important.

Example answer: As a customer success manager, it's important to gather customer satisfaction surveys regularly to identify what our customers need and how we can support them. It's also important for me to measure churn to ensure that we're maintaining and onboarding more customers than we lose. In my previous role, I maintained a 3% churn with a 97% satisfaction rating for all customers.

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3. How can you express product value when first contacting a customer?

Early interactions with customers are important to engage customers in sales and build trust. Interviewers might ask how you can handle first calls or outreach to learn about your engagement and listening skills.

Example answer: The most important thing for the first call with a customer is providing honest and valuable information. I would first listen to their problems or needs and explain to them how our product can solve these. Along with product information, I would describe how I would work with them to set up their products and train their teams to ensure success.

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