65 Funny Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

Updated June 28, 2023

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Two women sit across from each other at a table next to a list with the title "Funny interview questions" and these questions:

• What's the color of money?
• What do you think about when you're alone?
• Are you a gatherer or a hunter?
• What was the last gift you gave someone?
• What kid's movie is scary to you?

Not all interviewers ask standard interview questions about your background and qualifications. Some potential employers want to know who you are by providing you with funny questions or brain teasers to answer during your interview. These questions help you to demonstrate your quick-thinking ability and personality.

In this article, we share 65 humorous interview questions and provide sample answers to help you improve your chances of getting a job.

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10 funny interview questions and answers

Here are 10 funny interview questions and answers to help you prepare your own responses:

1. What's the color of money?

An interviewer may ask this question to test your knowledge of the world. This question is particularly popular if you're interviewing for a position that requires an understandingother cultures, such as a flight attendant or travel nurse. You can use your response to demonstrate that you're an empathetic candidate who can think beyond their current environment.

Example: "The color of money depends on who you ask. It's easy for me to say the color of money is green because I live in the United States, but that's not the case everywhere you go. For example, Canadian bills come in colors ranging from blue to purple."

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2. Someone gives you an elephant you can't sell or give away. What do you do with it?

A potential employer may ask you this question so they can gain an understanding of how you prioritize, think and problem solve. There's no right answer to this question, but consider how you handle yourself in other unexpected situations. Provide the interviewer with a positive response that involves you using the situation to some advantage.

Example: "If someone gave me an elephant that I couldn't sell or give away, I'd probably take care of it, feed it, sell my car and ride it to work. This way, I save money and exercise the elephant at the same time."

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3. If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would you choose and why?

This question helps the interviewer better understand your personality and how you view yourself. Consider choosing a song that most people are familiar with, as this approach can help the interviewer better relate to your answer. If the song isn't common or the interviewer has never heard of it, describe how the music sounds and provide some lyrics for context.

Example: "I'd play "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" by Stevie Wonder. This song makes people feel carefree and lighthearted when they hear it. I think sometimes people can worry about things that are out of their control, and I'd like to think that there isn't much to worry about when I'm around. It's also a song you can dance to if you want to, and many people know the lyrics to sing along."

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4. What do you think about when you're alone in a car?

An interviewer may ask this question to assess how thoughtful you are and to see if you plan for things involving your work or home life. Try answering honestly about what you think about most often. You may provide an example from a recent car ride if you can remember.

Example: "If it is in the evening, I typically think about what good I have accomplished that day, and if it is in the morning, I think about how I can be my best that day. I also try to practice gratitude and live in the present moment while driving to avoid distractions."

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5. If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?

Your answer to this question gives your interviewer a good idea of your leadership capabilities. Leaders might be more inclined to choose the ability to fly over invisibility. You might also consider strength or telepathy, as these powers could be advantageous in a professional setting.

Example: "I'd want to fly if I could have any superpower—partly because I don't like traffic, and I've never seen things from a bird's-eye view before, besides looking from an aircraft window. I also like the idea of being able to travel to new places quickly."

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6. What would you do if you were the only survivor of a plane crash?

Interviewers may ask this question to gauge your compassion and emotional intelligence. Try to remain positive and state how you'd learn from the experience. Your answer can demonstrate your independent nature and accountability.

Example: "I'd be happy that I flew alone that day, and then I'd probably complete more hours of flight training before I flew a plane again."

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7. Are you a gatherer or a hunter?

This question helps interviewers discern what your strengths and weaknesses would be in the role you're seeking. Select which type you are and explain your reasoning. Hunters tend to be more assertive in leadership roles, while gatherers are good at multi-tasking and collecting data.

Example: "I'm a hunter. I like to go after what I want and close deals that seem impossible to find or make happen. I truly enjoy researching and discovering new ways to do things."

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8. What do you think of garden gnomes?

Interviewers may ask this question or a similarly random prompt to relieve some of the tension. You can respond with various answers, but your demeanor is most important. Try to handle the question confidently and demonstrate that you're receptive to humor in the workplace.

Example: "I never thought I would hear this question during an interview, but I'm glad someone has finally asked my opinion on garden gnomes! These ornaments are the perfect combination of cute, charming and mischievous."

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9. If you could lead a parade through your office, what type would it be?

This question allows you to describe your typical work environment and how you like to organize it. You can also use this opportunity to discuss your interests and approach to planning. If you're applying for a remote role, consider describing your desire to use the parade to better connect with your team members and clients. 

Example: "Considering that my past roles have required me to work from home, an office parade sounds amazing! I would invite all my team members and clients to walk through my apartment with their pets. What would be better than interacting in person with the people I talk to all day and seeing their adorable furry friends?"

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10. How would you sell hot cocoa in Florida?

This question is most common in interviews for sales positions, but you might hear it in any role that requires negotiation skills. Recognize the challenge and discuss the tactics you'd use to overcome it. While you can provide a serious answer, consider incorporating humor to acknowledge the interviewer's intentions.

Example: "Just because it's hot in Florida doesn't mean there isn't a market for hot cocoa. Targeting customers during the winter months would be easiest, but there are plenty of other ways to make sales. For instance, I might create hot cocoa packages that Floridians can buy to jokingly send to friends in colder states."

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55 other funny interview questions

Here are 55 other funny interview questions a potential employer may ask in your interview:

  1. Why are manholes round?

  2. If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why?

  3. What two nonessential items would you want if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island?

  4. What was the last gift you gave someone?

  5. If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would it be and why?

  6. What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?

  7. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

  8. Describe the color red without using any color name.

  9. How do you think people would communicate in a perfect world?

  10. If you could eliminate one state, what would it be and why?

  11. What advice would you give to your previous boss if you could?

  12. What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

  13. How many windows are in New York?

  14. Would you relive your days in high school if you could?

  15. What would your eulogy say?

  16. How would you sell hot chocolate in Florida in the summer?

  17. If I gave you $50,000 to start your own business, what business would you start?

  18. If you had a time machine, would you travel to the future or back to the past?

  19. What fictional character do you identify with the most and why?

  20. Describe the purpose of this job to someone from another planet.

  21. What kid's movie is scary to you?

  22. What would you do if you had to work but didn't need the money?

  23. What part of the human face is your favorite?

  24. How would you use scissors while at work if you were a pizza delivery person?

  25. If you woke up to 5,000 unread emails and only had time to answer 100, how would you choose which ones to answer?

  26. How many pennies would fit in the room?

  27. How would you communicate with me if you were from Mars?

  28. A chicken walks through the door right now wearing a top hat. What does he say, and why is he here?

  29. What's your favorite sports team and why?

  30. What do you pack in your suitcase when you go on vacation?

  31. Are you a cat or dog person?

  32. What's in your fridge right now?

  33. What actor would play you in a movie about your life?

  34. What would the title of your biography be?

  35. If I spoke to your previous supervisors, what's one thing they would say about you that isn't true?

  36. Describe your most bizarre life experience thus far.

  37. How would you get out if you were the size of an eraser and stuck in a blender?

  38. What would you want your last meal to be?

  39. Which superhero would you want to be and why?

  40. How many smartphones are there in the U.S.?

  41. Why do you think only a small percentage of employees make over $100,000 per year?

  42. If you were a salad, what type of dressing would you have?

  43. What's the first thing you'd do on your first day of work here?

  44. How would you use a time machine?

  45. If you were a bicycle, what part would you be?

  46. What video games do you play?

  47. Tell me your best joke.

  48. How would you rate me as an interviewer?

  49. Describe how you would move Mount Everest.

  50. If you could perform with any musician, who would you pick and why?

  51. How many computers are in this building?

  52. List five unconventional uses of a book.

  53. Which three famous people would you invite to a dinner party?

  54. What would your slogan be if you were a brand?

  55. Tell me about your most unusual talent or party trick.

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