35 Common Gamer Interview Questions

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 1, 2021

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If you're applying for a job in the video game industry, you need to show employers that you are passionate about developing games users are going to love. By preparing for your gamer interview, you can prove to employers you are the right fit for their company. When applying to roles, such as a game developer or video game tester, you need to prove that you have extensive knowledge of this industry. In this article, we share 35 common gamer interview questions and how to effectively answer several of them.

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General interview questions

These general interview questions can help employers learn more about your personality and purpose for applying to their company:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself.

  • What are your hobbies and interests?

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are your weaknesses?

  • Why do you want to work for our company?

  • Which of our games have you played?

  • How do you stay informed about industry news?

  • Who is your favorite video game character?

  • Where do you hope to see your career in five years?

  • What are some of your current goals?

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Questions about experience and background

These interview questions about your experience and background can help an employer learn if you have the right qualifications for their role:

  • What skills have helped you succeed in your previous roles?

  • Explain the difference between Unity3D and Blender Game Engine (BGE).

  • Tell me the primary features of AndEngine.

  • Which gaming engines do you have experience using to develop games?

  • What are some challenges you have experienced working in the gaming industry?

  • What processes must a game tester follow?

  • What are common programmer errors you need to avoid?

  • Explain when "onSurfaceChanged" might happen.

  • Can you tell me what a game loop is?

  • Can you tell me what FPS means?

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In-depth questions

These in-depth interview questions can help an employer envision how to might perform in a gaming industry position:

  • What value can you bring to our team?

  • What would you do if a rumor about your latest game hit the market?

  • How do you stay motivated during a difficult task?

  • What would you do if you disagreed with your team's vision?

  • How do you stay creative?

  • Explain how you learn a new process or technology.

  • What steps would you take to reduce game lag?

  • What is your preferred language to use for game development?

  • What is your ideal working style?

  • Do you enjoy working on a team?

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Interview questions with sample answers

Use these gamer interview questions with sample answers to prepare for your next interview:

Why do you want to work in the video game industry?

This question helps employers learn about your intentions for applying to their company. Your response to this question can help them determine if you are passionate about this industry. When preparing for this interview question, reflect on what inspired you to have a video game career. Share your story with the interviewer, and try to emphasize your passion for this kind of work.

Example: "When I was 14 years old, I was obsessed with playing video games with my friends. I eventually started following video game forums, often discussing what video game developers could do better. I began to realize that instead of critiquing developers, I should start designing video games myself. That's when I started to become interested in coding.

Once I got into college, I knew that video game development was the right path for me. I am passionate about creating new worlds and interactive games that I would have loved as a high school student. I would like to think that 14-year-old me would be proud of the career I have chosen."

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What are your favorite video games?

This gamer interview question can help employers learn more about your personality and interests. It also helps them determine if you are going to enjoy working on the type of video games their company produces. Think about how your answer might reflect upon you as a video game developer. Try to relate the games you love to the ones you hope to design.

Example: "While I am someone who loves the latest video game technology, I always find myself going back to the classic games. I find that the simplicity of these games is what helps me unwind the most at the end of a long day. While I hope to develop sophisticated games, I want to still incorporate some of the quirky and fun elements of these games that I grew up playing. I aspire to design a game that players will view as classic decades from now."

What are common things video game developers overlook?

This question helps employers gauge whether you are a detail-oriented candidate. This is your chance to show them that you are someone who is mindful of all the little details that make a video game work. Think about what kind of things you notice developers forget about when playing your favorite video games. Prove that you would be a conscientious employee.

Example: "One thing I noticed that video game developers forget about is an authentic representation of different genders, cultures, races, religions and ethnicities. I often see strong stereotypes in video games, and I would love to challenge them with my character designs. I think it's important to give users a more realistic view of how these characters might interact in the world, of course, I am open to creating fantastical characters for fantasy games.

Another thing game developers overlook is the character arc. While I have played plenty of games with phenomenal plots, I would enjoy seeing more growth from these characters. Along with game design, I have a background in creative writing. I think I could really help the story designers come up with more engaging characters."

Are you willing to work overtime to meet deadlines?

Employers might ask this question if they have video game fans who eagerly await a game's release. They ask this to make sure you are willing to put in more hours when you're getting close to a release date. Prior to applying to video game companies, do some research to learn about their workload. Determine what kind of work-life balance you hope to have in this role so you can answer this question honestly.

Example: "As someone passionate about work, I am willing to work overtime when necessary. I hope that throughout the course of a project, my team can stick to deadlines to ensure there is less overtime, although I understand this is often inevitable. I am committed to maintaining the reputation of your brand by getting a final product to players by the date we promised them."

What would you do if users noticed a lot of bugs in a game you developed?

When projects have a tight deadline, you may have some bugs in your games. Employers ask this question to learn about your problem-solving skills and how you might handle this challenging situation. Show them that you will be quick to fix bugs. Also, emphasize the importance of learning from your mistakes.

Example: "If I noticed bugs in my game, I would do whatever I needed to get them fixed right away. I would take responsibility for my oversight, working extra hours if I need to. I would use these experiences as a chance to learn from my mistakes. Once I make an error, I am sure to do the task correctly the next time I do it."

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