Hospital Volunteer Interview questions (With Sample Answers)

April 15, 2021

If you decide to apply for a hospital volunteer position, you can make this experience better by offering care, encouraging words and assisting medical professionals in performing their duties. However, you must prepare well for interview questions to expect from recruiting managers. Going through some possible interview questions and sample answers can help candidates for the position to prepare for the interview process. In this article, we provide interview questions for hospital volunteers with sample answers.

What is a hospital volunteer?

A hospital volunteer is an individual who volunteers to work in healthcare facilities by helping patients, health professionals and others in performing their day-to-day tasks. Working in this position requires you to be dedicated and compassionate to assist hospital workers and clients in different capacities. Some hospital volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating excellent care for patients
  • Guiding visitors to different hospital departments
  • Helping cooks prepare meals
  • Recording accurate information
  • Monitoring a patient's progress

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Common hospital volunteer interview questions

  1. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishment?
  2. Tell us about an idea implemented at your last job.
  3. What do you understand about our company's culture?
  4. What keeps you motivated on a tough day?
  5. Do other people view you as a role model?
  6. Why do you like helping others?
  7. Tell me about your work history, and how it relates to work here.
  8. What are your expectations for this hospital volunteer position?
  9. What is your greatest strength? How does it inspire you as a hospital volunteer?
  10. How much time would you like to spend as a hospital volunteer?
  11. How would your current co-worker describe your attention to detail?
  12. Being a hospital volunteer, have you ever felt your work went unappreciated?
  13. What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
  14. What do you do during your free time?
  15. Which organization are you currently associated with?
  16. What skills and qualifications do you have to help you as a hospital volunteer?
  17. What kind of people do you most like working with?
  18. Why do you want to become a hospital volunteer in our organization?
  19. What has been your most rewarding volunteer experience?
  20. What volunteer works have you done in the past?

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1. Tell me about an idea you implemented in your previous job

The interviewer asks this question to know whether you are a proactive volunteer who would improve the organization if you find room for change. Thinking of some ways you created an impact at work can help you respond to this question well.

Example: “In my most recent role I was responsible for improving the floor of the heath facility. I decided adding tiles would make the place suitable for patients and health professionals, and pitched the idea to the executive and staff. They liked it, so I was responsible for guiding the entire hospital fraternity to installation of tiles in the entire hospital departments.”

2. What do you understand about the organization's culture?

An interviewer can ask you this question to determine whether you have researched, thought, and considered the hospital organization's culture and values. Employers will also want to know how you can fit into their workplace culture as a volunteer.

Example: “I have already made positive reviews about the organization's culture and values. Your volunteers and employees have great things to talk about this organization, meaning anyone can enjoy working in this work environment. You have built a fast-paced work environment that values performance and innovation. You also offer great incentives to inspire employees, making it my type of workplace.”

3. What keeps you motivated on a tough day?

The interviewer asks this question to determine how they can motivate you during challenging moments at work. Whether you need a pat on the back, public accolades or words of appreciation, employers can understand what motivates you through this question. They are also looking for qualities they always want to see in their team member.

Example: “Typically, I find motivation as part of me. When I focus on creating a positive difference, which makes me want to keep working. Being engaged in a team setting knowing the kind of impact I'm making and connecting with friends can be enough reward.”

4. Do other people consider you a role model?

An interviewer wants to know whether you're a leader and if others see you that way. Talk about accomplishments and initiatives, your personality qualities, or your impact within the community.

Example: “I have recently incorporated my friends and colleagues in a workout program, four day a week and other are interested. They admire me for my communication, hard work, problem-solving and discipline. Collaborating with my friends has motivated each other by showing up for workouts and being consistent, leading to an increased number.”

5. Why do you like helping others?

Those interviewing you may want to know the reason that drives you to assist others. It's a further test by the interviewers to trust that besides your volunteering ambitions, you have a passion.

Example: “Helping others is something I always love, especially patients because I find great joy in serving those in need. Your health organization help patients who I care most about, and being part of this team would help me achieve my career goals. Besides helping patients, I was brought up with the forefront living values, making my career rewarding ever since.”

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6. Tell me your work history and how it relates to working as a hospital volunteer?

Interviewers want to introduce your resume to life for them. If you have been involved in different jobs, choose one that is related to this position. Please think of how you can transfer the skills from your past jobs and use them to improve this hospital volunteer position.

Example: “I have been operating as a healthcare supervisor for the past twelve years. Part of my volunteer work helped me gain extensive experience in my day-to-day responsibilities. I can focus on working for this organization to help patients and give back to the community in this position.”

7. What expectations do you have for this position?

An interviewer asks you this question to determine your research before applying for this position. The interviewer can know how much you understand about this position and know if the role meets your needs by asking this question.

Example: “I expect to work with patients and healthcare professionals, by guiding them and helping others fulfill their responsibilities. I'm looking forward to collaborating with other team members who are passionate about helping patients at hospitals. My focus is putting in hard work, which I'm excited to do so.”

8. What is your greatest strength? How does it inspire you as a hospital volunteer?

The interviewers ask this question to determine if you're a good fit for the organization. Think to the consistent praises you get from your colleagues. They can be your greatest strength to use when responding.

Example: “My greatest strength involves passion to give back to the needy. This comes in handy with my hospital volunteer role because I always have the resources required to support the healthcare facility for which I volunteer. My consistency makes my work effective and others can rely on my services.”

9. How much time would you like to offer to the hospital volunteer role?

Interviewers would want to know the extent of your commitment to the position. Ensure you understand your schedule before answering this question. You can ask a question to clarify their needs before responding.

Example: “This is a brilliant question. I can offer to volunteer as much as possible. How much time are you looking for volunteers working in this position?”

10. How would your co-workers describe your attention to detail?

Use a real-life example while responding to this question. Your interviewer wants to know how much attention you can pay to detail.

Example: “I have been working to my attention to detail point for many years while working for different organizations. I have tried to improve on this aspect and it's something am conscious and still working on for perfection.”

11. Operating a hospital volunteer, have you ever thought your contribution went unappreciated?

You should respond to this question honestly. If you find this statement true, describe the circumstances and the reason you felt that way. Interviewers want to understand how you react to feel like that.

Example: “I don't necessarily focus on appreciation, so I would honestly say I have never realized any blatant un-appreciation in my previous volunteer job. I do what I do to improve the lives of the needy. Not to earn recognition.”

12. What is your greatest weakness? How are you planning to improve it?

The interviewers want to know if you have self-awareness about your weaknesses. Understanding the areas you must improve shows a sign of maturity. Share things you have taken time to reflect on and how you have been improving on your weakness.

Example: “My greatest weakness comes with too much caring about small issues. It may be easy to care much about last-minute details. I always try to work out on this issue and ensure I remind myself about the big responsibilities I need to fulfill as a hospital volunteer.”

13. What do you like doing during your free time?

Interviewers can ask this question to determine if you're a good culture fit. Would you go to parties with colleagues? What team activities would you engage in? Share answers that can show you are a team player.

Example: “During my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities with friends. I often take my dog Bruno to the local park and volunteer at a local animal farm on Saturday afternoon. I also use the last weekend of every month to visitors in our local prison department and give them hope and some stuff.”

14. Which organization are you currently involved with?

If you are currently working with other organizations, share how you contribute or positively impact the community.

Example: "I am currently collaborating with an organization that helps the elderly recover from mental issues. I enjoy it because I love to see older individuals in excellent condition and work with the elderly. It's crucial to know that by helping them to recover from mental conditions, I create a positive impact in my community.”


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