Interview Question: "How Did You Hear About the Position?"

Updated March 10, 2023

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Employers use interviews as an opportunity to learn your motivations behind applying to their company. They may ask you questions to find out how familiar you are with the company and how you learned about this job opening. In your answer, you can show that you are actively looking for a job and felt that this company aligned with your wants, needs and values.

In this article, we explain how to answer, "How did you hear about the position?" and share examples you can use when crafting your response.

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Why employers ask "How did you hear about this position?"

Employers ask "How did you hear about this position?" to find out if you have any internal connections with the company. This question can help them assess your motivations for applying to their company and learn how candidates are finding their job applications.

If you learned about this job from a company employee, this can give you a competitive edge. The employer will likely ask their employee about your character, qualities and professional experience. Having this reference can help you stand out among other candidates.

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How to answer "How did you hear about this position?"

It is important to consider that every answer is not just a quiz, but instead is an opportunity for you to showcase how and why you are the person for the position. A general question like this one is no exception. Follow these steps when answering:

1. Show your excitement

Employers are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic about the company. In your answer, share why the company caught your interest. You could talk about things like their employee growth opportunities and positive work culture. Mentioning the work that they do shows that you did some research before your interview.

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2. Name drop, if possible

If you heard about this job from someone at the company, now is the time to share this information. Explain why this person thinks you might be a good fit for the role. Share what kind of relationship you have and how long you have known each other. This person can serve as a reference for you since their employer is likely to ask them about you. Speak to them before the interview to discuss what they might share about you.

3. Be specific

Share the exact place you found this job application. Specify why you thought to look there and why this particular job description stood out to you. If you can't remember where you saw this job opening, be honest since the employer will know exactly where they posted it. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you don't remember, but then follow up with reasons why you are excited about this opportunity.

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Example answers

Here are some effective example answers to, "How did you hear about this position?":

Example 1: From an employee

"I heard about this position from Annie Garcia in marketing. Annie and I were in the same cohort throughout college, taking many of the same courses. She told me I should apply for this position because she felt that I had the right personality to work closely with clients and would fit in with the team."

"Once she sent me the job application, I knew she was right. When looking at all of the job requirements, I could check off every box. I am a go-getter, detail-oriented and always trying to come up with creative solutions. I think that if I was a part of this team, I could accomplish quite a bit. I would love to work with the clients you have and lead some exciting projects."

Example 2: From an online job posting

"I learned about this job opening when I was browsing Indeed. I was looking for the keyword 'content specialist' and found your company right away. While the job page was a bit saturated, your job posting stood out to me right away. The wording of the job description instantly drew a clear picture of what it's like to work here. I would love to be a part of such a tight-knit and creative team.

As someone who loves working with others, I am all about collaboration and teamwork. Those are definitely two words that I noticed when reading through your posting. I also could tell that my background and experience directly aligned with the needs of this role, especially my background in writing health and wellness blogs."

Example 3: From the company website

"I have been paying attention to your website's career page for over a year now. When I saw an opening I was finally qualified for, I applied right away. The reason your company has been on my radar is that you sent a representative to speak to my student organization a few years ago. I believe her name was Jasmine. She worked in your public relations department. Her presentation made your company look like such a great place to work, making me inspired to work for you one day.

I know that if I were to get this job, I would fit in quite well. I can tell your team is made up of a lot of hard-working and fun-loving individuals who are passionate about what they do. As someone who loves working in public relations, I know that I could add a lot of value to your incredible team. I have the background and experience to help your clients improve their public image."

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Example 4: From a recruiter

"I have been working with Lawrence Michaels at Recruiters, Inc. to find a job. He connected me with your hiring manager because he thought I would be a great candidate for this role. When I first met Lawrence two months ago, we had an initial interview where I told him all about my experience working with the top Fortune 500 companies. After this conversation, he sent me over the job application for this role, and I got it in as fast as I could.

When I got the email about this interview opportunity, I was excited. I have always wanted to work for a start-up, as I know I have a lot of value to add to a company like yours. I already have some great contacts we could leverage, and I know within my first 90 here that I could help you finish your marketing campaign and get ready to launch your first product."

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