Interview Question: How Would Your Boss Describe You?

By Indeed Editorial Team

March 8, 2021

When interviewing for a job, you want to show employers that you are a quality candidate. One way to do this is by showing that you have been able to build positive relationships with your previous employers. Get ready for this topic by reflecting on how your past or current employer values you as a professional. In this article, we help you answer the common interview question, "How would your boss describe you?"

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Why employers ask, "How would your boss describe you?"

Employers ask this question to see if you have the ability to build meaningful professional relationships. If you are asked this question, it means your work personality and potential for camaraderie could factor into their decision-making process. When you can confidently say that your current or previous employer sees you as a valuable team member, the person interviewing you may see potential in you as someone easy to get along with well at work.

The key is to emphasize your ability to make a meaningful impression on others. You want to prove that your employer sees you as a hardworking and quality employee. Answering this question with confidence also is a sign that you have faith in the abilities you mention as well as trust in your functions and relationships at work.

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Example Responses to "How would your boss describe you?"

Depending on your field, where you're applying and the nuances of your personal experience, your response could go in many directions. Try to mention at least one specific trait. If you can give an example of when you displayed this trait or were recognized for it, you will be highlighting additional details about your work history that could impress your potential new employer. Here are some example responses.

Example 1: "During my last performance review, my employer gave me a five out of five rating. He said that since I started with the company five years ago, I have shown an impressive amount of growth. In the review, he also mentioned that I was next in line for a managerial role at the company."

Example 2: "Honestly, she would say I am smart. She is always praising me for my new ideas and research work. More than once I have seen my ideas take hold in office and she has said as much to me more than once as well. I am always coming up with new ideas and solutions for the team."

Example 3: "Kind, honest and communicative. I can think back to one time when I noticed a fellow employee was being deceitful about their working hours. I discretely mentioned it to my employer, and he was so thankful that I brought this to his attention. He said he could always count on me to do the right thing."

Example 4: "She would say that I am focused. In fact, she often has to tell me it's time to go home at the end of the day. I have a habit of getting fully absorbed into my work. I am actively working toward reaching my full potential and she has even said to me before that she has never seen an employee so dedicated to their craft before."

Example 5: "As someone who seeks to help others, I would hope my employer would say I am kind and supportive. We had a good working relationship where one always looked out for the other. More than once she has thanked me for stepping up."

Example 6: "He would describe me as a go-getter. That's because I am constantly reaching out to clients and finding ways to nurture new leads. I have the drive and focus needed for a sales position."

Example 7: "Since I am always quick to make a joke or try to get someone to smile, my employer would say I am funny. Perhaps this doesn't sound like a typical resume point, but members of my team might beg to differ. We all worked together well, and I helped to keep morale high. I think it's important to incorporate a little humor into our everyday lives to keep spirits high in the office."

Example 8: "As a matter of fact, I have heard this one from him directly and so has the entire company. During our last quarterly meeting, my employer gave me a company-wide shoutout for a new initiative I implemented. Due to this, I think he would say I am ambitious and helpful."

Example 9: "How you get along with your team members is an important contribution to how the team functions overall. My employer has recognized that quality in me. He is always inviting me to business trips because, as he told me himself before, I am outgoing and able to make a good impression on others. So, I would say he thinks I am sociable and a good conversationalist which is helpful in client relations."

Example 10: "Since my employer and I have developed a pretty close relationship, she would probably describe me as a team player. She is always praising me for the contributions I make to my team and how much effort I put into my work. I am sure that she will miss me if I have the opportunity to move forward in my career elsewhere."

Example 11: "He would describe me as personable and kind since I am always asking people how they are doing. But more than that, he would also say that I am a quick learner. I find that I catch onto new projects and systems quite easily, And I am happy to pass that knowledge onto others so that we can all work well together for our shared end goals."

Example 12: "My employer would describe me as organized. For instance, I helped our entire department implement a new filing system that keeps all of our documents in order. I was working with over 10,000 different documents."
"She once told me that I am detail-oriented because I am always noticing mistakes and correcting them."

Example 13: "My employer would describe me as technically savvy and helpful. As the only IT professional at my company, people are always asking me to solve their computer issues. I am always happy to help. So she would probably also have nice things to say about my good spirits and responsiveness."

Example 14: "My employer thinks that I am a valuable asset to the team. She is always praising me for my insightful ideas at team meetings. During my last performance review, he said I am a natural leader. I think he feels this way because I am always organized, attentive to directions and willing to guide others.""*

Example 15: "I think my employer would describe me as smart, dependable and attentive. She often relies on me for many high-level tasks, saying that I am one of the only people in the department she trusts with the kind of work. I can tell that she is pleased with my work ethic and ability to prioritize my work."

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Example 16: "Careful and conscientious. Due to the nature of my work, I need to make sure I am closely following the company's protocols. I could also be called introspective in that I am always thinking through ideas thoroughly before presenting them to my team."

Example 17: "Mindful of other's feelings. I am a very empathetic person who is always trying to treat others with respect and kindness. She would also say that I am a good listener. I use my active listening skills to help myself remember important information and to show people I value what they have to say."

Example 18: *"Friendly. I am always eager to greet customers and ask them how they are doing. I strive to make people feel good when they enter our store.b My employer once said I am the happiest person he's ever met. I do find that my positive attitude helps me stay upbeat at work. I also find that moods are contagious. So if I am happy and upbeat, so are my coworkers, so is my boss and so are the customers."**

Example 19: "She would describe me as someone good with conflict management. I have the skills and confidence to help people see new perspectives. I have been told that I am enjoyable to be around. I am here to make people feel welcomed and comfortable. I'm also always respectful and polite. I grew up in a household where we were always considerate of others. This makes me a good fit for a customer service role."

Example 20: *"Determined. I will do anything to get the job done right, even if that means working longer hours or starting over again."**"I think he would say I am driven by success. That's because I am constantly reaching out to new clients and trying to secure new deals for the company."

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