35 Telesales Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

September 30, 2021

During a telesales job interview, a hiring manager may ask general and in-depth questions about your skills as they relate to the position. An interviewer may also ask questions about your experience and background for a telesales job. Learning about the types of questions you might face in an interview for a telesales position and how to answer them can help you feel prepared and confident. In this article, we discuss 35 telesales interview questions and provide some sample answers to review.

General telesales interview questions

At the beginning of an interview, an interviewer might ask general questions to get to know you. Examples of general interview questions you might face include:

  1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
  2. What interests you about this position?
  3. Can you describe your ideal work environment?
  4. What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?
  5. What do you consider your weaknesses?
  6. Why do you want to work for this company?
  7. How do you think your coworkers would describe you?
  8. What do the next five years look like in your professional life?
  9. Are you available to work the scheduled hours of this position?
  10. Can you describe your dream job?

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Questions about experience and background

When conducting an interview, a hiring manager may also want to learn about your experience and background to determine if you're a good fit for the open position. Some questions about background and experience include:

  1. What duties did you most enjoy and least enjoy in your last position?
  2. Tell me about your work experience and how it relates to this role.
  3. Do you feel qualified for this position?
  4. What courses in school were most interesting to you?
  5. What encouraged you to select your major in college?
  6. What's the best sale you've made?
  7. What skills do you hope to gain in this role?
  8. Do you have any professional goals you've set for yourself?
  9. What's your greatest professional achievement?
  10. How do you respond when sales decline?

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In-depth telesales interview questions

After asking questions about your experience and background, an interview might ask more in-depth questions that allow you to elaborate on your skills as they relate to the role. Examples of in-depth questions you might face in a telesales interview include:

  1. How do you stay current in the market to which you sell?
  2. What questions do you like to ask prospects?
  3. How do you use social media in your selling process?
  4. What do you like and dislike about sales?
  5. Do you think competition in the workplace is positive or negative?
  6. How do you identify gaps in your sales strategy?
  7. Describe how you research prospects before meeting with them.
  8. Tell me about the biggest sale you've ever closed.
  9. How do you establish long-term relationships with prospects and clients?
  10. Describe a situation in which you made a mistake and how you overcame it.

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5 telesales interview questions with sample answers

As you prepare for your telesales interview, you can review these common questions and their sample answers to see how you can answer these questions effectively:

1. How do you think telesales could become more effective?

An interviewer may ask this question to understand your perception of the industry and what areas could improve. This question involves critical thinking and allows you to share your ideas to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of telesales. When answering the question, consider sharing specific situations in which you've made improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of telesales.

Example: "I believe telesales can be more effective when every call has a specific goal or objective. When I make a call, I think about my goal in talking with the other person. My motivation and desire to achieve that goal encourages me to understand and identify the needs of the person I'm speaking to and answer any questions they might have. I also think about possible questions they might ask and how I can answer them as part of my goal-setting process."

2. How do you handle rejection?

Salespeople encounter rejection regularly, so interviewers may want to learn how you interact with potential customers and prospects who decide not to make a purchase. When answering this question, it's helpful to showcase your professionalism by describing a situation in which you accepted rejection positively and calmly.

Example: "Although rejection can be frustrating, I understand that it's part of a telesales job. When I first started working in telesales, I took a course on rejection and how to overcome my feelings. I continue to use the knowledge and skills I gained from that course when interacting with people. After every sales call, I remind myself that more opportunities are available and continue in my efforts."

3. What do you consider the most important skill for a telesales representative?

Certain skills are crucial in telesales, including communication, listening and motivation. When an interviewer asks what you consider the most important skill, they're looking to see whether you have the necessary skills and the ability to identify what skills promote success in a telesales role. As you answer this question, think about the skills included in the job posting and consider describing one that applies to you.

Example: "Although telesales representatives need many skills to succeed, I believe the most important skill is resilience. Sales can be a challenging job, especially without in-person contact, but it's also a rewarding position. When a telesales representative is resilient, they may better overcome challenges and move to the next opportunity. Resilience is also important in sustaining motivation and having a positive outlook."

4. What's the difference between B2B and B2C, and how does each impact how you approach prospects?

Telesales can involve selling directly to consumers or businesses, depending on the product or service offered. A strong sales representative needs to understand the difference between the two audiences and how to adjust their presentation and sales tactics to the prospect's needs. Interviewers may ask this question to learn if you understand how to sell to different audiences and target markets. In your answer, include a brief description of B2B and B2C and discuss the differences in selling to each.

Example: "B2B refers to commercial transactions conducted between businesses, while B2C refers to transactions between a business and a consumer. One of the key differences between them is the challenges experienced by a business and its employees versus an individual consumer. I have experience selling to both types of audiences, and I base the information I'm sharing during a telesales call on the unique needs of my audience, rather than using a blanket approach to sales."

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5. How do you manage and meet sales quotas?

Salespeople often have sales quotas tied to their goals and potential for growth within an organization. This question helps an interviewer learn if you feel comfortable with assigned sales quotas and how you achieve them. When you answer this question, you can use the STAR method, which stands for situation, task, action and result, to outline a situation in which you faced a sales quota and what you did to achieve your goal.

Example: "In a previous telesales role, I met my quotas during every quarter except my first quarter on the job. After not meeting the quota in the first quarter, I worked with successful members of the sales team in the organization and received tips I implemented into my sales strategy. The following quarter, I broke the record for sales in a single quarter. Since then, I've never missed a quota by remaining aware of my progress throughout the three-month period and implementing changes whenever necessary."


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