Interview Question: "Walk Me Through Your Resume"

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Updated November 7, 2022

Published January 13, 2021

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When interviewing for a job, you have a chance to prove that you have the right personality, skills and experience for the role. One way employers assess whether you have the right qualifications for their position is by having you give a detailed summary of your resume. This kind of interview question helps them learn more about your professional background. In this article, we help you respond to a "walk me through your resume" request during an interview.

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Why employers ask, "Walk me through your resume"

Employers will ask you to go through your resume usually at the beginning of your interview. This request gives you an opportunity to explain your professional background in more detail. The purpose of this question is to help employers get a clearer understanding of how your experiences might translate into the role they have open. They want to know more about your career highlights and what you did in each role.

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How to answer "Walk me through your resume"

Follow these steps to effectively answer a request to go through your resume.

1. Focus on your most relevant experiences

Spend most of your time discussing the most relevant parts of your resume. It's unnecessary to go into every part of your resume in detail. Instead, think about which experiences helped prepare you for the role you're applying to. You could even ask the employer if there is a specific section of your resume they would like to know more about.

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2. Show what value you can add

When going over each role, try to emphasize what value you added to the company. This could be things like working on major projects, increasing revenue or anything else that benefited your previous employer. Show that you have been responsible for a wide range of tasks that helped you grow as a professional.

3. Mention specific accomplishments

Use this interview question as a chance to do a little light boasting about your career accomplishments. By pointing out particular achievements throughout your career, you can prove that you are a goal-oriented employee. Try to highlight accomplishments that are relevant to the job you're applying to. For instance, if you are applying to a sales position, you could mention that you majorly increased your cliental or made a great business deal.

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4. Highlight your skills section

While you can spend most of your time discussing your past work experiences, take a few moments to go over your skills section. Before your interview, read through the job posting to see what skills the employer is looking for. This way, you know what skills to mention during this part of your interview. You could even explain how you developed and applied your skillset to your career.

5. Prove that you will be a good fit

Overall, try to make it apparent that your past experiences helped you prepare for this role. By doing a little research about the company and role you're applying to, you can figure out what parts of your resume you should emphasize. Showing that you have similar past experiences is a great way to make yourself stand out as a candidate.

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Example answers

Here are a few sample answers to guide you when you are asked to go through your resume.

Example 1: Marketing specialist

"My first major marketing experience is when I was a marketing intern. During this six-month period, I was responsible for writing website copy, building email campaigns and creating social media posts. I learned quite a bit here and got hired on for a full-time marketing specialist position. Upon starting this new role, my responsibilities increased quite a bit. I was in charge of the company's social media accounts, doing everything from creating posts to building ad campaigns.

"Some of the major accomplishments that I highlight in my resume increase winning Marketer of the Year. I was so happy to have all of my hard work recognized. I also included some relevant skills on my resume, including my ability to use all the major social media platforms. I am also highly organized and attentive to detail, which I think are important skills for any marketer to have."

Example 2: Research assistant

"During my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I spent my undergrad as a research technician for the department of zoology. During this time, much of my research work involved the study of primate behavior. Once I graduated from my program, I found a research role with the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. I also worked in their zoology lab, this time focusing on how therapy animals affect human health and well-being. During these studies, I was responsible for recording data and running reports.

"I find that both of these experiences have prepared me for the next step in my career. Along with getting used to working in a lab setting, I have definitely improved my communication, organization and critical-thinking abilities, as I have highlighted in the skills section of my resume. I can effectively work with others and find that I have quite a bit of patience when it comes to research methodology."

Example 3: Retail manager

"I first started my career in retail working at my local mall. While working as a sales associate, I had the opportunity to develop my customer service skills. In this role, I would restock inventory, ring up customers' purchases and help customers with any questions they might have. My next retail role is when I worked as a senior sales associate. I found that this role allowed me to work more with the administrative side of retail, helping me prepare for this management role.

"Throughout my retail career, my employer has recognized me as an employee of the month five different times. I think this is due to my willingness to help and put in extra effort during busy seasons. Under my skills section, I have listed that I am organized, good at problem-solving and personable. I also am an effective leader and can help my team succeed."

Example 4: Elementary school teacher

"Ever since I graduated from Carroll University, I have worked for the Chicago school district. I started my career as a second-grade teacher. While working in this role, I got more comfortable getting in front of a classroom and creating lesson plans. After about five years, I decided to transition to teaching fourth graders. I enjoyed focusing on mathematics. I even participated in an after-school tutoring program for students who needed a little extra help in STEM subjects.

"During my sixth year of teaching, I won the district's Educator of the Year award. This honor reminded me why I got into education in the first place; to make a meaningful impact on my students' lives. Looking at the skills section of my resume, I can confidently say I am motivated, positive and caring. I also am quite comfortable with public speaking and learning how to use different technology for education."


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