Interview Question: What Is Your Superpower?


Jamie Birt

Updated June 1, 2022 | Published April 13, 2021

Updated June 1, 2022

Published April 13, 2021

Jamie Birt is a career coach with 5+ years of experience helping job seekers navigate the job search through one-to-one coaching, webinars and events. She’s motivated by the mission to help people find fulfillment and belonging in their careers.

During a job interview, employers ask a variety of questions to learn more about your experiences, qualifications and personality. Sometimes interviewers may stray from traditional interview questions to ask a question that requires extra thought.

In this article, we discuss why an employer may ask what your superpower would be and what different superpowers say about you, and we offer sample answers to help you create your own response to "What is your superpower?"

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Why would an employer ask what my superpower would be?

Employers may specifically ask what your superpower is to learn more about your strengths. However, they want you to provide an answer that shows your creativity and ability to think quickly. Interviewers often ask creative questions like this to assess your sense of judgment and how you present yourself.

Employers often include creative interview questions to provide you with a challenge. These questions allow the interviewer to change the atmosphere, possibly helping to ease tension or stress in the room. Creative questions allow you to show your personality to the interviewer. It's also important to show your confidence in your answer, emphasizing your ability to think quickly.

Employers use these questions to assess how quickly you can adapt to situations you didn't prepare for. While it's important to prepare for your interview, employers also like to hear answers that feel authentic and less rehearsed. A question like "What would your superpower be?" provides them with an opportunity to hear an answer that isn't too formulaic and is unique to you.

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What different superpowers show about you

There are a variety of superpowers to choose from to describe yourself. However, it's important to select a well-known superpower is straightforward. Select the superpower you feel best represent your best strength that will benefit the company.

Here are some different superpowers and what they may say about you and your skills:

  • Flying: You are willing to take risks and enjoy seeing things from new perspectives.

  • Power to influence your environment: You have strong persuasive skills and enjoy leading others.

  • Strength, resilience or endurance: You enjoy challenges and use them as an opportunity to persevere.

  • Reading minds or experiencing the feelings of others: You value emotional intelligence and understand its importance in the workplace.

  • X-ray vision: You know how to analyze situations before making decisions and value attention to detail.

  • Shape-shifting: You enjoy handling a variety of tasks and can multitask and change between roles.

  • Speed: You have excellent time management skills, value efficiency and look for ways to improve work processes.

  • Agility or flexibility: You are adaptable and easily embrace new responsibilities or challenges.

  • Ability to teleport: You value efficiency, have strong time management skills and can prioritize tasks.

  • Time traveling: You understand the importance of reviewing past results to make future decisions.

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How to answer "What is your superpower?"

Here are some steps to follow to help you answer this interview question:

Consider the question

Think about the question. It's important to consider the purpose of the question. The interviewer is asking this question to learn more about your skills, not your favorite superpower.

An interviewer is not necessarily asking this question to trick you, but they may be trying to disrupt your thought process and force you to think more creatively. It's important to approach the question as you would any other question. While the question may seem tricky, it's a standard interview question framed in a more creative way. Think about the question as "What is your biggest strength or asset?" to help you develop your answer.

It's also important to take this question seriously. While the question may feel fun compared to other questions, it's important to provide a thoughtful answer. However, you may still use the question to show your personality.

Think about your skills and strengths

Think about your strengths, skills and assets. Consider the demands of the job. Identify what you believe to be your biggest strength that will benefit the company.

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Choose a simple but strong superpower

Select a superpower that is simple but effective and aligns with your biggest strength. This helps ensure your answer focuses on your strengths rather than the superpower itself. Choose a strong superpower that requires no extra context as to how it works. For example, choose something like flying or X-ray vision.

Support your answer with an example

Provide the interviewer with a real-life example to support your answer. Consider using the STAR method to create your answer. This involves establishing the:

  • Situation: What the situation or challenge was

  • Task: Your role or what you had to resolve

  • Action: What you did

  • Result: What your actions achieved

Using the STAR method may help you provide thorough but concise answers. These answers include important details to help the interviewer how you handle real-world situations. The STAR method is also effective to help illustrate how you overcame a previous obstacle.

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Sample "What is your superpower?" answers

Here are some example answers to the question "What is your superpower?" to help you develop your own:

Example for flying

"If I could choose any superpower, I think I would pick flying. I think I would really enjoy how free I would feel and knowing I would have the ability to go almost anywhere. Also, I would love to see the world from a new perspective.

I really enjoy seeing things from the perspectives of others. For example, in my recent position as a customer service manager at a marketing agency, many clients complained about our onboarding process. I suggested to my manager that we send a survey to our clients and directly call those who complained to see what this disliked about the onboarding process. We also asked a coworker unfamiliar with the onboarding process to go through the process as a test and provide us with feedback.

We received a lot of valuable internal and external feedback. We used this feedback to streamline our onboarding process and use more user-friendly software. As a result, customer complaints about our onboarding process reduced by nearly 75%.

Example for time traveling

"I think my superpower would be time traveling. I would love the ability to go back in time to visit iconic moments in history. I would also enjoy the ability to learn from family members I never had the chance to meet.

Whenever I have a decision to make, it's important to me to research the past and collect data to consider in my plans. For example, in my current position as a manager of a medical spa, I noticed a decline in clients booking laser hair removal treatments once colder weather arrived. However, the fall and winter months are often the best time to book these types of treatments.

I helped develop an educational marketing campaign for our social media and email channels discussing why you should use fall and winter to get your laser hair removal treatments. The campaign ran at the end of summer through early winter, and we provided discounts when booking. As a result, we booked twice as many laser hair removal appointments in the fall and winter months as the last three years combined."

Example for shape-shifting

"If I was able to choose a superpower, I believe shape-shifting would be the best superpower for me. I would love to transform into another person, or maybe even into an animal. I enjoy trying different things, and shape-shifting would allow me to try this.

I also enjoy switching between different roles as a way to try new things. For example, in my current position as a human resources generalist, I work with another HR generalist under the supervision of an HR manager. I primarily handle employee recruiting while my counterpart handles employee benefits and payroll. However, my coworker was pregnant and would soon be out on maternity leave.

During her maternity leave, I took on her responsibilities in addition to my own. This helped me learn more about the accounting side of human resources, which I previously did not have as much hands-on experience with. When she returned, we discussed a system to share responsibilities more to provide more variety in our days and further develop our skills."

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