Interview Question: "Why Do You Want To Be a Community Manager?"

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 3, 2022

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As you prepare yourself for a community manager interview, it's important to be ready to answer a variety of questions that relate directly to the position the job post describes. This can allow the interviewer to better understand your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position and the company where you're looking for employment. One question hiring managers may ask is why you want to work in this role, and you may benefit from learning how to answer the question effectively.

In this article, we discuss why employers ask "Why do you want to be a community manager?" in an interview, explore steps to help you accurately address this question and provide examples of effective answers you can consider.

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Why do employers ask "Why do you want to be a community manager?"

An interviewer may ask, "Why do you want to become a community manager?" for several reasons, including to gauge your interest and understanding of the role. They may ask you this question directly or in a similar variation. As you prepare yourself to answer these questions and the others that may follow, your answers can help the interviewer better understand the qualifications you possess to fulfill the position for which you're applying. This may give them insight into your management style, leadership skills and the ideologies you plan to implement.

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How to answer "Why do you want to be a community manager?"

As you're preparing yourself to answer this question, it's helpful to highlight your abilities for the role of a community manager. Here are some steps you can incorporate into your answer:

1. Relate your qualifications to the position

As you answer the question, it's helpful to start by demonstrating your qualifications for the position. It's beneficial to relate your experience to the details of the job posting. By highlighting your qualifications in community involvement and management, you can show the interviewer that you're skilled in working with their organization's audience.

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2. Show your enthusiasm

While answering this interview question, it's important to highlight your excitement for the positions and the opportunity to work with the prospective employer. This is where you can tell the interviewer the reasons you want to be a community manager with their organization. Some things you may include are your passion to work with others and your excitement to act as a liaison between the employer and its community.

3. Focus on how you can be beneficial

It's essential to showcase how you can benefit the company and its community. Demonstrate how your management skills can be helpful to both parties. Provide examples that allow the interviewer to see your on-the-job abilities. This may include telling them about an experience you had while engaging with the community via social media or how you managed a team to develop strategies for growth and retention.

4. Identify your strengths

When you're highlighting your strengths, it's beneficial to include your most favored qualities. Your strengths can be a variety of skills you excel at, but it can be most beneficial to showcase those that align with the job description and the company's values. Some things to consider are your ability to effectively communicate and listen to feedback. It may also include your excitement to seek new opportunities and challenges. Tailor your strengths to align with your career objectives.

5. Use real-life examples

After you showcase your strengths, it's helpful to incorporate real-life examples. You can demonstrate your management skills and strengths with specific details and examples from prior experience. Instead of simply stating that you exude confidence, you can share a story like the one below:

Example: "In my last position, I was to run a campaign to raise awareness. As the leader of the project, I managed a team of young volunteers that were a bit unruly. It was my job to get them to focus on the project. I did this by confidently creating goals that would entice each youngster to work hard. By exuding my confidence, I was able to encourage them to get the project complete before our deadline. With this approach, the team learned to take life more seriously and with a passion to work efficiently."

6. Showcase your management skills

The role as a community manager involves a variety of leadership skills, so it's important to discuss with the interviewer the reasons you want to take on such responsibility. To showcase this, you can talk about your management strategies and philosophies. Describe the ways you would implement them when managing a team to help them become more proactive and productive. As a community manager, you might manage different types of teams, so it's advantageous to share challenges you've experienced with the solutions you had for each.

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Example answers for "Why do you want to be a community manager?"

Here are some examples to reference as you prepare for your community manager interview:

Example 1

"I'm passionate about working as a liaison between an organization and its community. With my previous experience working in various leadership roles and the skills I learned while managing teams among different demographics, I think I could implement my managerial methodologies to help better supervise company influencers and other audiences. My managerial skills will be beneficial to your organization's community involvement."

Example 2

"In my previous position, I was able to create advertising campaigns that attracted new customers and helped keep existing ones. I was able to foster relationships within the community by being involved and present at events throughout local areas. At these events, I excelled in promoting the organization, which led to an increase in brand awareness. I accomplished this by intently listening to the needs of my company's audience and provided them with the feedback they were seeking."

Example 3

"With my previous management experience, I'm looking to grow my career in an exciting industry and with a rewarding organization. I also worked in a variety of positions that directly involved working with my local community. I enjoy working with people of all ages and demographics.

I worked on various community projects where I manage a group of volunteers to help promote positivity for our city. This included developing various ways to promote awareness, which involved managing a team to clean up city parks so the children in the community could appreciate a clean place to play and interact with others. I really enjoyed managing my team and working on the project to help benefit the kids of my community."

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