Virtual Interview Guide

Virtual Interviewing:

A Step-by-Step Guide

While you might prepare for a virtual interview the same way you would for an in-person one, there are a few special steps you can take to make a lasting impression. Below are resources to help you feel confident in your next virtual interview.

Step 1: Start with research.

10 Things to Know About a Company

Use this list to guide your research.

Frame your discussion around these positive words to help you portray confidence and poise during any interview.

Learn the importance of nonverbal communication in interviews and how to send the right message.

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Step 2: Practice answers to interview questions.

Press play to learn about common and tricky interview questions.

This video shares 4 powerful tips you can use immediately to be more confident in an interview.

Step 3: Test your tech.

Getting ready to interview virtually is more than just planning what to say—it's also ensuring your audio, video and internet connection are in working order.

Test Your Internet Connection

Tips If You Can't Connect From Home

Step 4: Make a strong impression.

Get inspiration for your job interview outfit

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Learn how to build rapport with your interviewer

Nail these audio and video tips for your next virtual interview

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