Pay & Salary

Data and tips for talking about money at work.

Jobs That Pay Well

Wonder what it takes to get a high-paying job? Here are details on 17 jobs with high salaries including positions in healthcare, technology, the financial sector and more.

How to Share Your Salary History

How should you provide your salary history if an employer asks? Here is some background about why employers ask for your salary background and examples of how you can share this information.

Jobs That Don't Require a Degree

Looking for jobs that don’t require a degree? Here are examples of high-paying jobs you can get without a college degree. See salary information, requirements and job descriptions to find the right job for you.

Guide To Severance Pay

Understanding severance pay can help you navigate calculating, negotiating and ultimately receiving the package that’s best for you.

6 Tips for Your Next Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is an important part of your professional development that ensures you maintain value with your employer. Use these six tips to prepare for yours.

Semimonthly vs. Biweekly Pay Schedules: Understanding Key Differences

This article explains the differences between and advantages of semimonthly and biweekly pay schedules.

Passive Income Opportunities To Earn Extra Money

Learn what constitutes passive income according to the IRS and how to take advantage of passive income opportunities.

Discretionary vs. Nondiscretionary Bonus: Everything You Need To Know

Learn the difference between discretionary and non-discretionary bonuses, why it is an important consideration if you have non-exempt employees and how you can simplify the process of recalculating overtime pay.

5 Tips to Negotiate for a Cost of Living Adjustment

A complete guide to everything you need to know about cost of living adjustments including what they are, why they are important and when and how to negotiate for a cost of living adjustment.