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App Developer Salary Guide: Jobs, Descriptions and Salaries

July 22, 2021

App developers are software professionals who design and code applications for a variety of devices. There are many job options and specializations for Android and iOS application developers. If you're interested in becoming an app developer, learning about the salaries of different app developer jobs can help you choose what position is right for you. In this article, we explain what an app developer is, discuss what they do and list several app developer jobs and salaries for you to explore.

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What is an app developer?

An app developer is a software engineer who codes applications for a variety of devices. They often specialize in creating a certain type of app or working with specific devices. App developers typically design, code and test the applications that they create, and they can work in many different industries, as many companies have their own apps.

Usually, app developers have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. Many of these professionals also choose to pursue a master's degree to advance their careers. App developers typically have skills in programming languages, creativity, user interface design, front-end and back-end development, analytical thinking and communication.

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What does an app developer do?

An app developer designs and builds mobile and desktop applications. They typically work collaboratively with other members of a development team, and they usually work either at a desk in an office or remotely from home. Common job responsibilities of app developers include:

  • Designing app concepts
  • Creating app prototypes
  • Writing code for apps
  • Testing apps to ensure they work properly
  • Troubleshooting apps and fixing issues
  • Updating and adding new features to apps
  • Meeting with development teams

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App developer salary guide

App developers can choose from many different career paths and specializations. To help you decide which path is right for you, here are some different app developer jobs and their salaries:

Android developer

An Android developer is a software engineer who develops applications to run on the Android operating system, which can run on many devices, including phones and tablets. In the United States, the average base salary for an Android developer is $120,408 per year.

Android developers can develop many types of apps for Android devices, including games, social media apps, camera apps and more. They usually use tools like Android Studio and Android Asset Studio. Android developers usually know languages like Java, Kotlin and C++. Some Android developer jobs include:

  • Junior Android developer: A junior Android developer is an Android developer who works under the supervision of senior Android developers to help create Android applications.

  • Senior Android developer: A senior Android developer is responsible for designing and building applications to run on Android devices.

  • Android mobile app developer: An Android mobile app developer is responsible for designing, prototyping, building and testing Android applications for mobile devices.

  • Android UI designer: Android user interface (UI) designers are responsible for designing aesthetically appealing, intuitive interfaces for Android applications. Android UI designers typically design apps that match common Android design themes.

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iOS developer

An iOS developer is an application developer who builds iOS apps. iOS is an operating system used for iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. The United States average base salary for an iOS developer is $116,969 per year.

iOS developers can develop game apps, social media apps, productivity apps, entertainment apps and other types of apps. iOS developers typically use tools like Xcode, Mockingbird and iOS Software Development Kit (SDK). They typically also know the Swift programming language and specific iOS design guidelines. Some iOS developer jobs include:

  • Junior iOS developer: A junior iOS developer is an iOS developer who works under senior iOS developers to help create iOS applications.

  • Senior iOS developer: A senior iOS developer is responsible for designing and building iOS applications for phones, tablets and other devices.

  • iOS mobile app developer: An iOS mobile app developer is responsible for designing, prototyping, building and testing applications for devices that run on iOS.

  • iOS designer: An iOS designer is responsible for designing application interfaces that adhere to iOS design guidelines.

  • iOS UI developer: An iOS UI developer is responsible for designing and prototyping aesthetically appealing and intuitive user interfaces for iOS apps.

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Web application developer

A web application developer is a software developer who creates web applications. Web applications are apps that run on web browsers and servers. The average base salary for a web developer in the United States is $73,180 per year.

Web app developers create web apps that respond to both desktop and mobile devices. They can use a variety of development tools and integrated development environments (IDEs), and they typically have skills in programming languages like Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and Python. Some web application developer job titles include:

  • Junior web app developer: A junior web app developer is responsible for helping developers create web apps and updating and adding features to existing web apps. Junior web app developers often work under senior web app developers.

  • Senior web app developer: A senior web app developer is responsible for building web applications and integrating them with databases. Senior web app developers also work with web servers and networks.

  • Front-end web app developer: Front-end web app developers are responsible for developing client-side web applications, which are web apps that end users interact with directly.

  • SaaS developer: SaaS developers are software professionals who code software as a service (SaaS) apps. SaaS developers typically create both client-side and server-side programs. SaaS apps are available to end users via the internet and hosted by providers.

  • Full-stack web app developer: A full-stack web app developer is a web app developer who knows how to work with a variety of applications as well as servers and databases. Often, full-stack web app developers write both frontend and backend programs.


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