FAQ: How Much Does a Resident Service Coordinator Make?

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published October 13, 2022

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Resident service coordinators are an important part of the management teams that lead shared communities. The resident service coordinator can design community programs and work directly with residents to improve their lifestyles. If you're interested in becoming a resident service coordinator, learning more about how much they earn can be beneficial.

In this article, we explain what a resident service coordinator is, detail what they do, provide their salary information, list important skills they can use, describe the steps you can take to become one, explore their workplace environment and review potential requirements for the position.

What is a resident service coordinator?

A resident service coordinator is a professional who develops activities and regulations for residents within a community. This can include communities for medical patients, retirees and other shared housing solutions. Resident service coordinators often work with other professionals, like property managers, to develop programs and help residents adhere to building and community rules.

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What does a resident service coordinator do?

Resident service coordinators work with individual residents and entire communities to develop programs and provide information. These are some responsibilities a resident service coordinator may manage:

  • Assess and understand resident needs

  • Survey residents to gather information

  • Communicate with property operations

  • Create strategies for providing services

  • Implement activities and programs

  • Design and distribute educational content

  • Evaluate program and activity outcomes

  • Collaborate with residents and families

  • Plan social and cultural community activities

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How much does a resident service coordinator make?

How much a resident service coordinator earns can depend on their performance, education and place of employment. The national average salary for a resident service coordinator is $50,908 per year.

Other factors, like location, can also affect how much a resident service coordinator earns. For example, the highest-paying city in the United States for resident service coordinators is Los Angeles, where they can earn an average of $55,984 per year.

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What skills are important for resident service coordinators?

These are some important skills for resident service coordinators:


Organization is the ability to manage information and know where to find materials. Resident service coordinators can use organization to plan their days and manage files about residents and activities. Because resident service coordinators create and distribute materials, it's important that they have excellent digital and physical organization to ensure they can complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. For example, a resident services coordinator may keep a filing cabinet and digital folders on their desktops to quickly access resident and activity files.

Time management

Resident service coordinators use time management to create schedules and ensure activities progress properly. Resident service coordinators use time management to track activities and plan their duration.

They can also use time management to schedule various events and ensure each has the time it requires. For example, a resident services coordinator may create a schedule for public space and monitor an exercise session in the shared pool to ensure it finishes in time for team water volleyball.


Many resident services coordinators work with shared communities for those who require care. This can include children, retirees, medical patients and communities for adult assistance. This makes compassion an important part of the resident services coordinator's job, as they create activities based on the residents' needs and abilities.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to assess a situation, identify potential issues and suggest viable solutions. Resident services coordinators can use critical thinking to solve problems involving space and scheduling. They can also use critical thinking skills to collaborate with property managers, care providers, families and residents on finding the best solutions for shared communities.

How do you get a job as a resident service coordinator?

These are some steps you can follow to get a job as a resident service coordinator:

  1. Determine if it's the right career for you. The first step to becoming a resident service coordinator is determining if it's the best career for you. Those who enjoy working with others, planning and organizing may enjoy being a resident service coordinator.

  2. Pursue a bachelor's degree in a related field. Though you may be able to gain a resident services coordinator position with experience alone, it can be helpful to pursue a bachelor's degree in a related field. Some majors to consider may include community services, social services or administration.

  3. Gain experience and develop skills. Consider completing internships in which you can gain experience and develop your interpersonal skills. You can also take entry-level positions as a service care specialist or service coordinator assistant to gain experience.

  4. Apply for service coordinator positions. You can use an online job board to find open resident services coordinator positions. Create a unique and effective resume showing your organizational and critical thinking skills before applying.

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What is the work environment like for resident service coordinators?

Resident service coordinators often work in an office and use their computers and paper materials to develop activities and educational content for residents. They may visit residents personally to communicate and gather information about their needs. A resident services coordinator may also lead activities, requiring excellent leadership abilities.

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What are the requirements for being a resident service coordinator?

Though a bachelor's degree can be helpful in gaining a resident services coordinator position, it's not usually a strict requirement. Many employers require that you have at least a few years of experience working with communities before becoming a resident services coordinator.

A resident services coordinator usually needs an open schedule, as the position is often full time. It can also be helpful when resident services coordinators have positive and optimistic personalities to improve the outlook within the community.

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