14 Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree (Plus Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated August 2, 2022 | Published August 6, 2018

Updated August 2, 2022

Published August 6, 2018

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Hear a brewer, welder and a real estate agent describe their daily work and the skills it takes to be great at their job.

While some jobs require an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or another kind of credential, many positions don’t require postsecondary education. Some of these roles require completion of a certificate program, vocational training or apprenticeship, and others provide on-the-job training. Learning about different opportunities that don’t require a formal degree can help you find a role that aligns with your professional goals, skills and personal preferences.

In this article, we share 14 jobs that do not require a degree and include information about salaries and job duties to help you find the role that fits your needs.

14 jobs that don’t require a degree

There are many positions available to job seekers who have a high school diploma, GED, certifications or other types of education. Here are 14 jobs you can consider that don’t require a degree. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries.

1. Flight attendant

National average salary:$31,832 per year

Primary duties: Flight attendants greet passengers and provide assistance or guidance for passengers searching for their seating. They also ensure passenger safety compliance and demonstrate the use of safety equipment to ensure adherence to safety regulations and guidelines. Other duties might include, serving food and beverages throughout the flight, administering first aid and providing instructions in the case of an emergency. They also work to make sure emergency equipment is functional and clean the cabin between flights.

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2. Optician

National average salary:$32,877 per year

Primary duties: An optician is someone who helps fit people for eyeglasses, contact lenses and other corrective eyewear using prescriptions from optometrists or ophthalmologists. They usually help people choose frames based on a customer’s needs and lifestyle, and provide advice on eyewear maintenance and care. Opticians also adjust and repair eyewear to improve the longevity and comfort for patients' contact or eyeglasses.

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3. Emergency medical technician (EMT)

National average salary:$42,020 per year

Primary duties: An EMT, or paramedic, must quickly respond to medical emergency calls, provide immediate care to injured and ill people and transport patients to hospitals or other medical facilities. These professionals assess patient conditions and provide education to patients and their families about medical emergencies and continued health care. Other duties might include administrative tasks, like completing paperwork or cleaning tasks, like sanitizing the emergency response vehicle after assisting patients.

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4. Postal clerk

National average salary:$42,995 per year

Primary duties: Postal clerks receive and sort letters and packages, examine mail for proper postage, place mail in racks and bags, cash money orders, sell postage, rent post office boxes and provide other types of assistance to post office customers. These professionals also weigh customer packages and verify package contents to verify the safety and integrity of the item’s contents. Other duties might include distributing mail orders to customers and organizing warehouse and office facilities to optimize workflows and safety.

5. Railroad conductor

National average salary:$49,536 per year

Primary job duties: A railroad conductor communicates with engineers, traffic control personnel and any other crew members, keeps and maintains schedules and shipping records and checks trains for proper weight distribution. These professionals also verify passenger counts and other documentation. Conductors also might perform basic maintenance tasks to ensure the proper operation of train engines.

6. Firefighter

National average salary:$51,914 per year

Primary job duties: Firefighters respond to fires, car accidents, floods, chemical spills and other emergency situations on a moment’s notice to rescue humans and animals and protect the general public. When they’re not on a call, on-duty firefighters work to keep the station and equipment cleaned, maintained and ready for use. Firefighters also inspect, maintain and clean fire trucks to ensure safe and proper operation.

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7. Plumber

National average salary:$55,009 per year

Primary duties: A plumber is a professional who installs pipes, sinks, toilets and other fixtures for liquids and gasses. Plumbers review blueprints and building specifications to ensure the proper placement of pipes and drainage systems. These professionals also help maintain, repair and replace facility piping and plumbing systems to maintain system integrity and efficiency.

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8. Hair stylist

National average salary:$57,387 per year

Primary duties: Hair stylists and barbers cut and color hair, perform scalp treatments, provide shave services and style real and synthetic hair. They also educate clients about hair care and offer advice on styling habits and products. Other duties might include scheduling client hair appointments, performing sales transactions and maintaining facility cleanliness.

9. Electrician

National average salary:$58,193 per year

Primary duties: Electricians install, inspect and maintain electrical systems. They also work to identify electrical issues and repair and replace wiring, fixtures, transformers, circuit breakers and other equipment. These professionals also analyze building blueprints to assist in the layout and installation of facility electrical systems, which can also inform these professionals about equipment and material requirements.

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10. Auto mechanic

National average salary:$59,846 per year

Primary duties: A mechanic inspects and tests vehicles, provides preventive maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups, diagnoses automobile concerns and completes repairs. Mechanics also maintain comprehensive customer records to track customer repairs, which can also help them inform customers about vehicle recalls or safety concerns. They also maintain part inventories and reorder parts as needed.

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11. Dispatcher

National average salary:$61,948 per year

Primary duties: A dispatcher is someone who assigns mobile workers to vehicles and customers, answers calls and communicates messages with mobile workers to ensure an efficient and timely response. Dispatchers may work in medical emergency, transportation or commercial services. Other tasks might involve generating driving routes and providing directions to transportation drivers to optimize drive times to established customer or response locations.

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12. Gaming manager

National average salary:$66,873 per year

Primary duties: Gaming managers oversee casino employees and operations, hire and train casino employees, greet guests and handle customer feedback and complaints. These professionals schedule employees to fulfill a variety of tasks to enhance customer experiences. Managers often circulate among the gaming floor to ensure all tables and machines are in working order and to address any questions or concerns posed by customers or other employees.

13. Commercial airline pilot

National average salary:$84,439 per year

Primary job duties: An airline pilot is a professional who transports people and cargo via aircraft along planned routes, operates and monitors aircraft instruments, communicates with air traffic control, checks aircraft condition and weight before flights and adheres to safety regulations. After completing their training programs, these professionals can pilot charter flights and aerial tours according to their employer’s and client’s needs. Other duties might involve scheduling aircraft maintenance, logging flight hours and documenting aircraft operation before, during and after flights.

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14. Massage therapist

National average salary:$84,759 per year

Primary duties: A massage therapist massages a client’s soft tissues and joints to reduce stress, soothe pain or injuries, improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. They may examine muscle issues and work with clients to devise ongoing therapy plans. These professionals also educate customers about the importance of posture and relaxation and provide guidance on how to improve posture and encourage relaxation.

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