Bookkeeper Resume Samples

Bookkeepers handle client’s financial activities by overseeing, recording and facilitating incoming and outgoing payments. They help to ensure their client’s financial health and stability.

Responsibilities can include:

  • Creating and filing financial reports
  • Updating and reviewing financial records
  • Editing and writing budgets
  • Managing employee payroll
  • Alerting their client to any financial discrepancies
  • Monitoring accounts payable and receivable

National average salary: $18.22 per hour

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Having a strong bookkeeper resume is an essential part of your job search. In this article, we will provide you with two bookkeeper resume examples and best practices for creating your own resume.

Sofia Flores

Tulsa OK(123) 456-7891


Attentive Bookkeeper with 3+ years of experience maintaining strict organization, managing accounts, and reducing outstanding debt. Strives to maximize business profitability while building strong relationships with clients and vendors.


Jan '11 - May '14

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting


TRADELOT, Bookkeeper
Jul '19 - Current
  • Oversee accounts receivable and payable for 200-unit rental property
  • Instituted system to pull aging reports at more frequent intervals, quickly identifying and routinely tracking delinquent accounts, which reduced monthly outstanding debt by 50%
  • Develop positive relations with vendors and tenants, addressing account inquiries as needed
  • Track and update tax and insurance documentation for 40+ vendors
RETAIL OCEAN, Bookkeeper
Aug '15 - Jul '19
  • Performed weekly reconciliations for 3 bank accounts, ensuring accurate records and identifying inconsistencies
  • Generated reports, including income statements and balance sheets
  • Prepared and delivered bank deposits totaling ~$65K each


  • Microsoft Office & QuickBooks
  • Payment Processing

Malik Rabb

Amarillo TX(123) 456-7891


Analytical Bookkeeper with 15+ years of experience managing and evaluating financial accounts to help guide businesses towards success. Proven record of reducing financial risk and boosting profits.


Jan '97 - May '01

Bachelor of Science in Economics


TRADE LOT, Bookkeeper
Jul '19 - Current
  • Manage accounts receivable and payable for main office and 4 satellite offices
  • Generate aging reports and contact 30+ clients on weekly basis to collect payment, reducing outstanding debt 60% in 4 months
  • Evaluate past revenue and expenses to create quarterly financial forecast reports, which helped predict a major potential risk that saved $40K
CRANE & JENKINS, Bookkeeper
Aug '15 - Jul '19
  • Processed payroll for 30+ employees and generated reports, including leave, earning, and financial statements
  • Increased bank reconciliation frequency from monthly to weekly, quickly discovering uncleared checks and contacting payer for resolve
  • Accurately posted transactions to ledger accounts


  • Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Tips for your bookkeeper resume

Below you will find tips on how to organize and create a recruiter resume.

  1. Choose the right format. As a bookkeeper you might consider using a chronological resume format as it is the most popular, especially if you have prior bookkeeping experience. If you are trying to break into the field of bookkeeping with no experience, or recently took a long break from the workforce, consider using a functional resume format.

  2. Include an eye-catching summary. Employers may only spend a few seconds reviewing your resume. A strong resume summary provides an employer with a brief overview of what makes you qualified for the position. Use two- to three-sentences to highlight your relevant skills, qualifications and experience in the industry.

  3. Highlight in-demand bookkeeping skills. By including a mix of your hard and soft skills on your resume, you’re more likely to catch the attention of employers and applicant tracking systems(( (ATS). It’s encouraged to have a dedicated skills section towards the top of your resume, perhaps after your summary section. Some skills you might consider as a bookkeeper include accounting, balance sheets, auditing, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing and financial statements.

  4. Include certifications. If you have certifications relevant to bookkeeping make sure to include them in your resume. They can be included in your skills section, education or a dedicated certifications section. Common bookkeeping certifications may include Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) and Certified Bookkeeper (CB).

  5. Emphasize relevant experience. The content in your experience section should be results-oriented and achievement-driven. Use this space to highlight your bookkeeping skills and accomplishments. Include numbers to represent your impact by quantifying your experience when possible.

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