Dentist Resume Examples and Template for 2023

Updated September 15, 2023

Writing a resume for a dentist position can require you to read each job description carefully to understand what each office might need. As these positions require specific skills and experience, knowing how to create a resume that conveys this information clearly can be crucial in your job search. You might also review several resume samples that can show you how to format and style your resume.

In this article, we share frequently asked questions about writing a dentist resume and provide several examples you can review when writing yours. When you're ready to apply for dentist positions, you can upload a resume file or create an Indeed Resume today.

Dentist Resume Examples

Malik Rabb
Princeton, NJ | 609-555-0175 |
Dentist with experience in small practices as an Associate Dentist and Assistant with proven success caring for clients and adopting greater responsibilities. Strong empathy and patience skills with experience performing routine cleanings and educating patients on preventative care.
Cookwoods College
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Dental Office of Dr. Johnson, Princeton, NJ, Associate Dentist
May 2020 – Current
  • Perform routine cleanings for patients
  • Support Dental Hygienists with training
  • Assist primary dentists with root canals and extractions
  • Recommend oral surgeries or treatment options outside of my care
  • Create new scheduling process for new and returning patients
Dental Office of Dr. Johnson, Princeton, NJ, Dental Assistant
January 2017 – May 2020
  • Created moldings for patient teeth
  • Assisted Dentists with equipment for root canals and deep cleanings
  • Educated patients on preventative care
  • Certified Dental Assistant, Dental Assisting National Board - 2017
  • Molding
  • Cleaning
  • Patient management
  • Communication
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FAQs for writing a dentist resume

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about writing a dentist resume:

How do I format a dentist's resume?

When formatting your dentist's resume, it can be most effective to list your experience in reverse chronological order. This means listing your most recent experience first and earlier positions after that. A reverse chronological format can help dental offices and other facilities see your career growth. You can also ensure you consistently label each section header with the same font and style to help hiring managers find your different qualifications quickly.

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How should I include contact information?

You can list your contact information at the top of your resume. Consider listing your name at the top in a larger or bolder font and providing your email address, phone number and location underneath it. If you have a link to a professional website that may contain more information than you provide on your resume, you can include this in your contact section.

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What do I include in a professional summary?

Your professional summary can include one to two of your top achievements or responsibilities from previous roles. In dentistry, you can list your specializations, how many patients you help or a few key qualities that show your unique expertise and skills. Consider sharing how many years of experience you have in the field and mentioning the achievements most relative to the job description.

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How do I list my skills?

You can list your skills in their own section, separated by commas, pipes or bulleted lists. These can include a combination of soft and technical skills that you've developed throughout your career. You might also share the technology or software you use in this section to show your proficiency in operating machinery and computers. This can be especially important if the job description lists any technology or tools.

Common skills

  • Communication

  • Attention to detail

  • Implants

  • Interpersonal

  • Manual dexterity

  • Root canals

  • Business knowledge

  • X-ray technology

  • Problem-solving

  • Cleanings

  • Leadership

Common certifications

  • Board Certification in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Certified Dental Technician

  • Certified Dental Assistant

  • Infection Control Certification

  • Board Certified in Dental Anesthesiology

  • Certification in Pediatric Anesthesiology

  • Diplomate in Periodontology

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How do I highlight my experience?

When writing your experience section, you can list the offices where you've worked, your role and the time you worked there. Under each previous position, list your top responsibilities for each and what your key achievements were. For example, you might share your patient retention stats or the number of patients you see each day. These quantified metrics can help validate your success in previous roles and show new facilities what you can manage by working with them.

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How should I list my education?

With your education, you can list the degree you've earned along with the school where you earned it. If you graduated within the past three years, you can include the year when you graduated. If you earned any additional certifications and licenses through professional development or other formal education, you can list these in their own section. These can mention the certification name, the accrediting organization, and the year you earned it.

What should I check for when proofreading my document?

Proofreading your document shows hiring offices your attention to detail, which is an essential skill for dentists. You can do a review for consistency, grammar and spelling to make sure the content is error-free and formatted consistently. Consider printing it out to verify it looks consistent with margins and fonts. It can also help to check your contact information to ensure it's correct and matches other application documents to avoid any confusion if an office hopes to contact you.

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