Interior Designer

Interior designers create and design physical spaces through a selection of materials, colors, furniture and decor. They typically design for businesses, residences and workplaces. Responsibilities may include:

  • Communicating with clients to understand their style, wants and budget

  • Developing a design plan, blueprints and budget estimate

  • Working with building inspectors to ensure plans are up to code

  • Hiring architects and contractors to complete structural, construction and remodeling needs

National average salary: $60,967 per year

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Creating an interior design resume that catches the eye of employers and clients is an essential step in the job search process. In this article, we’ll share a junior- and senior-level interior design resume sample, as well as a breakdown of how to craft each section of your interior design resume.

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Resume samples

Ivy Haddington
Cincinnati OH | (123) 456-7891 |
Creative Interior Designer with 3+ years of experience building customized solutions for residential and commercial clients. Intuitively coordinates lighting, texture and color to piece together beautiful, functional spaces.
Jan '11-May '13
Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design
TRADELOT, Interior Designer
Jul '19 - Current
  • Develop trusting professional relationships with clients while working closely to plan and execute interior design goals for their homes
  • Coordinate decor for a variety of design styles, specifically industrial, rustic and coastal
  • Create and present 3D renderings to accurately demonstrate design concepts, layout and scale
  • Schedule vendor deliveries with minimal interruption to client schedules
CLOUD CLEARWATER, Interior Designer
Aug '15 - Jul '19
  • Collaborated with commercial clients to provide design for residential model homes and condos, hotels and offices buildings, completing all projects on time and within budget
  • Created customized estimates based on client requirements
  • Selected lobby artwork and accessories for historical hotel redesign, which was featured by local media outlets and contributed to a 30% spike in bookings over an initial 3-month period
  • Adobe Photoshop & AutoCAD
  • Style & Color Coordination
Cody Fredrickson
Seattle WA | (123) 456-7891 |
Innovative and goal-driven Interior Designer with 15+ years of experience transforming homes, offices and hotels into awe-inspiring spaces. Presents unique design options while staying true to client vision.
Aug '00-May '04
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
RIVER TECH, Interior Designer
Jul '19 - Current
  • Design spaces for 150-600 square-foot homes, focusing on creating functional living spaces
  • Incorporate clever storage solutions to effectively utilize all available space
  • Combine design techniques, such as adding mirrors and vertical lines, to create the illusion of space and height
TRADELOT, Interior Designer
Aug '15 - Jul '19
  • Played key role in 5-room boutique hotel redesign, implementing cost-saving strategies to complete project $3K under budget
  • Led complete interior design of private medical practice, using reclaimed material to create a rustic, natural space
  • Developed color, texture and fabric schemes, allowing clients to coordinate and select patterns, furnishings and decor
  • NCIDQ Certification
  • Illustrator, Photoshop & SketchUp

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